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I woke up feeling like a new day had just begun.

What the hell am I talking about. Of course its a new day, no shit. Sorry, I'm really bad at talking. But you know what I mean. Today's the day that we all go for a meeting with YG to discuss yesterdays performance at Inkigayo. I know this somehow means shit for me- since I've done something that was prohibited and not meant to be seen by our fans. Hey- they won't have any idea that we actually kissed right? I had the hat there and everything. They won't even tell.


Taeyang's voice rang through my ears as I jolted up from my bed and yawned, ruffling my hair. Seriously, he's like a mom.

"I'm up I'm up...." after taking another big yawn, I staggered onto my feet and took my time walking to the bathroom. To my..non-surprise, there was already a line up. Daesung planked himself upright against the door and looked like a zombie

"Seungri-ah...." He whined, "I need to shit...."

Rolling my eyes, there was a flush of the toilet and our maknae popped out of the door, halfway closing it before Daesung quickly sprung into the bathroom and locked it. You could hear him hurrying to get down to business.

I sighed, slowly giving myself a smile.

Typical Morning.


It was noon by the time Big Bang had gathered in the upper level of the YG Entertainment building, the meeting room. The atmosphere was tense, and no one wanted to ask why. No one could read YG, after all.

"You all did exceptionally well." He started, breaking the silence but still keeping his stern and composed face. "It was impressive."

This brought a little relief to us.

"But..." He begins again, bringing our attention back to his contemplating face. "I think next time, I won't be having Dara collaborating with you again, Jiyong."

What?There was a long, awkward silence before anyone began to speak. Finally, after many thoughts running through his head, Jiyong spoke. "If its because of the kiss, then-"

"No, its not just that." YG cut him off, the rest of the boys still stunned and in shock. YG paused a little before he continued his sentence, "I'm well aware of your relationship with Dara right now, Jiyong... but as cliche as this sounds, I don't want you two mixing work and play together."

The blonde haired boy gave a nervous laugh, "How old do you think I am? Of course I know that. Me and Dara have been doing this for so long since before our relationship, we know all the stress and can-"

"I also don't think you two are fit for a collaboration."

Since struck the room again. Taeyang gave Daesung a wondering look, while the rest of them looked pretty concerned.

"I thought the performance was great, Ji.." Seungri said innocently, in which Jiyong returned with a half smile. His attention then went back to Geun Seuk.

"Indeed it was, and I wish for more to come" He began again. "But think about it. How depressing would it be for fans- and for us, if two groups of the same company broke apart because of one relationship? I understand that you and Dara are in love- but think about how it will effect us in the future; and yourself. Especially with what you did in the end, Ji, it leaves the audience expecting more and more that we aren't sure we can give."

Seunghyun watched their leader from the corner of his eye; he seemed dazed, and looked a bit disappointed.

"That's why," Geun Seuk spoke again, "I've decided that the next collaboration will be between Dara and Seunghyun."

"EH!?" Seungri exclaimed out of a whim while Taeyang struggled to push him down back into his seat, "Geun Seuk, isn't that even worse? You just said that two groups would get bad reputations if they had intimate collaborations like that!"

"I never said intimate, calm down son." The man said in a stern voice, "I was just thinking that it may save us a little if everything isn't so focused on Jiyong. I'm not saying that I'm trying to share your Dara with everyone, Ji, please don't take it that way. I also think that there are some aspects in which Seunghyun is more suitable for."

The boys turned their attention towards their leader, now looking a bit pale and..angry. Even though it was obvious that he was trying not to show it, he was clenching his hand into a fist and gritting his teeth.

Seunghyun spoke up, "I- uhm.."

"Your new album is about to get released, Seunghyun." Geun Seuk said, "I want Dara to be in one of the MV's, is that alright?"

Attention was now on Seunghyun. Ji was the only one still dazed into the air.

"I-I guess.." the raven haired boy replied, hesitating.

"Dara and I," Jiyong spoke all of a sudden, "are not children. If you tell us not to do this, we won't. If you say you want us to do that, we will. That is something that we are able to manage by ourselves without the need of your sadistic isolation-"

"KWON JIYONG!" Geun Seuk stood up, giving the table a hard slam, startling everyone's attention. "Do you understand what I'm trying to say? I'm trying to protect YOU. You AND Dara."

"Ji-" Taeyang stood, reaching for their leaders arm but it was too late. He had given the room one last dazed stare, and then left for the door.




Is it a crime that I'm feeling both
angry and....happy? I'm going to do a collaboration with Dara. My best friend's girlfriend. Somehow this seems very wrong of YG; but I can see why he's doing it. This guilt here is eating me alive, but I can't help but feel a little happiness come from it. I really am terrible. So I'm sitting here right now and it seems like nothing in the room is there to me. This is all I can think about as people were now standing up and shaking hands/ and or talking. I could tell Taeyang was trying to call GD on his cellphone to try and tame him for awhile. "Seunghyun," My attention was immediately brought back as YG called my name. I turned and looked at him from my side "Do well. Okay?" He said, giving a small half smile. I smiled back.


The fuck.

I don't know which reason I should be mad at; the fact that YG's standards are completely out of the ballpark, or the fact that my girlfriend is going to pair up with my bestfriend for one of his comeback MV's.

Just then, I could feel my phone vibrating from the back of my pocket. Reluctantly, I grabbed the keychain hanging and flipped it around to answer it. I continued to storm down the stairs while I exited the building. The sound of Taeyang's voice then came to my ears.

"Hey buddy, cool down for a moment okay" He said.

"I am," I replied after taking a long sigh and suddenly pacing slower. "Just kind of shocked."

"YG has his reasons, don't worry. Trust Seunghyun with this too."

"I am." I whispered, but having my own selfish doubts about it. "I'm not one to lose my mind over a thing like this, don't worry. You're underestimating me as a leader."

I could hear Taeyang give a small chuckle at this, which made a small curve around my mouth that could pass as a smile. This guy is the closest brother to me; never fails to keep me entertained.

"What do you say we all go for a hangout soon? Maybe tonight or tomorrow? Just to let things cool down a little. Maybe we can invite 2ne1 too."

That idea wasn't so bad actually. Everything's been sort of stressful lately, we all needed some kind of break to settle everything. I started kicking an old pop can that caught my eye at the corner of a sidewalk, walking down the noisy roads.

"Sounds good. I'll hit up Dara later, then."

"Okay bud. Take care."

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