"Thanks for the ride home."

"Yeah, no problem. Make sure you get tons of rest tonight, or else you'll end up like a slug again and we wouldn't want that for the shooting tomorrow."

"Che..." Dara laughed and slammed the door of Minho's van, waving goodbye as he drove off. She giggled to herself for a moment as she turned around and headed into her apartment

To her surprise, a very energetic
Minzy appeared out of the door as she waved to her returning unnie,

"Dara! Hurry and come in, we have guests"

"No, its alright. We were just leaving"

The clunking of her boots stopped as she spotted TOP and
Seungri walking out of the door with kind smiles on their faces,

"Oh! Hello." She greeted

Aigoo, Dara. Buzzkill much!" Said Bom, who appeared out of nowhere. "The Seung's came here to visit us after their group finished with an airing of BigbangTV."

"Ah..sorry." Dara apologized, "Are you leaving right now?"

Seungri replied, "Gotta get back to the other hyungs before they start to flood my phone with missed calls and text messages."

Ahh..." Dara fidgeted her hands as TOP walked towards her,

"Your 'Kiss' Music Video will be shooting tomorrow, right? Big Bang will come to watch you." He said with a smile,

"Ah..really? Thanks."

She flinched at this news as images of the annoying white haired boy appeared in her head.


"Godammit..why is it so hot today?"

"Don't worry, Teddy
hyung. We'll be filming this indoors, right?" Minho reassured the producer calmly, the team was all packed up in the van on their way to the shooting site.

"That's true. Dara, work hard today!" Teddy said encouragingly

"Yeah, I will. Its not my first time filming before, It'll be fine" She replied, fidgeting in her seat trying not to step on the equipment underneath her.

"We've reached the location."

The car came to a stop at what seemed like a big club, much more exaggerated than the previous one they had partied at.

Dara slid open the
sidedoor and hopped out of her seat onto the concrete cement, her high top sneakers bouncing off the ground as she took a glance at her surroundings,

"I wonder where
Bom unnie and the rest are..."

"Oh, right. Dara, don't forget to go greet your
oppas later on. They've come a long way just so they could support your first solo filming." Teddy motioned the crew to the large boxes in the second van and made some orders. Dara bit her lip in anxiety

"Alright everyone. We're going to get the area set up." Teddy said, turning to the supporting roles and then the two main stars, "
Minho, Dara, you guys are free for now. Don't forget to come back soon for Preparation"

"Yeah, okay" The dark haired boy smiled and
bidded the star goodbye, then disappeared into the background of her mind.

What can I do to pass time?' She thought to herself, fidgeting her feet that wore a pair of shiny dark black boots.

"Oi, Dara noona!"

She turned around hearing her name being called, and saw Seungri running towards her followed by Taeyang, Daesung, and TOP.

"Ah..Hello" She greeted, bowing herself down and quickly regained position with a smile

"Good luck with your shooting today. Fighting!" Seungri reassured the brown haired girl, giving her a pat on the shoulder.

"We'll be watching." Taeyang said with a humorous tone, "Better not screw up."

"Your making her nervous."

Dara's smile faded as she heard Jiyong's voice creep up from behind her. Did this guy really have nothing else to do?

"Work hard, eh Noona?" The blond boy playfully patted the side of the pissed-off Dara who looked like she would pounce on him at any moment

"We'll be looking forward to your shooting, Dara Noona. Don't disappoint us!" Seungri said with an excited tone in his voice. "Come to think of it, there's your Romeo for the day" He pointed out, referring to the black haired boy that now approached the group,

"Park. You left your bag in the car," said Minho, holding up a white decorated Gucci bag in his hand and pushing it to Dara's chest, "They were switching vans right after they unloaded. It'd be bad if you left it in there with all your personal belongings."

"Aigo," Dara laughed sheepishly and slowly took her bag by the handle. "Thanks."

The two of them smiled at eachother awkwardly, causing the people around them to feel out of place.

"Suck up."

Minho's smile faded as he eyed Jiyong from the side. The blonde had averted his head to the opposite direction and had a bored look on his face. Dara furrowed her eyebrows, did he really have to make everything so...complicated!?

"Well." The black haired boy clicked his tongue, then turned his attention towards the girl again, "We're shooting soon, see you in a few."

"Yeah." Dara replied and waved goodbye as he jogged off.

"Oh yeah, Jiyong" Seunghyun pressed a few buttons on his Cyon phone intensely, then opened his mouth again to speak,

"Taeyeon wants you to call her back later. She said you randomly hung up on her during the time we were at the club"

Dara narrowed her eyes,

"Taeyeon? Has he been seeing girls other than Chaerin?"

GD, realizing that Dara had suspicions immediately turned his back from the gang

"Tell her I won't be contacting her anymore."

"Uhm, but-"

"Do it." He said, cutting the hyung off and then began to walk away.


"GREAT JOB, SANDARA! That was awesome."

Dara smiled after shooting her first scene in the beginning of the MV, when she was bartending in the front area while Minho was in the back with his "friends." Everyone in the scene stopped and began to act more naturally as the director called cut.

"Ready for the next scene?" The director pulled out a script from behind and flipped a few pages, scanning the content.

"Minho, in this scene, you walk up to the front and drop the cass lid inside the glass. After that..." He said, trailing off by himself causing everyone to stare at him anxiously.

"You peck Dara on the cheek. Alright. Lets get moving everyone!"

Within an instant, the camera started rolling again.

...."I guess u just never know

Don't speed up
Don't tell me boring stories
How would I be able to take it then?"

"Aiyo! Would you look at that? Our Noona's on a roll!"

The five Big Bang members observed the shooting from the side, just behind the director to get a good view of what was going on.

There was suddenly a powerful slapping sound, causing the guests to jolt their attention towards the set. Minho had his head turned away, and Dara looked furious. Daesung whistled at the red mark on the side of his cheek at this action.

"Aish. I wouldn't want to piss Dara Noona off in the future. Even though its apart of the concept." Taeyang said.

"Alright, good job everyone. We'll see you again after the break." At this moment, everyone broke into chatters and movement.

Dara's expression became more calm after the break call. She let out a heavy sigh and then hurried towards her seniors.

"Was I alright?" She asked nervously. It was important to know what oneself was doing.

"Yeah, you were great." Seunghyun smiled down at her and gave an ok sign.

"Aish. Wheres Jiyong?" The tall, built buzz-cut boy asked. The six of them looked around, but their leader wasn't in sight.

"Hes probably off fooling around again." The Maknae said, crossing his arms behind his head to relax, "You know, its Jiyong hyung. He probably found a Lee Hyori here and decided to try something."

"Smooth." Daesung said.

Dara flinched her eyes at this, 'does he do ANYTHING but flirt?' She thought for a moment about Chaerin, then the rest of the girls. Why aren't they here yet?

"Ai..I have to go for a call" She said, slowly backing herself away from the group as she pulled out her Pink LG Lollipop.

- Dara's POV -

Your call has been transferred to an automatic voicemail. Please hang up, or try your call again.

I clicked my tongue with frustrated and flipped my phone closed for what seemed like the 300th time. Where the hell were they? Did they forget to come? No, Minzy made it clear that the three of them would be here for this day.

"Maybe I should try it again."

Then, I realized there was 1 unread message in my inbox. I clicked over to my messages and then pressed "read". It was from Bom Unnie.

im sooo sorry. The girls n I can't come to support u with ur shooting today. PLEASE FORGIVE US! Something important came up with CL's recording and YG wants us to go to his office. Tell the gang we say hello! ^ _ ^ (u know who we're talking about. Leaders been missing her loved one lately.)
We'll be cheering u on from here!! <3

I could feel my heart sink a little as I read this message over and over. Each time I read it, it would just go down to being upset layer one...layer two...layer three.. finally, I placed my phone back inside my buttpocket and sighed. It couldn't be helped. It must have been really important, then.

"I don't think we should do this here.."

A Female voice turned my attention towards the second building exit nearby. Her eyes widened as she spotted Jiyong..speak of the devil. She tiptoed behind one of the large pillars beside them and eavesdropped. Wait- is that another girl beside him?

"Why? No ones going to see." GD softly grabbed the pale hands of the long, silky haired female with a fragile-looking face. "Heejin.."

'Heejin?' Dara felt her heartbeat go faster as she sucked in this piece of information, 'Taeyeon, now some other girl named Heejin? What the...'

My eyes followed as he led the dark, curly haired girl into the shadows. My feet automatically moved on its own as I began to move closer, stalking the two.

"S-Stop it.."

I stopped in my tracks around another tall cinderblock pillar, my face beginning to feel hot as I questioned myself why I was doing this again.

'Its for Chaerin's sake.' My mind said. I blinked my thoughts away and then took a risk of a glance.

What I saw, was probably immune to the human eye.

Jiyong had the girl pressed hard against the wall, Heejin placed her hands on his shoulders and tried to resist, but that only caused him to hold her tighter. He trapped her leg in the middle of his two and pressed their bodies together.


She was cut off as he leaned into her, tasting the softness of her neck's bare skin. She moaned and fidgeted her body, but couldn't shake loose of his grip. He smirked at this and proceeded to make his hands play with other parts of her body.

My mouth had hung wide open by then, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

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