I watched him from the distance. "He's really amazing", I thought. I'd observe him from afar everytime he performs on stage, but still keeping the fact that hes a total playboy in mind. I hate him. Hate him so much. Hes arrogant, irritating to the human eye, and is totally inconsiderate. I observed as his body swayed with the lyrics of his solo album song, "Heartbreaker." His shiny, gold-white hair bounced from side to side as he moved, his eyes blazing with stage confidence. ..But...what is this feeling?

Shes so.....
He crouched on the guest seat in 2NE1's recording room, his eyes fixed on the girls. Or more specifically, one girl. '...unique.' he thought to himself. "Unique my ass. So Annoying." He watched her sing her heart out, her relaxed angelic face resonating the room along with her voice. So annoying..her, or my heart that seems to pound too much?

{ B e g i n S t o r y }

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