yeah still working on stuff, dont worry! although it may take some time.
meanwhile, I've created a tumblr for a thousand cranes, here it is: a thousand cranes
I've decided that its much easier on tumblr, because on blogspot I cannot reply your comments and questions n such stuff... and its hard to keep track of things. =__= also very oldstyle. so if you want me to reply something to even notice it at all, please ask on there!

so yeah from now on if you want to reach or comment and stuff, you can click the little message box and send me questions and I'll answer them. :) the fanfic is also up there, but its still under construction. I've also made it so that you can submit stuff of your own- fan stuff or any random things you want. If you have tumblr- follow me! :D

This blog (on blogspot) will still be here though, but im contemplating on removing everything here and moving to tumblr permanently. maybe in the future. on another note..i'd like you guys to help me out and find the person who has not been giving me credit for posting my fanfic and claiming it as their own Q__Q makes me so sad.

thanks for still keeping track :D!


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Anonymous said...

hey! im also glad that i stumbled upon this web page of yours..i love your story btw. i hope you continue writing it..=)

slacker said...
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Anonymous said...

new reader here..and im hooked...hope you finish this fic as its very good...:)

Anonymous said...

hi.. i hope you update soon.. i miss this story.. and it's a great story!

Anonymous said...

thank you for deciding to finish the story, its such a good one that it deserves an ending, thank you & i will wait for it, take your time

Anonymous said...

Check the link out

Cool boy said...

knuckle boom cranes
knuckle boom cranes

Anonymous said...

check this link: