Climbing into the nearest seat of the bus, Dara sighed and sat herself down softly. She turned her head sharply against the window as another passenger took the seat beside her, carefully keeping herself from being exposed. She had worn her dark chanel glasses and a white cap Minzy had given her for her birthday to cover herself up.

Fortunately, its worked since no one had managed to find out who she was. A few people glanced here and there- but no biggie, as long as she wasn't found out.

"What's YG up to?" The coffee haired girl asked herself as she bounced up and down on the public city bus. It wasn't long until she would reach the city. The bus suddenly came to a stop at cornerstore in a market, and Dara was the first one to exit out. Attempting to be casual, she coolly walked with even steps.

She was safe until the approaching of the YG Entertainment.


"No way!"

Aware of the whispers and murmurs around her, Dara immediately began to pick up her pace. Adjusting her glasses to make sure they don't fall off, more and more people began to gather.


...and then her feet broke into a run. Immediately, a crowd of people began chasing her, tailing right behind her feet. Arms flung open and cameras + phones were pulled out. Heels weren't the most convenient footwear to run in, but somehow, she was already used to it.

"Noona! Take a picture with me!"


"Daraaaa, YOUR AWESOME!"

"Crap" The star cursed at herself, "My cover was blown so fast" Picking up her speed, she had gained some distance from the crazy fans. Upon turning a corner, her feet were too late to stop and she tripped on a gutter- tripped and broke her heel.

"No!" Dara yelled at herself, her inner voice becoming urgent as she pulled at her shoe to release her foot. "Shit.."

Suddenly, she felt a hard tug at her upper arm, causing her to be dragged to the side alleyway of the corner. She used her strength to rip off the strong hands pulling her back against the chest of the anonymous person.

"Shut up, idiot."

Her struggling faded away upon hearing the voice whispered into her ear. She released her grip and silently watched the fans scream and run by the alley, still in search for her. After the commotion was gone, she ripped off the hands covering her mouth and sat up, turning her head around.

"Must you be everywhere." She said in a tone that made the line seem more like a statement than a question.

"Che." Jiyong clicked his tongue and settled his elbow on his uplifted leg, resting the other one on the ground. "Like I wanted to come save you from your little incident."

"And you did anyway, because...?"

"YG's orders." He replied smoothly, "Who else?"

"He asked you to? Why?" Dara asked, suddenly curious. He had replied with a short chuckle and a shake of his head. Slowly maneuvering his face to meet her eyes, he replied

"He didn't tell you yet? Your the one thats going to complete my Heartbreaker album."

"WHAT?" Dara shouted, causing GD to flinch a little, "Why didn't you tell me in advance!?"

"HEY. I was just notified this last night- not my fault I went to your little shooting." He spat, suddenly bolting up to meet her eyes. "Or was it better if I hadn't showed up? Would it have ruined your little moment with your Romeo? Were you too busy stalking me to spend time with him?"

"Why the hell did he bring that up? Was it even related to what I was asking?" Dara thought to herself. She held the gaze from his eyes- his pupils were electrified. The two looked away from eachother, Dara breathed heavily in astonishment. After a few moments, she began to speak

"I'm not doing it."

With a flash of panic in his eyes, Jiyong shot his head to her again.

"Oh, no. Your doing it."

"No," Dara objected quickly, "I'm not going to." She hissed, turning around with a flick of her hair. Jiyong reached and grabbed her wrist, twisting her around by the shoulder to meet his eyes.

"Your doing it." He repeated softly, but with energy. Dara melted into the gaze of his serious, dark brown eyes. They were filled with anger, panic, and devestation. Somehow, these words managed to hurt her.

"She doesn't have to." said a mans voice.

The two of them turned to a tall boy in a black hat covered with the hood of his white hoodie standing by the corner, hands in his pocket and leaning on the wall.

"What?" Dara said, curious as to why Teddy had suddenly appeared here, "What are you-"

"Its none of your business." Jiyong snapped, releasing her shoulders.

"Sorry, you took too long. YG was wondering why you haven't brought her back yet." Teddy said, slowly walking to GD and returning to the point, "..If she doesn't want to, no ones forcing her.

"I wasn't forcing her." Jiyong said in denial.

"Commanded." Dara corrected, pursing her lips. Her dark eyes darted and rested on his face, Jiyong returned the gaze.

"I'm not some kind of last minute resort you can just pull out of the blue when the others are being used." She said in a calm tone. Her eyes were still fixed on the boy, "I'm sorry that your album is in danger, but I'm not some superwoman that can make it any better."

After another few seconds of silence, Jiyong took a deep breath.

"Do what you want." He said in a rather neutral, but hurt voice. Backing out of the alley, Dara watched as he exited. It was awkward then, she slowly turned her head to Teddy, who had an observed look on his face.

"I know I said you didn't have to, but why don't you help him out?" He suggested. Dara sighed and crossed her arms, looking to the ground. Why did they have to make it seem like she was the bad one here?

"Does he really think grabbing a random person who knows how to sing can finish his album and debut really well? I'm sure he already chose someone from the start. He needs to know how to do things by himself and stick to them, its his career." Dara fired. She then suddenly toned her voice down, her eyes blanking out at the ground below her. "No one actually chooses me, anyway..."

There was suddenly a laugh that came from Teddy. She raised her eyebrows at this mockery.

"Kwon Ji Yong? Needs to know how to do things by himself? I'm sure he doesn't need you to tell him that" He spat, causing her to flinch at the words. "Not that I mean that in any offense, but Jiyong works harder than anyone you'd know."

She felt like she was just shot in the chest. Was that really true? She didn't know. Out of all the Big Bang members, she hadn't really gotten used to working with Jiyong. But why was everyone doubting her like this?

Teddy made his way to the end of the alley, but turning around just slightly for one last statement

"You weren't chosen as a last minute resort. You were chosen because you have the ability to do it."


It wasn't long until the sun began to set. Walking along the almost-empty roads of Seoul center, Dara paced back and forth near the fountain. Suddenly stopping in her tracks, she planted herself down on the cement edge in deep thought.

"Aigooo...!" She whined, lightly punching her legs in frustration. A few people around her stared at her as if she was a creeper. "Why me!?!? I think I deserve a break!" she continued.

"Yeah, you do."

Freezing and then slowly raising her head, Dara saw Seunghyun standing before her. Suddenly pulling a smile, he smirked and sat himself down beside her.

"You guys came back?" She asked.

"Yeah. Chaerin suddenly didn't feel well so we had to come back early.." He explained, Dara nodded in understanding. CL wasn't really much of the outdoor food type. "What about you? Whats with the sudden leave?" Seunghyun said, finishing the sentence.

She had hesitated with her answer, but then began to speak after a long sigh.

"..Apparently, I'm going to be featured in one of the songs of G-Dragon's new album." Seunghyun had widened his eyes at this, but at the same time he didn't look too surprised. Dara's mouth formed into a neutral smile, "Its the only thing he has left until the album would be released."

"So? What are you waiting for? Go for it." He insisted.

"..But..." Dara said, fading away, "I'm not sure if i can do it. Shouldn't he be responsible for not making his mind up well? I mean, the leader-"

"Wait, wait." He interrupted, raising a palm up. "First your saying that you don't know if your capable enough, and then your saying its his fault for not planning it well. Your just worried that you can't do as well as he may think you, you know theres only two days left to record it? The release date is on the 18th, his birthday."

Dara sucked in this piece of information, processing it into her mind. She didn't know.

"He could of chose someone else though. CL, Bommie and Minzy has much higher talent."

After explaining to Seunghyun

"Well, to me, your voice is really nice." Seunghyun said. Dara blushed, which made the mood awkward. He stuttered for a moment and then looked away, "Sorry."

"No, thanks." She said, smiling in secret.

"But, just do it, okay? I think Jiyong must have been really hurt after what you said." He said, head still facing the other direction. "You don't know how hard Jiyong's been working on his album. Its really amazing. It would cause all his efforts to go to waste."

"About him again," Dara thought. At that moment, she bit her bottom lip and then stood up. Seunghyun darted his eyes towards her.

"I'll be making my way to YG Entertainment, then."

"Glad to heart that." He said, smiling and stood up beside her.

"Well. Lets go."


"So thats what happened, huh. A pity." YG held his hands together close to his chin, tapping the surface of his cheek with a pencil. "What to do..."

"We only have about two days left until August 18th." He said, turning to Jiyong who rested on a couch, looking like he was in deep thought. "At this rate, It'll be impossible to get 'Hello' finished and recorded. If Dara doesn't want to do it, it'll be too late to get someone else's approval in time."

They were inside YG's room, debating on what to do with this situation. If it was going to stay like this, the release date would be postponed. Postponed date = Unhappy fans. They had already scheduled it, too.

"Just how long did it take you to write this song?" Yang goon asked out of curiosity.

Jiyong, who now sat himself up from laying on the couch, ruffled his hair.

"Three days." he mumbled under his breath, rolling his eye backwards and flopping his back to the couch.

"Ay.." Yang rested his elbow on the sidetable, closing his eyes and massaged his temples. "That Sandara, won't even help out. I'm going to have a-"

The glass screen door suddenly busted open, revealing a panting barefooted coffee haired girl followed by a very relaxed but tired looking Seunghyun. Jiyong slowly regained position from his spot, eyes wide.

"Dara." YG said, watching as the slim girl walked straight towards him.

After taking a few more breaths, Dara said

"I'm going to accompany Jiyong in his song."

It went silent for a moment. YG looked Dara in the eye- then his view wandered towards Seunghyun, who stayed lingering at the doorway. After seeing him shrug, his eyes darted back to his accomplice.

"Why are you telling me that?"

Dara gulped. She looked at the blonde haired boy sitting casually with his hands folded, resting his elbows on his knees. He had a neutral look on his face.

With no other statement, He shot up from his seat, shoving one hand in his jeanpocket. She received a nod of encouragement from YG and later from Seunghyun, then followed Jiyong on his way to the recording room.

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