The brown haired beauty was caught in the arms of Bommie, who absentmindedly glomped her friend as soon as she took a step inside the waiting room backstage. A swarm of artists including the YG family suddenly circled around her like she was a magnet. There was a loud complaining and shouting from someone struggling to get through the crowd towards her. The face of the maknae suddenly popped up between two of the women standing in front of her with a dynamic smile forming on the sides.

"Did you really kiss Jiyong!?"

"Uhm..." Dara could feel the sides of her cheeks burn, she wasn't sure whether this was a good time to tell her friend when there were so many people around them acting as an audience. 'Yes, he did. And it was amazing', was what she wanted to say. Her eyes darted towards the back of the room, where it was completely deserted until the backdoor opened with a sweating blonde boy drying his hair.

"JIYONGIEEEEE~" maknae Seunghyun appeared out of nowhere, grabbing everyone's attention by swinging his harm over the leaders neck, wrapping himself around him.

Jiyong gave a little grunt. "What are you doing!?" he said in defense with an angry tone, yet with a large smile plastered on his face. The crowd surrounded Dara suddenly migrated their way towards him, chattering amongst themselves. Dara caught his eyes within a glance as he sent her an accomplished smile.



Dara clutched the phone in her trembling hand, trying to ignore the strange looks people kept giving her around the room. She was in a small chatroom area of the YG building, attempting to have a conversation with her brother regarding the matter from before.

"What do you mean she has to be admitted to the hospital for several weeks!? Whats wrong with her? What did the doctor say?" Dara lowered voice, scanning the room suspiciously to make sure no one was overhearing her conversation.

Cheun doong started with a shaking voice, "The doctors said she had a stroke. She needs to stay in the hospital to do some tests. She's still unconscious on the bed at the moment, and won't seem to wake up."

"Aigoo" Dara groaned, grabbing her hair on the top of her head with frustration and worry. "how in the world did this happen? Cheun doong, you have to take care of her well. Bring her lots of fruits to eat when she wakes up, and stay by her side at all times!"

"Yes, noona. You take care too."

Dara gulped at the click of the phone. She held the receiver up to her ear for a little while longer, then slowly placed it back down.

She knew her mother wouldn't make it at this rate. Her health was never that great to begin with. The brown haired girl's body started to feel very heavy; her head spinning with the worst headache ever. Just as she felt as if she was going to collapse, a strong, supportive grip latched onto the side of her arm.

She flung her head to the side, expecting it to be Jiyong, but instead it was Seunghyun.

"You alright?" He asked in a worried tone.

"Yea, im okay."

"Alright..." He retreated his still hand in the middle of the air, regaining a normal expression. "You and Jiyong were amazing on the stage. Everyone's eyes were on you."

"Really?" Dara wandered her eyes, sweating. She had no idea what he was saying, but was completely zoned out with thoughts full of her mother and her brother in the Philippines- and the fact that she couldn't do anything about it. Taking note of this, Seunghyun raised an eyebrow and reached his hand to grab her again-

But was interrupted as the blonde boy appeared behind his girlfriend, pulling her back in a swift motion into his chest. Dara's eyes snapped as she glanced behind her at her boyfriend, smiling naturally but holding her in a rather tight position.

"We did pretty good out there, eh?" He said, almost as if complimenting himself.

"For sure." Seunghyun replied, giving a crooked smile. Jiyong returned it with a satisfied look,

"Sorry to interrupt whatever, but we're gonna go on a celebration date."

"Eh?" Dara exclaimed, her eyes turning wide. "We are?"


"Waa, so pretty!"

Dara widened her eyes at the sight of the shining ferris wheel.

It was dusk by the time the two of them reached the familiar amusement park. It had only been a short while from the last time they visited this place, but somehow, it left a really good impression that urged them to go back. No one was present at the moment; only the sound of young children walking hand in hand with their mothers and fathers leaving through the front gate.

"You think its still open?" Dara said as the two of them stood by the entrance, looking up at the tall and glorious Ferris wheel.

"Of course." Jiyong flashed her a cheesy smile, then grabbed her hand and urged her to follow.

It was no different than the last time they had visited here; the same crowd, the same seats, the same view...

but not the same moment. As happy as she was, she just couldn't get her mother out of her mind.

"Hey, Jiyong..." She stopped in her tracks midway, her hand still lingering on his with just a hold of a finger. "What would you do if I moved away from here?"

"Dara...this is the second time. First the Philippines, and now this..?" The blonde raised an eyebrow, a look of worry creeping upon his face. He turned and faced his girlfriend, grabbing her waist and hugging her closer. "Look, If you ever left me, 2ne1, or YG Entertainment... our lives would fall apart. Although I thought you were an annoying little locust at first, but Dara... I love you more than anything. You're what holds me together."

She could feel the tears coming from her eyes then. They stung, and she quickly blinked them away in denial.

"Don't worry. I won't leave..." She forced upon a smile in reassurance. Satisfied with her reaction, Jiyong sent her a half smirk and leaned to place a small peck on her cheek. Returning it with a smile, she let him continue leading her towards the Ferris wheel.

"But Dara."

The brown haired girl turned and faced her boyfriend, his eyes still looking straightforward at the destination. His look suddenly changed; as if a total darkness had just controlled him.


"Seunghyung...what do you think of him?"

'Seunghyung?' She thought, "Hes amazing."

Jiyong narrowed his eyes, suddenly clutching her hand tighter.

"Hes always there for me when I'm in a pinch..like some kind of hero that always knows when somethings wrong with me. Like a true oppa. I really- OW!" She paused and twitched her head towards her hand, "Ji, you're hurting me.."

"Ah!" Jiyong snapped out, quickly letting go of Dara's hand as she rubbed it gently. "Sorry...."

"Its fine." She smiles, "Lets go."


"Aigooo that Jiyong!"

Daesung flung himself on the couch after the rest of the members of Big Bang finally managed to settle down at home. Taeyang reached and turned on the lights as they slowly flickered to life.

"Hes really got it going well with Dara, man." He says, plunging his bag onto the sofa and immediately walks into the kitchen to open the cupboards. It was late, and the members hasn't had any food since before the performance. It was hell. "So they really are together now huh."

"They're great." Seunghyun whispers, slowly sinking into the seat besides Daesung, who was now chewing on an apple he grabbed from the fruit basket sitting in the middle of the coffee table. Thoughts were running through his mind...

"I'm heading to bed..." Seungri yawned in a childish way, heading towards his bedroom door. After grabbing a large meal from the fridge, Taeyang slowly followed and waved the two on the couch goodbye.

"When's Jiyong going to get-"

Just then there was the click of a lock, and the front door opened. The two of the members swerved their head towards the side and watched as their worn-out leader walked through the door, looking awfully exhausted, but happy.

"HEY! You're back! About time...." Daesung smiled, placing his arms around his neck, "Probably having too much fun with Dara eh?"

"ha. very funny" Jiyong smirked as he staggered himself in, 'But very true.'

The blonde haired boy threw his bag onto the coffee table and caught the eye of Seunghyun, who was slowly lingering his gaze onto him. Giving a small little smile, he then returned the action.

"Well then, I'm going to bed," Daesung said, hopping off the couch and heading towards the bedrooms. "You guys too, okay? Don't sleep so late, still have to get up early tomorrow for a meeting with YG. Ciao!"

The two of them watched as the last member walked away from them, leaving a loud slam on the door and fading footsteps in the room. After Jiyong's gaze left the door, he plopped himself onto Daesung's spot from the couch and reached for the remote to turn on the tv.


I wanted to kiss her.

I know. When I saw her expression from the phone call she was on, it was cute. Her worried look is cute. I don't know what really happened but... my love for Sandara Park has gradually become to overtake me. I really am the worst, this girl is my best friend's girlfriend, and I have no right to interfere with that. After seeing them onstage today, I realized how perfect they were for eachother... I also realized how much I love her.

It was awkward. This moment, that is. Don't know why, but it's somehow abnormally awkward. The only noise surrounding me and GD was the small voices coming from the tv.

"You did great tonight." I said, in effort of breaking the silence. What the hell am I doing.

"Thanks" Jiyong replied, tapping the arm of the couch casually. "It was fun."

"Don't you think YG would get all spazzy about...what you did at the end?"

Why am I asking this? Its not like we don't know already. Lately I've been finding myself really bothering these two-

"Seunghyun," He begins, his words kind of staggering. I suddenly felt myself become a little hot, I was probably sweating a little. Why am I so nervous? What do I feel so guilty for? its not like-

"Dara's been acting strange lately. Do you know whats wrong?"

Dara. Hes talking about Dara again, his girlfriend.

"Like..." He begins, grabbing the last apple from the table and slowly began tossing it up and down into the air in deep thought. "She keeps talking about the Philippines, or going away. It's really starting to worry me."

Dara did? That phone call..

"I don't know." I said, but somehow, I was really worried myself.

"I guess not." He replies, catching the fruit from the air and taking a harsh bite at it. "Well, I'm going to bed alright? See you."

I watched as he didn't glance at me as he left the living room, but just simply gave me a small wave from the back. He must be tired.. I've got a lot of thinking to do for myself. I sat up from my spot in the chair, letting my hands ruffle through my hair in a frustrated way.



A/N: im so sorry...first update in a long long time. after my absence I've realized how many people actually read this fanfic o-o I'm so sorry guys! I'm going to try and finish this for sure!

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