"Jiyong, Dara!"

Not long before the two entered the noisy and upbeat place, they were greeted by many people of the industry. They settled down in an all around booth along with the other members.

"Where have you been? We've been waiting for you." TOP asked, offering his leader a shot.

"That little locust was searching for something, and I just finished recording so I decided to accompany her here." GD replied, resting his arm around the seat.

Kyah! Dara unnie, what did you have to find? You missed out on a lot of things." Minzy punched the arm of her group member lightly while she nodded and laughed nervously

"Well, at least she managed to find it."
Bom took a sip of her ice water and placed it down on the table with a clunk. "Huasah...you came with GD oppa, no? Are you sure nothing happened?" she whispered into the ears of the now surprised-looking girl.

There was a slam of a cup on the glass table, silencing the three girls as they jolted their heads to their leader.

CL gulped down the water she was resting in her mouth and gave them a sweet smile. "Lets go dance." She said, pushing herself up from the seat and made her way onto the dance floor.

"Nice going,
Bom. Chaerin unnie isn't deaf you know" Minzy said.

Dara worriedly watched her slowly walk down the stairs, one step at a time. She was immediately surrounded by a group of boys, pleading for a dance.


"Ah! Everyone, who wants another shot!" Seungri asked, handing out glasses of drinks to everyone who raised their hand. "Drink up, people~!" He froze and looked at the group, eyeing each and every one.

"Wheres G-Dragon?" He asked.

Taeyang laughed and played with the ice cube in his shot, "That kids probably off somewhere playing his games as usual."

Dara listened to this closely and narrowed her eyes, '
CL... does she know about this?'

Dara unnie! Lets go dance!" She was once again snapped out of her thoughts and was pulled by the arm out of her seat by Minzy and Bom, who was eager to get moving.

The three of them reached the dance floor in almost seconds, she was immediately released by the two girls as they quickly descended in the mixture of people under the bright lights. Dara felt a smile creep upon her face of realization as she heard the upcoming song, "Fire" by 2NE1 themselves. She listened to the crowd sing along with the lyrics as she began to move her body to the dance moves.

Ahyo, look at Dara noona go!" Daesung leaned over the handles of the upper part in the club and clapped his hands in the air. Seunghyun joined him in the spot and observed the girl on the dancefloor who seemed to stand out the most. He chuckled for a moment and returned back to his seat.

Dara panted as she stopped and took a seat at the nearest chair she could find. she held her chest and took a sip from the glass of water she found on the table.

"Alright everyone, who's ready for a song specially sang by CL and
Minzy themselves?"

The crowd screamed of excitement at the
DJ's sudden announcement, Dara smiled and began to clap her hands with the rest of the audience as she watched CL and Minzy Climb onto the stage to the mikes.

Everyone began to move as the synthesized beat began to play, then
Minzy began to Rap.

"This is, This is, You know this is tu tu 2NE1,
When I encounter you, my heart becomes a rollercoaster ride.
It rocks up and down and then comes back.."

The sound of "
wooo's" and "yaaay's" were heard upstairs, mainly coming from Seungri and Daesung as the chorus came,

"Please don't go, stay by my side.
Tonight, I don't wana be alone
Please don't go, you have to stay.
So my feelings towards you can last an eternity, baby"

After the song was over, the crowd clapped their hands and demanded an encore. CL quickly exited the stage while
Minzy continued to stand and wave to the audience with a grin.

"Ah! I have to go tell CL she did a great job" She shot up from her seat and ran towards the dance
floor. She cut through the crowd, keeping her eye on the now fast-paced Chaerin.

"Excuse me...sorry...sorry!.excuse me..."

She had reached the hallway to the bathroom, calling after CL but was not heard. Dara broke into a jog and proceeded to chase after her leader who had disappeared around the corner

Dara panted for air and slowed down to turn around the corner, "
Chaerin! Good job on-" She immediately froze in her tracks, eyes widened in shock.

There she saw CL leaning on the wall with GD pressing himself against her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her lips along with his.

She quickly spun around and hid behind the corner, breathing heavily at what she had just witnessed.

GD placed a hand on her cheek, cupping her face while breaking the kiss and ended it with a smirk,

Chaerin, what are you doing?"

Jiyong..." CL breathed and played with the hair at his nape,

"Be mine."


Dara held her breath as she ran down the hallway to the entrance.

"What..what just happened there? CL..." She blinked her eyes a few times in shock, she didn't know
Chaerin would have been the type to do something like that.

Her thoughts were immediately absorbed into the chanting of the people on the


"Alright, alright guys, calm down. Lets see if we can get G-Dragon up here."


They were silenced in an instant, and then broke into wild screams as GD suddenly appeared beside Dara. She shifted her head to the side to take a glance at the melancholic boy, he didn't return the look but simple grinned and walked towards the stage.

? What are you doing here?"

She spun back to the voice of
Chaerin walking up to her, her eyes were big as she wore a confused look on her face.

"I...uh..." Dara stuttered at her words, scratching the back of her head. "That..."

CL laughed and shook her head, "Your so silly. Come on," She placed an arm around her group member, "Lets go back to the tables."

"Everyone, are you ready?" GD spoke through the mike.


Jiyong smiled. "Alright then." He murmured to himself.

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