Staring at the somewhat large, well kept cream-colored room, she would expect nothing other than ordinary mundane objects or belongings surrounding the area. Well, she was wrong.

"This is.." Dara took a brave step, deeper into the blonde's room. She continued to walk in a slow pace as if entering a magic realm of some sort. Her head jolted in all different kinds of places; the only time she's seen Kwon Jiyong's room was in a KPOP Magazine. And believe it or not, they weren't kidding when he was described as a neat freak.

"Interesting." She finished, dangling a little Bobblehead doll of a Thriller Michael Jackson. He indeed had the most randomest things in here, she thought. Looking around, there were clothes neatly stacked in a pile on a chair by his bed ready to be put away, topped off with a clean smooth bedspread.

Not to mention the funny looking sheet.

"What is this?" She giggled to herself, immediately walking over to the large double bed on the other side of the room. She leaned over and took a look at the top, seeing two heads both male and female on the pillow covers. Their bodies were covered with a white bedsheet, as if they were sleeping together. What a pervert!

Suddenly jumping in surprise as there was a loud slam of the door, Jiyong had rushed inside his room with a nonchalant look on his face. He paused at the doorway, shoving his hands inside his pockets looking observant. She watched as his eyes rolled from her curious lean-position to his bed.

"I see you've discovered Tom and Laura." He stated.

"Tom and Laura?" I repeat after him, looking over towards the funny faces of the characters. I broke into another giggle at his childness. He gave them names?

"Most people would think I'm a pervert if they see that." He explained, walking deeper into his room and pulling out a chair from his desk. He shifted it around and sat on it backwards, propping his two elbows on the head. "Shows how lonely I am."

"I can see that..." Dara made herself at home as she sat on his bed, receiving reaction from its soft bounciness. It was very comfortable. Her eyes wandered idly around to other places in the room. She really was like a Locust, exploring bits and pieces of other peoples property determined to find something interesting.

"By the way, your not staying here."

Her head bolted towards the blonde, still sitting and looking as carefree as ever. What happened to the upbeat, caring and energetic side of him? Really. Hard to understand, as always..

"Why not?" Dara asked in a whiney voice, "I have nowhere else to go. Didn't you just say I was allowed to stay, too?"

"Wasn't she pissed at me, just like a few hours ago?" Jiyong thought to himself, thinking almost the same thing as her. Ignoring her point, he thought of the kiss, the fight, where she could have been...then finally decided it was impossible for her to stay here making it out alive. Whatever that meant.

"Don't you know freeloading from others is a bad thing?" He said. "You should at least warn them before-"

He paused, suddenly paying attention to the unknown object present in her hand. She was fiddling with it idly as she waited for him to finish his sentence.

"That crane." His finger pointed towards the item in her hand, causing her to follow his indication with her eyes. "It's not the one I made for you." He finished. Seems like he wasn't used to keeping thoughts to himself all the time.

"Oh..." Dara stuttered. She felt a wave of guilt, wondering how to explain it to him. The sudden unfamiliar aquaintance tension between them disappeared, replacing it with the problematic feelings from before. Finally, she decided to stick to the real facts.

"Seunghyun made it for me.." She trailed off. Jiyong felt a sudden shock of his heart sinking in surprise...and a mix of jealousy along with curiosity as to when this has ever happened.

"He originally intended to teach me now," He watched her thinking expression as she went on, "But I told him it'd be meaningless unless I figure out myself."

Caught off guard, he wondered why she was so determined to be able to make the crane. It suddenly occurred to him that Locusts must have a fancy for paper cranes. Strange. She didn't have a chance to complete her explanation as he stood up and made his way towards her, scooping his hand down to grab the newly made crane from the palm of her hand. She reacted with a little gasp, reaching up to gain it back into her possession.

"Give it back!" Dara hissed, missing her aim.

"So its not just my crane she goes crazy for" Jiyong thought with disappointment. Playing around for awhile to test her desires, he held the crane a little higher for him to observe it in different angles. He felt a stab of realization as all Seunghyun did was fold the tear on the inside so it was new again. It was also smoothed out more.

"I'll make you a new one. You don't need this." He said, tossing it in a nearby trash can. Dara's mouth fell open, her body loosening to process what he had just done.

"I still want it though!" She roared, her eyes suddenly turning very serious. "It was the first crane I ever got from you!"

Thats what he wanted to hear. The two of them stayed silent for a moment as the words melted into Jiyong's heart. Without anything else to say, he kicked the can aside from his path and left the room silently.

After seeing him disappear from her sight, Dara slowly climbed her way on the bed to the can and fished out the Crane, placing it back in her pocket. She fell on her back into the softness of his bed, her head spreading around herself as she stared at the ceiling. All of her thoughts; all of whats happened so far, they didn't seem to matter as much now. Something seemed to have calmed her down..she just needed to take chances in her life.

As the blonde returned from his sudden leave, he clutched a brand new piece of origami paper in his hand, staring at it with a smile as he made his way back to the locust.

He paused on the side of the bed, his expression neutral as he realized she had worn a sleeping face. She must have dozed off after waiting for him to return. He placed the piece of paper aside, then crouched down on the side of the platform and layed his head on his palm that was propped up with the help of his elbow. Watching her breathing pace up and down, he felt somehow..relieved.

"You.." Jiyong's expression suddenly turned dark. "You know better than to fall for me, right?"


"Don't see her anymore." She whispered the cold words onto my skin, quiet enough so only I could hear. By 'Her', I processed that she was obviously talking about Dara.

"Or else?" I murmured as a reply, received a child-like smile from her. Was she mocking me?

"Or else I'll spill to the press that your relationship is nothing but upsetting know what everyone would think of Dara unnie if that happened, right? It wouldn't be a very pretty sight for Mr. Kwon Jiyong or Big Bang either.."

I continued to stare at her, narrowing my eyes in thought.

"Its fine if your not with me." She goes on, "But just don't bother with Dara anymore."


After thinking of what Chaerin previously said, he immediately began to built up doubts. He wasn't a good person. He wasn't trustworthy to be with. He had no right to love. Although he's been straightforward and ongoing all this time..he was weak when it came to true love.

Jiyong stayed in position for awhile, watching her clean, angelic sleeping face. She looked...cute, unharmed, and peaceful. And he planned to keep it that way.

Taking a deep breath, he shifted himself around to lean against the hard beside. He reached over to the nearby desk and grabbed a pen before he got to work. Reluctantly, he scribbled something onto the piece of small origami paper.

And began to fold.



She stretched her arms around under the covers, yawning with her mouth wide open. It's been awhile since she last slept well, and this time it was definitely satisfying. After laying there for a few moments, she darted her eyes open at the heavy sound of the pitter pattering rain. Her pupils focused on the unfamiliar ceiling. Where did those glow in the dark stars go?

After awhile of self thinking, Dara was finally able to recall where she was or what had happened the other day. Suddenly sitting herself up from the large bed, she ran her fingers roughly through her messy unkempt hair as she glanced around her surroundings.

Cream colored walls, spotless room....not to mention Tom and Laura. Ah. She was still at Jiyong's room...probably fell asleep while waiting for him to return from god knows where. Continuing to wander her eyes around, they suddenly stopped at the small bed desk beside her. On it, there was a pink sticky note.

And a Crane.

To her curiosity, she leaned over and grabbed the note in one hand and the crane with the other. Flipping the pink side up, she read it out loud.

"Morning, Locust. Breakfast (or lunch, depends when you get your butt out of my bed) in the fridge. BigBang is out for a team activity, don't bother being cautious around the house. No snooping please. Leave as soon as you finish eating. Ji."

"How rude. What team activity?" Dara finished, grimacing and then throwing the note aside. Her eyes fell ontop of the new, fresh Crane in her hands. She twisted it around from left to right, letting a smile creep on her lips. It was strange how she could still act normal after being so well treated by the person who she originally hated was even more strange that at the moment, it felt as if everything would be okay. Things would work out.

It was amazing that nothing could seem to hinder her right now.

Her legs flipped the covers off of her lower body and she climbed out of the bed, making her way to the kitchen. She decided to make the bed for him later.

Flicking the handle of the door open, she walked in a staggering motion with her bare feet making cracking noises on the hard chestnut wooden floor. Yawning once again, she arrived in the kitchen attempting to widen her eyes more as they were still in a tired restless mode. In the middle of approaching the fridge handle, she suddenly caught sight of the sink.

"AIGO!" Dara exclaimed, her eyes finally wide open now. The sink was a huge mess; dirty dishes were spread everywhere on the counter and in the sink itself. Although there was no funky smell coming from them, she could tell it's been awhile since they bothered to wash them. I guess its what you would expect with a house full of boys.

She gave a sigh, then walked over to the washing station, rolling her long sleeves up with a shake of her head.

"Theres no helping it, then."

Upon slapping on some rubber gloves and squeezing a bunch of cleaning products on the dirtiness, she immediately broke into a thought. She was only allowed to stay here for a day, what would she do tonight?

And the night after that.

And the night after that night.

"I'm running away from reality." Dara whispered to herself in a scarce voice. What the hell was she doing here, helping BigBang wash their dishes acting like a housemother? She had a best friend back at home, almost going crazy.

Because of her. Because of her lousy actions, Chaerin has become like this. Could she do anything right? What happened to those days where they'd sing together, do eachother's hair, support all went down the drain. Kwon Jiyong, I tell you...when was she so controlled like this? Her emotions really seemed to waver a lot the past few days..

It was hard not to blame herself for everything. She didn't know if she was making the right choice right now. Although, after all of that, it still didn't occur to her that nothing would be accomplished just by thinking of it. It suddenly came to her, that something was holding her back from doing what she should have done all along.


"What is he to me..?" She asked herself.


"Whats with this sudden outing?" Seungri wondered, bouncing a basketball up and down while standing in the middle of the court between the Hyungs. Picking the ball up from the last bounce, he aimed for net and made a free shot.

"What, us hyung's can't hangout together anymore?" Jiyong replied, crossing his arms as stood leaning on the pole under the basketball hoop. He watched the ball bounce off the ring and land near his feet. As he bent down to pick it up, he flung his wrist to send it over to Taeyang who caught it with the palm of his hand.

"No." He spoke for Seungri, beginning to dribble with the ball. "Just thought you'd be busy with Dara.. you know?"

At this, the other members glanced at eachother, breaking into a chuckle. Obviously they hadn't been updated with this subject. Jiyong's eyes rolled towards Seunghyun, who stood idly near the other side of Daesung. Hopefully, he had no intention in turning that the other way around. He ignored the fact that at one point it was obvious the Locust and him met, the crane giving off solid evidence.

"Judging from the MBC Broadcast the other day.." Daesung grinned, "It seems that you've fallen quite hard for her. For real."

The four members stared at their leader, waiting for some kind of repulsive reply. Instead, murmured a weak deinal as he clenched his jaws and sighed, lowering his head. Everyone fell silent; they knew he was having trouble with this matter. At this, Taeyang dropped the ball and walked over to his best friend with a worried look. Seunghyun watched with narrow eyes as he approached him, slapping a hand on his shoulder causing the blonde to shake a little.

"Sometimes, words may not reflect your heart." He said in a hyung voice, "It's possible for you not to realize whats in your heart."

"I think I've made it far enough to understand that." Jiyong thought to himself. He couldn't tell them what really was on his mind at the moment. Dara..and his vow to Chaerin. There was no need to let them know of such a thing, and on top of that, no need for them to be worried over it.

"..its also possible for you to realize, but not know what to do."

Jiyong froze, rolling his pupils over to Seunghyun. Something about him lately..seemed different. He's noticed it before, too. He seemed more fierce; more reserved for some reason. The two of them exchanged a knowing sort of glare look, he knew exactly what he was talking about.

The tensed atmosphere was suddenly broken by the sound of a ringtone. Jiyong jumped and shoved a hand inside his right pocket, fishing out his cellphone. He flipped it open with his wrist and took a look at the caller ID. Seunghyun watched his expression turn hard, he then gave the others a leave-him-alone-with-the-call look. In a flash, the four members began to gather in the centre to shoot some hoops.

Taking one last security glance at his friends, Jiyong pressed the Answer button and raised the phone to his ear without a greeting.

"Ji? Where are you right now?"

The blonde closed his eyes and silently cursed at the voice of Chaerin. It pissed him off. It was reeking with taunt and horribly evil melody.

"None of your business."

"have you-"

"No, I haven't." He retorted in a cold gritted teeth murmur. "Can you stop calling me every moment and asking that?"

"Thats not a nice thing to say." Her mocking voice stated, "You know whats going to happen if you disobey, right? I'm sure your not prepared for it..although there would be nothing that is able to overcome it once its been done."

Keeping his cool, the blonde slowly began to pace farther from the basketball court and the others. As he reached a far field, his voice was spoken louder since he was now away from the rest of them. Cursing at her on the inside, he listened as she ranted on and on.

"Oi! Dara noona!"

While he was wandering off, an unexpected visit from the coffee haired girl arrived. The four of them waved at the girl from far away, she jogged from across the nearby road over to the boys on the court. Daesung greeted her with a small noogie on the head, which was strange considering it should have been the other way around.

"Hello everyone" She nodded at each and every one of them, panting for breath. After leaving the apartment, she had to quickly run over to the entertainment to change into some clothes from her change room instead of going back home. She had appeared back in a casual outfit with her hair flowing in a free style. She had no time to sit back and put time into making look all fancy like usual.

"What brings you here?" Seunghyun asked, approaching the girl from the front. His original motive was to block her view of Jiyong, who was far at the field with the call. It seemed to have worked, because she didn't glance in any suspicious direction.

"Just walking around the block...and saw you guys here." She replied, trying to make herself sound smooth and unsuspected. In reality, she actually came here to talk to Jiyong. And thank him. You could say it was just an instinct that he drove them all away from the apartment to someplace like this..

The boys stared at her with smirks on their faces, and it occurred to her that they probably saw the MBC broadcast. There was nothing else to be taunting her with right now..unless if its the obvious. But theres no way they'd find out about that.

"If you looking for hyung, hes-"

"a little busy right now." Seunghyun interrupted, emphasizing his voice over Seungri's. They all looked at him in a funny way, but it wasn't completely untrue.

"But I see him right over there." Dara pointed to a blonde pacing around the black field in a patient manner. She caught sight of his busying on the phone, and then nodded slowly in understanding.

"Well anyway, noona," Daesung started, "It seems like our hyung has developed some feelings for you, eh?"

Her elatedness immediately faded at this. Seeing her expression, Taeyang gave him a little jab in the stomach, causing him to jumped back a little. She had forgotten all about that one confession..why didn't she realize it either, she suddenly thought to herself. It would have been so much easier that way; so much easier to prevent all of this from happening. Little did she know it was just recent that he had confirmed it himself. Ignoring his commentaries, Dara took another glance at the blonde.

"I'm gonna go talk to him" She decided, surprising everyone as she began to jog her way towards him.

"Err I don't think-" Seunghyun started, but was too late as she already went her way onto the field.

"Wonder if he's still busy with whoever's on the call" Dara thought to herself, slowing down her pace as she was closer to him on the field. His back was facing her, and his head was moving up and down indicating his speech. She decided to go with a surprising approach.

After seeing him hangup, he turned around and froze at the sight of her. She stared at him, her expression suddenly turning dull at the hard look he had on his face. The two of them absorbed the awkward tension for awhile, gazing at eachother. It suddenly occurred to Dara the reason why she was here again.

"Uhm.." She started with a stutter, averting her gaze to the ground. "I ate."

No reply.

She decided to start again, this time looking straight into his eyes. "Thanks for letting me stay over there. I think I'm going to go find-"

Her heart suddenly came to a froze as he sped his way past her, bumping his shoulder against hers in a stranger way. He didn't look back once, not even turn his head to her but just simply walked past. Dara stood still for awhile in the knocked position, her eyebrows creasing in shock. What was that?

Straightening her thoughts up, her eyes suddenly gained a fiery look as she fast walked her way towards him, grabbing the sleeve of his arm in a fierce way. She gained another mini heart attack as he turned around and ripped away from her grip. His expression was was filled with anger..frustration..and grief. Dara slowly placed her arm back beside her, staring at him in a shocked sort of way.

"I've told you this before, but your really annoying" He hissed at her through gritted teeth. "Stop following me everywhere."

He left a meaningful glance, slowly backing away from the still Locust. He could tell it left a deep scar in her. With a last, hurtful look, he shifted himself around and broke into a run back to the court. Dara stood on shaking legs..this impacted her more than she thought it would. Although those words have been shot at her many times, somehow, it left more of a strong effect now than ever.

"What did I do?" She whispered to herself. A slight cold wind rushed through her hair, covering it as she flinched her eyes in wonder and confusion. Just a day ago, they were fine. "Did I anger him or something?"

Dara watched him approach the others at the court who greeted seemed to greet him with smiles. The only person who looked laid back from all of this was Seunghyun. Somehow, that wasn't a very big surprise.


Her thoughts were interrupted at the outburst of Daesung's voice. She bashed her eyelashes in a waking-up sort of way and wore a smile, cupping her hands around her mouth as she took a deep breath.

"NO, THANKS! I THINK I'LL BE HEADING BACK.." Dara shouted back, trailing her tone off. Taeyang responded with a peace sign and placed an arm around Jiyong, who did not look back again. She watched as the five of them began to shoot free hoops.

Gulping down the lump in her throat, she reached into her pocket and took out something in a gentle, fragile motion. Lowering her head at the newly made paper crane resting in her hands, she immediately regarded it with a confused and hopeless look.

Really, she could never find the answers to anything.

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