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- Jiyong's POV -


My Hands made their way on her back, slowly crawling to the back of her neck. Somehow, as I'm doing this, it...feels different. This girl is boring. I need to find someone else. No. Its too soon, what if she gets attached to me after this? Smart move, GD. I need someone more worthy, someone fun, someone-


What the hell? I'm pretty sure its not polite to walk in on people like this. Crazy girl.

....Oh. Its the Locust.

Heejin's body separated from mine with Dara's strong push on my chest. She looked protective and determined as I felt my wrist being pulled away by the overreacted girl.

Her reflexes took the two of us far away, I watch her feet move on its own and my wrist being dragged by her hand tightly. She slowed her pace as we reached a nearby flower tree, immediately releasing the hard grip with a flick of her hand.

She turned around unexpectedly, wearing a fierce look on her face.

"What the hells your problem?" I asked with a slightly angered tone in my voice. Whose right did she have to just walk in on someone like that?

"Who was that girl?" She asked.

"Why do you care?"

"Tell me."


"Someone that isn't CL."

I felt my mind go blank for a second there. Was this bug spying on us? No, Chaerin must have told her. Naive much. My expression immediately relaxed again.

"No really?" I finally said, sarcastically. "Were you expecting her to suddenly appear here out of nowhere, and then be caught making out with me?"

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

"..Why do you fool around like that?" She finally asked. "Chaerin really loves you. If you hurt her, I don't know what I'm going to do to you."

I smirked at this, and slowly began to close in the distance between us.

- Dara's POV -

This is the second time I've witnessed something like this. Narcissist. Stuck up. Liar. What else could describe him? He can't just do that to my friend. I won't accept it.

".....Chaerin really loves you. If you hurt her, I don't know what I'm going to do to you."

I waited for a response, but only got a smirk in return. My heart beated faster as he began to walk closer to me, causing myself to stumble backwards. My hand reached for an end- then realized I had backed up against the tree.

I felt him lean closer to me, by the time his face had reached a few centimetres from my own, my heart was ready to explode. I took a deep breath and stared into his mocking eyes;

"You won't always get your way." I said, hoping my voice was strong and not sounding like I'd collapse anytime soon, "Don't expect yourself to be able to get away with a hundred girls and not suffer any consequences."

This made him laugh, my eyes narrowed.

"Oh, really now?" He said softly, "How do I know your not one of those a hundred girls? And, It wouldn't change the fact that they haven't been able to resist me."


At that moment, his right hand crawled softly around my neck, coming in contact with my skin. This sent chills up my spine, my whole body was paralyzed. His other hand reached out to the tree and he pushed his weight on it, leaning himself. Trying to keep my cool, I bit my lip as he slowly leaned into me and sent tickles to my ear as he whispered into it;

"Shall we test that theory by doing a little something?"

My reflexes acted up as I used all my strength to push him aside, sending him to the ground where he fell on his bottom with a flinch. This guy was an idiot. A complete, Idiot.

I felt his eyes creased on me as I stomped away.


I had relaxed a bit after the getaway. My heart was still racing as I arrived back at the shooting site, It wasn't long until I was confronted by Minho and a few of the crew members.

"DARA! Where have you been!?! Everyone's been looking for you like crazy!" Said my Hair and Makeup artist. I saw Seunghyun and Taeyang appear beside her with a concerned look on their face,

"We thought you went missing. Where did you go?" Minho asked with relief and panic in his voice.

"Sorry." I replied robotically, "I went to go get some fresh air, then realized I lost track of time.."

"Aigoo...You!" Taeyang said, rubbing his forehead. "First Jiyong, then you. You guys have to stop disappearing like that. When he gets back; I'm gonna get a piece of his mind."

"Eh? That Pervert isn't back yet?" Dara thought. "Maybe I was too harsh..." She murmured to herself. Minho gave her a look, causing her to regain her consciousness.

"Ah..Lets go back to the shooting." She said, strolling off.

The rest of the day went by with a breeze. Scene after scene, the shooting was finally done for the day. The cast stayed at a nearby town to rest for the night along with the others to be prepared for tomorrow's new day. Big Bang had also decided to include this as their little vacay; considering they had no projects to do for the time being.

The next morning, Dara woke up with a groan inside her small makeshift room. She jolted up from the sound of the birds chirping from outside. With her eyes half closed, she looked into the mirror hanging on the wall infront of her bed. Taking in the sight of her messed up coffee colored hair, she groaned again and plopped herself against the lacey pillow.

"What time is it....." She asked herself, sluggishly reaching across the small table towards her cellphone. It was only 9:00, how could she wake up so early after not being able to sleep at all last night?

Jumping out of bed, Dara stripped from her sleepwear and slipped into a pair of ripped lightwashed Skinny jeans and a big oversized black colored shirt that read "FRESH GIRL" in bold white impact letters. She quickly brushed her hair and made a flip with it near the back, topping it off with braiding her bangs and clipping them to the side. Sighing and taking one last look at herself in the mirror, Dara stepped out of the door and prepared for a morning walk.

Her white hip hop shoes bounced up and down as she went down the cement stairs, Stopping to take in the smell and the feeling of the clean air. Pausing for awhile in position, Dara looked to her right and spotted Seunghyun who just walked out of the door from his small rental apartment.

"Oppa! Good Morning" The coffee haired girl waved, receiving a smile from the older boy. She skipped towards him cheerfully

"What are you doing up so early?" She asked

"I think I should be the one asking you that. Your not shooting the rest of the MV for another two hours or so, shouldn't you be resting?"

"Pfft. I'm not that weak, I'm a toughie!" Dara said, pounding her stomach playfully, causing him to chuckle.

"Well don't overdo your toughness, Don't say I didn't warn you when you collapse of tiredness in front of the camera." He said.

"Thanks for jinxing it" She rolled her eyes sarcastically.

The two stood in silence for awhile, looking around themselves akwardly for something interesting to look at.

"..where are the others?" Dara asked bluntly and out of curiosity, "That idiot..did he come back or wh-"

"Jiyong went back to the company." Seunghyun said with an obvious look on his face, as if he knew what she was thinking. Either that, or that was just something to talk about considering its expected for the others to still be in bed. "Whats up with you guys lately?"

"I can't let anyone know about what he did to CL." Dara thought to herself, "What? Nothing. I was just wondering."

" you were wondering about Ji."


Seunghyun grinned and shoved his hand inside his pockets casually, pacing his foot back and forth.

"Heartbreaker. Its coming out soon to the public, you know? He's been busy these days... I've never seen anyone else work so hard."

An immediate flashback of his recording came to mind inside Dara's mind. The smooth, professional sound of his voice filled her mind. It was then taken over by the image of what happened yesterday. Hardworking, right.

"Oh...I see." Dara said.

Seunghyun walked front a few steps, stopping to face the chocolate eyed-girl,

"Lets go. I'll treat you to breakfast."


"G-Dragon's solo album is going to be released soon. Day by Day was a big success last year, this album will definitely help promote Jiyong's music compositions."

Jiyong sat in a gray rolly chair, his arms resting on the sides as he swirled himself from side to side as YG talked. The two of them sat at the YG meeting table along with other coordinators of the entertainment.

"We've scheduled it to be on August 18th," He continued, twirling a pen in his hand, "However, the album isn't completed yet without a partner for the recording of #5 "Hello" single."

His eyes wandered to se7en, who had offered to show up at the meeting for support.


The elder hip hop star rubbed the side of his chin, in deep thought for a second.

"I think Bom would do the job."

"No" Jiyong objected immediately, massaging one of his temples. "Her voice is too soprano and strong for this song."

YG nodded at the vocal teacher next, who had offered an opinion.

"I definitely think Chaerin should be considered for this. Her voice is great- and radiates off a nice sound. Plus, she excels in rapping that could be added in accompanying GD."

"But she was already featured in Leaders." Teddy pointed out.

The room was quiet for a few moments, each person was thinking with intensity and only the clicking sound of pens was heard.

There was suddenly a loud slam- everyone turned their attention to Jiyong who had stood up and slammed a piece of paper on the table.

"Its Decided." He said, returning his hand inside the pocket of his jeans and then coolly exited the room.

YG raised an eyebrow and reached for the blank sheet, sliding it towards himself to the edge of the table and then flipping it around.

On it, in thick blue pen, read the name Sandara Park.

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