Story Title // { A Thousand Cranes }
Author //
Protagonists //
G-Dragon, Sandara Park
Supporting //
Estimated Chapters //
35-40 Range
Updates //
Usually every other day


Character Descriptions // Based on the STORY and not canon. Although it is possible... : ) Won't say a lot, because you probably know most of the information about them.

{ ♀ } Dara - Sandara Park

Age: 25
First impression: Sweet and fun. Definitely pretty.
Personality: Can be really slow in the brain sometimes. Has good intentions towards others but also has a menacing
side to her when she is upset about something. She may think too much at times, and may overdo it. Great
determination and power, but can break down easily without some mental support. Loves paper cranes.

{ ♂ } Jiyong - G-Dragon

Age: 21
First impression: A rebel with blonde hair, what else could I say?
Personality: Your average casanova playboy with a tad bit of a cockiness. Thinks of girls as distractions for work and doesn't know when to start thinking about his true love. Treats the people that are close to him really well, and is not used to meeting new people. Excels in making paper cranes, and gets jealous and pissed off easily, but he has his reasons. Loves to be a tease.

{ ♀ } Rinnie - Lee Chaerin

Age: 19
First impression: Witty and mysterious.
Personality: As the impression states; shes indeed a powerful thinker and can be very hard to read sometimes. Has most good intentions, but when fuel is added to her fire, she shouldn't be messed around with. Admires her unnies but also carries a deep burdening feeling on the inside...

{ ♂ } Seunghyun - T.O.P

Age: 22
First impression: Kind and cool
Personality: Always knows what to do and thinks of others a lot. He is a great help to others especially as a hyung or an oppa. Although he is quiet and reserved most of the time, a crazy fun side of him may appear regularly.


Other Information //

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