"Aigoo, Tonight was a blast! Dara, you really heated things up on the last bit." Bom placed an arm around her friend and pinched the side of her cheek, causing Dara to flinch and then burst into laughter.

"It was okay, I guess." She said. Her eyes looked towards the front mirror and immediately met CL's in which she gulped and quickly averted to somewhere else. There was a sudden awkward silence in the van as it rocked back and forth in the empty roads.

Minzy turned around from her seat, spotting both her Unnie's attention.

"Ay! Dara unnie, your MV for "Kiss" will be shooting the day after, no? There's a meeting regarding it tomorrow, I think, according to what Teddy oppa said back in the recording studio..."

"Oh..right." The Unnie said, knocking her forehead with the heel of her palm, "I need to get some rest for that, or else I won't be able to absorb any of the MV's concept at all."

"Do you know who's going to be featured in it?"

Dara turned towards the mirror again and stared into CL's unpredictable dark eyelined eyes, then slowly shook her head.

"Aigoo, Minzy! No matter who it is, we will definitely go to the shooting site to support Dara! Shes the first one chosen out of all of us to to release a solo single, it's important to us too since we're in the same group."

Minzy smiled at the eldest unnie and gave an enthusiastic nod in agreement. She turned forward again and grabbed onto the shoulder of the unnie beside her,

"Chaerin, you'll definitely be there too, right?"

There was a long pause of hesitance, the leader then turned towards the maknae and nodded with a sincere smile, receiving one in return. She looked into the front mirror once again and opened her mouth to speak,

"By the way."

Dara shifted her eyes, clutching at her knees. She met Chaerin's orbs for the third time and received a sweet smile,

"Great performance back there."


The next morning was felt to be quite cold and dark, the sun barely rising as Dara prepared to get up and make her way to the bathroom after being the first one to wake up from the short sleep she had last night.

She staggered herself into the bathroom that she had to share with the other three girls, and prepared to do her hair. She stood there for a moment, staring at herself in the mirror observing into her own dark rimmed eyes. Plugging the blow dryer into the outlet, she quickly blew her hair a few times into place and settled for a high messy bun at the back of her head.

After applying her makeup and getting dressed into a long white shawl shirt and leggings, Dara slipped on her beige boots and prepared to head out the door.


She froze and reverted her head back, catching sight of CL leaning against the side door in her Lime Green Pajamas.

"Ai, good morning Chaerin!" Dara greeted as she lifted herself up and patted her bottom.

"Where are you going so early in the morning?"

"Aiyo...I woke up earlier than usual, so I decided to take a stroll outside before leaving in the afternoon for the meeting at the studio."

.......Dara paced along the sidewalk of the empty morning roads, paying little interest in her surroundings than she seemed to be.

From the corner of her eye, she watched Chaerin walk beside her, looking straight ahead with a blunt smile.

It was awkward for a few moments, until she finally began to speak.

"It's sure been awhile since we debuted big from "Fire"" CL said, turning to her unnie with a grin and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "Dara, you better work hard to make us look good!"

"Yeah, I will. I'll be looking forward to Chaerin's support at the shooting site."

A sudden flashback of Jiyong and Cl back in the club last night played through her mind, freezing all her thoughts away for awhile but then quickly revived back to reality. 'Are they going out?' Dara asked herself, but decided she won't get an answer unless she asked.



"Are you and GD going out?"

Dara bit her lip as she noticed her friend slow down in her tracks, she turned around and faced her leader with a curious look as she watched her mouth form into a smile,

"Yeah. We are."


"Dynamics man, dynamics! Bring the power of love out through the near end and conclude it with a smooth move and a powerful meaning.......Oi Dara, are you listening?"

Teddy snapped his fingers as he tried to bring the unfocused girl back to reality, in which failed completely.

"Dara." The boy seated next to her whispered fiercely, "
Park Sandara!"

"Aigo!" She bursted, looking around the room as everybody stared at her in confusion. She tiled her head down apologetically.

"Aie Dara," Teddy said, facepalming, "Somethings really wrong with you. Have you been getting enough sleep lately? your filming this MV with such an experienced actor as Lee Minho and yet you still can't be awake and on-task while doing this?"

Minho watched the girl from the corner of his eye, coughing to break up the heavy tension of the atmosphere, "Teddy hyung, Spare her a bit."

"No, I'm sorry." Dara clutched her fingers and bit her lip, trying to concentrate on what Teddy was saying after that but did not succeed. Her thoughts were completely filled with Jiyong and Chaerin.


"I..I didn't know" Dara said. "I knew you loved GD, but you should of told me!"

"I'm Sorry. It was sudden, and I didn't have the time to tell any of you guys." CL replied, walking a few paces towards her, "...You saw, right?"

"H-Hah?" Dara took a step back, laughing nervously as her eyes wandered, but she knew exactly what she was talking about. "Saw what?"

CL smiled and laughed for a bit, then placed a hand on her friend's shoulder, "Its okay. Don't pretend you don't know. Jiyong oppa.....he told me he loved me."

"Really?" Dara thought for a moment, then bit her lip in worry

"Chaerin..G-Dragon is a player, you know that? Will you be alright?"

"I know that." CL said, sighing and shoving her hands in her denim black pockets,

"But its hard, you know? You can't control who you fall in love with."


'I don't trust Kwon Jiyong.' Dara thought to herself, 'I wouldn't go out with a player like him..what is CL thinking? She'll get hurt if she doesn't know what shes doing...'

"-And that ends this concept discussion. Tomorrow we will meet at the shooting site for the first day of 'Kiss' MV"

The room took over with a loud rustling of papers and rolling chairs as everybody moved out of their seats exiting the room. Dara slowly shuffled out of her seat, and realized Minho still seated down.

"Aren't you going?" She asked.

"What about you?" He turned his well kept head to meet her eyes, his straight bangs covering his eye, "Are you going to leave without knowing the concept?"

Dara considered for a moment, she really hadn't been listening to anything Teddy was saying, and this guy had saw through it.

She pushed the chair out, and unwillingly sat back down.

"Let's hear it then."

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