"No no... Yo ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker, What did I do wrong? Yo ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker, No way no way.."

"Aigoo! Where did you guys go? Suddenly disappearing like that..." Bom placed her hands on her hips.

Chaerin, your so mean!" Minzy cried jokingly, "Leaving me on stage dealing with all the commentaries"

"Sorry, sorry!" CL smiled and sat down, reaching for the leftover shot on the table, "I went to the bathroom."

"Nature calls."
Daesung said, "You two did a great job back there!"

"Thanks" CL grinned and pointed her shot to the boy who was dancing onstage, "But as of now, G-Dragon dominates the stage."

The girls turned their attention to the white haired boy who was dancing and singing on the stage. Their mouth immediately fell open in to smiles as they watched him move with confidence. He was so powerful on stage. His hair swayed from side to side when he danced, his body moving along with the beat.

"i’m sick of my love’s tragedy no way
everyday i ask the same thing, you say i changed, will you shut your hypocritical mouth?
say after knowing who I’m competing against. I’m now out of control, by myself continuously-
that moment that place goodbye and goodbye

Pfft." Daesung crossed his legs and placed an arm around the chair rest, "One day, I'll definitely become great like GD oppa!"

"Alright then, everyone! Who's ready for a drinking competition?"

There was a series of "
Yea's" or "Bring it on!"'s as Taeyang began to pour liquor in various glasses.

Seunghyun, you get the first shot."

TOP smiled and shook his head, leaning back on the railings. "I think I'll observe on this one."

"..Alright..." He maneuvered himself to his right, "Then, I challenge
Chaerin to the first glass."

"Oh?" CL smiled and flipped her bangs out of her eyes, "You sure picked on the wrong person."

"We'll see about that."
Taeyang smirked.

The observers "
ohhh"'d as they watched CL chug down the glass in less than 10 seconds. Taeyang wrinkled his nose as she wiped her mouth and gave him a raised eyebrow look of confidence.

"My turn!"
Daesung picked up two glasses from the table and handed one to Minzy, Who gave him a confused look. "GO, GO!"

Is he out of his mind!? Minzy is underage!' Dara looked at her group member in panic as she took the shot in her hands with a doubting look.

Minzy!" Without thinking, she grabbed the liquor from her hands and held it to her mouth as she began to chug. Everyone stared at her as if she was crazy, because they knew Dara wasn't such a strong drinker.

Minzy held onto the shoulders of her unnie as she banged the glass onto the table with a stuttering mouth. "Dara, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She smiled and waved her arm around in reassurance

Daesung smirked and quickly grabbed another glass that was a bit bigger than the last one. "I challenge second shot!"

Ohhhhhhh" Everyone said as Bom bit her lip in worry.

Daesung, stop it. Your drunk."

There was a hysterical laughter coming from him, catching everybody off guard with surprise, "Am I, now? Come on, we're just having fun. Dara
noona, go!"

Minzy continued to hold the shaking girl, she reached out and grabbed the shot from Daesungs hands and prepared to drink it.

This is bad.' TOP's forehead creased in thought, 'I better take it for her before she gets any worse.' He took a step towards the group, but was soon interrupted by someone who walked in his place.

Dara raised the glass to her lips and closed her stinging eyes, only to feel the shot suddenly snatched away from her hand. She opened her dreary eyes and watched the blurry boy chug down every last bit of liquor in the glass, leaving it spotless as he wiped his mouth and gently placed it on the table. Her vision slowly began to become more clear as she squinted to see
Jiyong standing in front of the group, his hands shoved in his pockets as he gave off a dominating aura.

Daesung..I thought I told you to behave yourself." He said and took a seat between Seungri and Taeyang, revealing a awkwardly positioned T.O.P with a dumbfounded look. GD turned towards Dara, who now seemed to look a bit healthier than before.

"Don't drink when you know you can't handle it, locust." He teased, meeting
CL's narrowed eye and then looking away to meet her eyes.

"In return for me drinking the shot for you, I have a request." He announced, grabbing
everyone's full attention.

Dara bit her lip and cupped her mouth to hold back a hiccup. She glared at the overconfident leader as he leaned in towards her from across the table,

"Sing us something onstage with choreography, will you?" He said, showing off his crooked smile as the others broke into whispers.

Aigoo, I want to hear Dara sing something today!" CL added, crossing her legs together and rocking back and forth holding her knee. She was soon supported by the cheering and pursuance of the others while Daesung made a loud howling noise and Taeyung breaking into a clap.

Unnie.." Dara turned to the maknae of their group as she received an encouraging look. She sent her a half smile and turned to her companions, giving them a small nod as they began to struggle to push her out of the seat.

"Hey," TOP grabbed the elbow of the moving girl and reached out on the table to grab a cup of half filled water, "Drink this first..just
incase something starts to act up on stage."

Dara eyed him for a moment, hesitating. She then slowly took the glass in her hand and began to drink it, after finishing the half cup of water she gave it back to TOP and made her way down the neon stairs.


Everyone's having a blast!" The DJ Announced as he rummaged through the disks for a new song, the crowd demanding for more entertainment. "Shall we play some se7en next? Aiyo...what a pain. How-"

Ahjussi?" Dara poked the thick arm of the DJ who quickly turned to her attention.

Ei! Park Sandara! What can DJ Mahn do for you?"

Dara shuffled her feet and scratched the place behind her ear in sudden embarrassment, "I'd like to sing a song."

Oie, Of course! Could of said so earlier!" He immediately turned towards the chanting crowd and held onto the mike,

HeyHey Everybody, There has been a sudden urge to sing for Park Sandara!" He grabbed the girl from her shoulders and immediately placed her in the middle of the stage in place of him. The people on the dancefloor screamed and raised their hands in excitement.

"And what song would you like to sing for us?" He asked.

"Ah...song?" Dara stared at the DJ, her mouth forming into an uncomfortable smile, "..that is uh..."

"Shes going to sing 'In or Out.'"

Ahh! Whats this?" DJ mahn leaned in on the mike, causing Dara to flinch. Everyone turned to the loud voice from the back, revealing YG Entertainment's Big Bang and 2NE1 standing on the inner balcony. The White haired boy stood in the center, holding a microphone in his hands.

"A Request from our very own G-Dragon, In or out, you say?" He turned towards Dara, who was making rude faces at
Jiyong. She scowled as he pulled the bottom of his eye down and made a face, but quickly returned to normal to greet the DJ.

Dara held the microphone in her hand and prepared herself as the music began to play, the audience began to bounce up and down in time of the melody. She tapped her foot as she began to sing along,

"in or out, am i in or out?"
"in or out, am i in or out?"
"in or out I hope I’m okay with you, and I won’t be mad if I’m in or out in your heart"

She closed her eyes and smiled as the crowd began to clap their hands, followed by her friends. Catching herself off guard, she found herself slowly moving along with the music and dancing to the song. There was a sudden outburst of cheering as Dara moved on to the chorus, immediately overpowering the sing along voice. She pointed her finger out into the crowd, indicating them to sing the chorus.

"sarang hamida boy but I’m afraid that your mom won’t approve me,
If she knew that
I like you,
She might tell that I’m cheap"

"Aigoo, it feels like Dara is taking control of the whole club now!" Bom said to CL, who stood beside her with her arms crossed, her head slightly bouncing up and down. She looked at Jiyong from the corner of her eye and caught him smirking.

Don’t wrinkle your head,
I’m not good in acting
I might not be good in Tagalog And in English
Even though I’m like these, I am true

that’s why I can tell that I love you"

She stopped singing for an instrumental part, but instead jumped up and down clapping her hands along with the audience.

"If I'm staring at nowhere, and I'm very naughty, are we compatible?"
What can you say?"

She shuffled her feet to the side and began to dance. She stopped and raised the mike to her lips, and finished the performance off.

"If I'm in or out in your heart, am i in or out?"

Jiyong turned away from the stage at the roaring audience, tilting his red cap down as he smirked and whispered something to himself.

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Gracebloomy said...

SO far I'm enjoying it. Just stumbled upon your fic a few minutes ago ke ke ke ~ What's your name?

Gracebloomy said...

SO far I'm enjoying it. Just stumbled upon your fic a few minutes ago ke ke ke ~