"Love is dangerous
Your lips are so poisonous
Right now swaying, the two of us
We dangerous
in danger danger danger danger .."

"CUT! Fantastic!"

There was a series of clapping as the filming of the Kiss MV finally came to an end, Dara grinned at the success of her first solo MV. They've been shooting for two days, and now it was completed at last.

"Pack up, pack up! Everyones done a great job! Our hard work will definitely pay off." The director called, waving everyone off. Immediately, the people started to move the equipment aside and began to pack things up.

"Dara noona, you did great!" Seungri said, walking up to the exhausted coffee haired girl. She smiled and leaned against a prop table for support,

"Stop saying noona." She laughed playfully, "Just Dara is fine. And, thanks. I'm really happy its finally done.

Seungri rolled his eyes,

"Fine, Dara." He said sarcastically.

"...Actually. its kind of cute. But weird." She giggled to herself.

"You've worked hard." Minho said, coming up from behind the two.

Dara smiled ,"So have you! I can't take all the credit." Dara replied, receiving a slight chuckle from Minho.

"Well, your van is here." The Maknae of Big Bang said, taking a few steps back in advance, "I'll be going too. The Director said we could head back before the others."

"Alright. I'll be there in a few then" Dara said. "..Actually, could I maybe go with you guys? I'll feel lonely by myself right after the shooting."

The youngest Seunghyun smiled and nodded. Dara waved Minho goodbye, then went into her room to change and pack up her belongings.


She had returned outside in dark leggings with a piano keyboard on the side- wearing silver heels and loose gray hoodie. The Star jumped into the backseat of the large white van, squishing herself in the center between Taeyang and Daesung, sighing with relief.

"The first thing I'll do when I get back to the apartment, is crash on my bed." Dara said. "Actually, I'm pretty hungry right now. Can we go get something to eat?"

Seunghyun, who sat in the seat infront of Taeyang, shook his head in pity.

"You haven't eaten at all since we were at the shooting, huh?"

"Not really.." Dara said. "The food didn't taste very fresh."

Taeyang pulled a smile with the corner of his mouth, then eyed the driver in the front mirror.

"Lets go feed this noona." The driver responded with a quick nod and made a turn.

"Dara" The coffee haired girl said with a pout, "Why are you all so weird? Calling me Noona all the time.."

"We haven't really been out together a lot like this, huh?" Seungri said, ignoring Dara's remark. "Usually Chaerin and Bom are the annoying loud ones fooling around with us."

"Really?" She responded , wide eyed. "Was I really like that all along?" She thought. Although they did have some bonding moments in the past.

"Jiyong is sure missing out. We've been busy lately, so its been awhile since we've hung out." said Daesung, who fiddled with the hand strap of his phone for entertainment. "Ah, although hyung is a very busy person. He never sleeps, he should really do something about that."

"Ah..Really." Dara said, fading away. "At least I won't be seeing him often because of that. I don't want to confront him after what happened back at the site. I can't forgive him.." She thought, clenching her fists. Taeyang caught sight of this, and raised and eyebrow

"How come you always get so tensed up when Jiyong is brought up? He won't bite."

"Yea right, he won't."

"Hes a good person. Not to mention a great leader too" Seunghyun said in response to Dara's thought.

Her reply was unknown as the van soon pulled up to a restauraunt halfway back home. It parked near the entrance where the five of them exited and slammed their doors, heading into the mundane place. Once they stepped through the clear doors, there was a soft melody of the violin playing as they greeted the person at the front desk.

"Table for five please" Taeyang said to the lady. She nodded and then flipped a few pages in a reservation book, then walked out of the stand and motioned inside the restaurant.

"There has been a reservation for you five."

As the lady walked off, Taeyang gave TOP a raised eyebrow in confusion, who then passed on the reaction to Dara and the others. Shrugging it off, they began to follow the woman.

A variety of smells raced into their noses; it was great here. Zigzagging through the tables and people walking by, they had reached the farthest booth in the back of the restaurant.

Seated near the window, was CL herself.

"Chaerin!" Dara said in surprise, stopping her tracks. The boys greeted the 2ne1 leader as they took a seat around the booth. CL nodded and greeted in return, then turned towards her fellow group member

"What are you doing? Sit down!" She said, waving her over. Dara nodded and slowly slipped into the space beside her leader.

"What a shock seeing you here. Actually, why are you even here?" Daesung asked, taking a sip of the already ordered lemon tea on the table.

"Thought I'd pay a visit, since I wasn't able to come yesterday. YG Called me up to meet with Jiyong to fix some twinks in the Leaders song. The other girls had other business to do with him." She explained, then turned to Dara.


The almond eyed girl rubbed her knuckles under the table, holding in her dismay.

"Its alright..." She said, "You guys promised though."

"Well. How was the shooting?" She asked, propping her face up with her elbows on the table in interest.

"It was successfull. Dara was awesome along with Minho." Seunghyun said, playing with the ice inside his drink. "You really should have come."

"Oh? I'll make sure to check it out once its been released, then." Chaerin said with a smile, "So, what have you guys been up to lately?"

"Me and Daesung have been busy with our musical. Sucks, we don't get much time off." Seungri said, "Luckily we got a nice two days off during Dara's MV shooting."

"You guys could have done something much more interesting than that." Dara said, "Although I would have been very lonely without company." She joked.

"Lets order some food." Seunghyun opened up the gold and white menu, and began to scan its contents. It wasn't along until the others had followed the same act. At that moment, she felt her phone vibrate on her upper thigh pocket.

"I'll be back. Restroom." Dara excused her self and slid out of the booth, not looking back at the others as she rushed into the Womens room.

Upon entering the small one stall restroom, She stood by the door and flipped open her phone. To her surprise, she had received a text message from Yang Goon.

Call me immediately after your shooting.

"Why so serious..." Dara murmured to herself curiously. At that moment, she felt a soft contact with the door as someone was making their way in. Turning around in apology, she stuffed her phone back into her pocket when Chaerin walked in.

"Hey." She said, folding her arms casually, "Taking drugs in here?"

Dara laughed at the joke and rolled her eyes, "Yeah, I am." She replied sarcastically.

Suddenly, Jiyong struck her mind like thunder, poisoning her other thoughts. Should she let her know about the incident?

"..You gonna go?"

Her mind was washed away by Chaerin's voice, bringing her back to reality. Stuttering, she pulled back a strand of hair and smiled. Her phone started to ring all of a sudden, shocking both of them.

"No, you can go in first." Dara offered, bringing her cell out again and pressed the answer button and then held it up to her ear.

"Hello?" She said. From the corner of her eye, CL had already entered the stall.

"Dara? Didn't I tell you in the text to call me right after the shoot?" said YG from the other line. His voice sounded stern and urgent.

"Sorry. I didn't get the text since my phone was off." Dara apologized, "I turned it on just now and saw the text."

There was a long sigh from the other line, then he began to speak again

"You need to get back here."


But before she could get an answer, he had already hung up. Staring at the phone, Dara slowly turned around. Chaerin was at the sink washing her hands.

"Chae, I need to get back to the Studio." She said.

Turning off the sink and flicking her hands, her group leader looked at her unnie in the mirror with a confused look, "Already? Shouldn't you stay longer?"

"No...YG wants me back for some unknown reason." Dara said, "I'm going to take the bus back."

Thinking for a moment, Chaerin grabbed a piece of papertowel and nodded,

"So. We'll see you later."

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