Hello fellow readers.

Its been awfully long- maybe 7 years?

I want to sincerely apologize for never finishing this story. Trust me, I really wanted to and I seriously thought it was going to happen especially because I already planned everything out from the beginning. But, somewhere along the way, things changed and I lost time, interest, and motivation to keep writing. Often, I would still receive emails and notifications from you dedicated followers asking me to keep updating and continuing this story. At those moments, I would promise myself to definitely finish the story again, which is why I never bothered to make a post like this. But nope, years passed and I never got around to doing it.

But hey. Its 3am right now and I've stumbled upon this story again, which I've spent loads of time working on 7 years ago. I should've done this much, much sooner- but I want to give everyone some closure on the story (or rather, myself some closure by posting this) because I know this is just never ever going to continue anymore.

I don't know how effective this will be- a lot of you have definitely already stopped reading or forgot this story existed. Does this fandom even exist anymore? I don't know. But nevertheless, I've come across my old blueprints for how the story would progress. I would improve it a bit more to offer some more closure, but its all gibberish to me now. However, I've fixed up the layout of it so its easier for you all to read. There may be still some loose ends, but i'm sure it will help give some idea of how the story was supposed to end.


Dara receives another phone call from Cheungdong during an outing with 2ne1 and BigBang. Seunghyun accidentally eavesdrops on the conversation, and by the sound of it, he could tell that Dara had to leave somewhere. He speaks to her later on and Dara pours out her feelings to him, crying. Seunghyun gives Dara advice, saying that he thinks she should go back to the Philippines because her mother needs her. GD later comes in and sees the two, and asks whats wrong. He feels a bit upset because Seunghyun is with her and not himself. Dara motions Seunghyun to not say anything yet until she decides to tell GD. At this point, GD feels suspicious.

Some time later, Dara vows she would tell GD about her decision to go back to the Philippines. The two of them visit the amusement park once again, but with a solemn and heartbreaking atmosphere. Dara breaks up with GD, however, she fails to tell him that its because of family issues since GD immediately thought it was because she started to develop feelings for Seunghyun.

GD and Dara still talk as acquaintances, but there is a strange atmosphere among them. One day, when GD is shooting hoops with Taeyang and Seunghyun, the topic of Dara comes up. Seunghyun nonchalantly states that he kissed her, and GD freezes. Although he feels a bit upset and angry, he reminds himself that he has nothing to do with it. Later on the day, the fact that Seunghyun kissed Dara started to bother GD even more. He goes out for a stroll and coincidentally sees Dara, and the two of them make small talk. Eventually, the conversation became twisted and Seunghyun is brought up, in which GD blurts out that he heard they kissed. A fight breaks out between the two of them.

Dara doesn't know what to do. She still loves GD very much, and wanted to talk to him about it more but it seemed like an issue that was already put under the carpet. This is sometime later, when Dara is already going to leave Korea.

Later on in the story, GD and Seunghyun's relationship still remains sour. At one point, Seunghyun and GD get into a fight, where GD claims that the reason why she left was because Seunghyun interfered with their relationship. Seunghyun is astonished with this theory- he then claims that even though GD was Dara's boyfriend, he wasn't even aware of the true reason why she left Korea. He tells GD the truth and GD is both shocked and upset with himself. Seunghyun exclaims that this proves he could be a better lover to Dara than GD. After learning about the truth, he feels guilty but like Dara, feels that it is too late to try and do anything now.

Later, GD feels more and more guilty about what has happened between him and Dara. He tries to pretend to not be hurt over everything, and that maybe things were meant to end between the two of them. He later receives an unexpected visit from Chaerin. The two of them sit down and Chaerin surprisingly tries to help GD realize him and Dara are so much more than what has happened. She says:

"I gave up on you for a reason, and I gave Dara to you for the very same reason. I don't know about the details thats happened, but you guys better not give up on eachother."

Later at night, GD goes to the airport to try and find Dara before she leaves. Unfortunately, he is unable to find her.

The last section is titled Favourite Hello, Hardest Goodbye, when Dara leaves for the Philippines, swearing to not be broken down by everything that just happened.


And thats the end of the story.

Well, theres a mini-sequel. Or kind of like a shorter series to give more closure.


A few years later in time.

The beginning starts with a short monologue from GD's POV.

I'm really sorry I never understood a thing about you. I'm beginning to think that a part of me will never stop caring about you. I wanted to stop waiting on someone who's probably already thrown me away, so I tried to pretend like you don't intrigue me at all. Look at me now, I'm doing fine without you, so I obviously don't need you in my life. But every bit of that is bullshit- deep down inside, I know it. Its hard. I'm not as strong as people think I am- pretending like you don't give a shit when you do, it really hurts. Dara, although you may not know this now, I wouldn't trade you for the world and I yearn everyday to see your smile thats brighter than a thousand suns.

The next part jumps to when GD is receiving an interview regarding his musical release of "Butterfly". He speaks about his music to the audience:

"My lyrics all come from my own experiences. I think I have to write honestly so that the person listening to the song can feel what I was feeling too, in that moment. I don't really think its possible for someone to be touched by a piece of music in the same way if the composer built it out of nothing- compared to if it was conveying a specific feeling or emotion everybody can relate to."

The interviewer laughs and comments on GD's charisma. Playfully, she asks if GD has a girlfriend or someone he is interested in right now. He chuckles and shakes his head, making a comment that causes the female interviewer to blush. She goes into depth and asks about his usual dating life. With a pause, as if flashbacks were occurring, GD subsequently starts speaking.

"I usually don't want people to think of me as a celebrity, especially if its my girlfriend. So I would have to go to places like amusement parks with my face covered. People say that I'm an idiot for not caring about scandals. Even President Yang tells me that I have to be careful about meeting the right girl."

The interviewer asks if theres any specific girl that he thinks about. GD pauses, more seriously this time.

"Theres a really good friend that left me a few years ago, and I miss her everyday."


The next period is where I'll have to leave up to you guys for creativity. However, Dara and GD cross paths once again when she comes back from the Philippines. Eventually, she goes back into the entertainment business and back into 2ne1. The relationship between Dara and GD still remains awkward and inconclusive.

Later on, though, through much time and tears, GD and Dara make up. The final part is when GD goes on tour and gains permission from YG to have Dara sing with him in "Hello". During the performance, flashbacks and scenes of Dara and GD's relationship occurs to display their journey. In the end, the two of them are being applauded by the audience and they hold hands, waving. During this moment, Dara pulls out something from her pocket, and GD is surprised to see that its a folded crane. He takes it from her hands and looks at her and asks if she knows what the meaning of a thousand cranes is. Dara smiles and nods.

"Everlasting love."

The two of them then share a kiss, only to receive a louder applaud.


The ending concludes with a monologue by Dara.

Hey, Ji?

Remember the day everything started?

It all started with a crisp, hand-made paper crane.

You were the ignorant, selfish and good-for-nothing prince.

And I was the clueless, naive, wandering princess.

At that time, I was still trying to figure out who I was, and where my place was in this world.

But together, we made this story that seemed like a fairy tale in my dreams, one that made me realize that life with you is the best fairy tale of all.

No matter if it was one crane that fell into my hands,

Or two,

Or three, possibly four.

Even a thousand cranes..

Could never explain the way I lost my heart to you that day.


The End.

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