I didn't know what came over me, I cursed myself for not thinking before acting. After realizing what I had just done, my body immediately let loose of the girl in my arms. My heart wasn't please as my eyes slowly opened to see her reaction.

She had gone teary-eyed, and she indeed wasn't smiling. The people around us were just as shocked as we were, considering no one made a sound at all. Not even a flash of a camera was present. A sudden nervous laugh escaped her throat, reminding all of us of the uncomfortable situation we were in. But that was all there was to it as she took off on her feet towards the exit, bumping into my shoulder through the process.

This wasn't how things were supposed to go, was it? I'm a player, aren't I? Even I knew that, it should have been a breeze for me to give a girl a mere kiss. But even so..why did that kiss feel so different, so insecure, so dangerous, so forceful? Why was she so different from the others?

She was the one girl I did not want to simply play around with.

I could tell I was in an awkward position at the moment. Without even searching around, I kept my head on the ground. I knew everyone was staring at me, waiting for some kind of comeback to all of this. I heard a click clacking sound of shoes as Minho suddenly appeared from the corner of my eye.

"I wasn't actually going to kiss her." He spoke, catching the eye of many observers. He suddenly came closer, leaning into my ear to say something only I would be able to hear.

"I never mentioned that I fancied her in that way. Are you that insecure about your feelings?"

My eyes twitched at this. It was true. I was so absorbed into my fake love life that I can't even tell the difference between Love and Illusion anymore. Even though I've dated many girls in the past...I was naive when it came to real love. It couldn't be, right? Before I knew it, my feet took me off the interview set and straight to the exit door.

I needed to make sure.


She ran.

She ran down the stairs, out of the building, and onto the streets. Cars honked and or paused as she dashed through the road, but it was a good thing she made it to the other side safely. No one seemed to pay attention as she fast walked her way down an unfamiliar path, inhaling and exhaling like mad. She had her hand stuck to her chest to even herself out. It was just too sudden, it wasn't expected at all.

She thought this fake going out thing would be taken smooth and simple. Apparently not.

Jiyong wasn't the only one that had the strange feeling about the Kiss. She felt it too. Something about it was definitely different. The situation..she considered it as work. To protect more rumours before they began to fly.

Without knowing what to do or where to go at the moment, she followed the instincts and decided to go wherever her feet took her. After wandering around for what seemed like forever, she wounded up at her own home.

"Chaerin.." Her best friends name slipped out of her mouth as she suddenly stopped and looked upwards. Incidentally, she was standing right in front of her apartment building. She didn't know how she managed to get here so fast, or if the site was just really close to it, but either way she didn't care.

She had to see Chaerin.

Her feet suddenly gained speed as they ran its way towards the door of the building. Upon approaching it, she twisted the handle in a flash and dashed inside, not bothering to take the elevator but instead run up the stairs with a staggering balance. Without even thinking, she somehow knew her best friend was watching the television.

As she climbed the last flight of stairs, Dara paused to catch her breath before carrying on. She flung her arms back and jogged the rest of the way to her apartment door. After approaching it with a loud stud, she found the door opened with a little crack. With a slow, hesitant motion, she placed a hand on the door ready to push it open.

She paused at the sound of Seunghyun's voice.

"You shouldn't be behaving like this, you know?"

Chaerin took awhile to reply. "Do you really think telling that to a completely loveless girl would work now?"

Raising her ear to the door crack, Dara continued to listen. She wondered why Seunghyun hadn't replied to her, but then he soon began again with a nonchalant voice.

"Jiyong and Dara aren't really going out."

The coffee haired girl's eyes became alarm at this. How could he have said it out!? No one but the people who were at the practice room were supposed to know, just for safety issues. At this moment, Dara's feet automatically took her inside of the apartment. As she stumbled inside of the living room, her gaze traveled from the coolly lounged Seunghyun to her best friend, Chaerin, laying motionless on the couch.

She looked horrible.

They both stared at her as if she was a museum object. Dara gulped as CL's eyes slowly rolled to meets hers, and it wasn't pleasant. She watched as she slowly grunted, pushing herself to sit up on the couch. Her long, light coloured hair was a huge mess tied with pigtails. She had no makeup on- but her face was pale and dead. It was frightening to see her like this.

And it was all because of her.

"Dara..." Chaerin's eyes went from the TV, which had just ended with the MBC channel, to her speechless-looking former best friend. Feeling a burning anger from inside of her, she stood up and slowly made her way towards her in silence. Seunghyun's eyes watched with curiosity as she approached Dara with a ghost like face, staring at her for a few moments.

Dara opened her mouth to speak in a soft, concerned tone. "Rinnie..you-"

With one fast twist of an expression, Chaerin furrowed her eyebrows in a menacing way and raised a hand, swooping it down in one fast motion spanking it across the side of Dara's face with a loud smack. Seunghyun widened his eyes a the sight of Dara's body jolting to the side and falling over. Good thing she managed to catch her balance with a nearby side table.

Exhaling deeply after her strike, Chaerin lowered her arm and narrowed her eyes. Dara helped herself up and turned around, a grimace on her face. "Will you stop this, Rinnie!?" She shouted. "Snap back to reality! Why are you torturing yourself like this just for one guy!?"

"A person like you would never understand!" Chaerin retorted, overpowering Dara's voice causing her to jump. "You've never experienced real love before! It hurts!"

There was a few moments of silence, nothing but the silent cries coming from Chaerin. She sniffed as tears began to flow down her cheeks. Dara pursed her lips together to refrain the waterworks from bursting through her eyes.

"It hurts me to see my best friend being broken because of love." She whispered in a quiet, frightened tone. "Is that close enough?"

"Don't just call me your best friend as if nothing ever happened."

Hearing this, it took awhile for Dara to process through her mind. Her body was completely frozen now, at these cold, hard words. Was she cutting off all ties with her?

It all sounded so ridiculous.

"Are you basically saying that because of stupid Love's karma, your going to throw away your best friend in return fornothing?"

Still in shock of her EX-best friends words, Dara teetered herself to face the voice coming from behind her. Chaerin's eyes followed Dara's in motion, both pausing to catch sight of Jiyong who stood by the door with a determined expression. It was obvious he ran all the way here after Dara.

The heroine, seeing the blonde, immediately averted her gaze as she suddenly remembered what happened just awhile ago. She gulped down the lump in her throat and turned the other direction as Jiyong began to walk with deep trotting steps towards the two. Seunghyun continued to lounge on the single sofa, observing the scene with a neutral look.

"Does this mean I've been rejected twice within the same week." Chaerin whispered, narrowing her eyes in hurt. She said this in more of a statement way than a question to bring on some tension to the others. Her pupils suddenly seemed as if they grew darker when they flicked over to Jiyong.

"Just what about this freakin girl attracts you?" She paused to emphasize her voice on fifth word, causing Dara to flinch in pain. Her words were like weapons at the moment, coming out from an immunable shotgun.

"Thats not a very nice thing to say." Jiyong stated in a rather non-humorous, sarcastic tone. "Obviously whatever she has, you will never be able to compare to."

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME!?" A heavy frown tugged on Chaerin's face as she stroke a blow at the nearby lamp stand. It tumbled its way down onto the floor with a loud thunk, rolling its way towards Seunghyun's feet. She could tell it shocked the three of them because they refused to move a single centimetre after that.

It wasn't long until she began her rage again. "AM I REALLY THAT WORTH PISSING OFF AS FOR YOU TWO TO PRETEND TO GO OUT!?"

At this point, Jiyong felt himself growing uncomfortable. His jaws twitched as he gritted his teeth together, his fingernails digging into the palms of his hand in anger.

"I'M NOT STUPID AS YOU THINK." She roars on with an angry red face filled with tears, her voice bellowing out to the roof. She wavered her arms around in indication to her words. "EVEN WITHOUT KNOWING THAT, ITS SO OBVIOUS THAT YOU PROBABLY STARTED TO FANCY DA-"

"Your right, maybe I did fall in love with her!"

Dara had watched in silence as the words departed from his mouth. She let her heart skip a beat a moment before blinking her shockness away. She couldn't believe it. She didn't know if she was just too oblivious to notice, or if he just hid it well.

Guess things didn't really change after all, he was still really hard to understand. It was frustrating. Everything seemed so irrevocable at the moment. Without realizing it, her mouth had dropped wide open at this piece of news. Her large eyes wandered over to Ji, who did not look one bit regretful from saying what he said said.

"Is that true?" Dara whispered in what sounded like a scared, cautious tone, oblivious to the fact that this would just add fuel to her inner fire. Jiyong didn't respond, but just simply averted his gaze from her. He turned his attention back to Chaerin, who had a mortified look on her face.

"Regarding that, could you please stop all of this bullshit?" He hissed.

The pale faced leader clenched her jaw and thought about this for a moment. She then loosened herself and wore a half smile, tilting her head to the side in a mocking way.

"One condition."

"Name it." Jiyong retorted, taking small steps towards her. He stared at her for a few moments, searching into her eyes for a hint of what she was about to ask. As he finally approached her within a metre, she opened her mouth to speak.

"Kiss me."

Seunghyun sat up from his seat at this sudden request, his gaze concentrating on his friend, curious as to how he'll reply. Dara gulped in worry, Chaerin wasn't at a level state of mind at the moment. She didn't know what she really wanted, what would be the best for-


Her train of thought was cut off as the blonde took two more robotic steps closer to her best friend. He had a serious look on his face, as if he was dedicated to doing this. Dara felt her heart sink a little at his agreement. Her panicky almond eyes wandered over to Chaerin, who already had her eyes closed in preparation.


I had no idea what I just agreed to. Actually, half of the time I don't even know what actions I decided to take. My mind went into a blur as soon as I slowly tilted my head, looking down at Chaerin's pale half-opened lips. Why was I doing this? Oh yeah, I forgot.

I love the Locust.

Because of that, its why I'm here. Its why I'm here, in their apartment. Its why I'm here, protecting her from her whore of a best friend. Its why I'm here..about to kiss with her whore of a best friend. As you can see, I've come to dislike this girl a whole lot more the past few weeks.

Without hesitance, I slowly felt her lips pressed dully against mine. My mind suddenly became alarmed as she reacted a little to well to this; her arms immediately wrapped themselves around my neck as her lips came to linger with interest on mine. I wanted to push her away; but I realized I would have violated the condition if I did so.

I had to hold on a little longer.

As I opened one of my eyes to peek at my surroundings, I noticed the locust was no longer standing there. I creased my eyebrows at this; who the hell does she think I'm doing this for, making out with the last person I'd want to even come in contact with on this earth?

Oh, well. I'll hunt her down later. I was suddenly aware of Seunghyun who was still observing us, I completely forgot about him. He's been rather quiet and reserved lately...what was he doing here in the first place?

My attention immediately averted back to Chaerin's eyes. She had pulled back a bit; creating a small space between our lips so that words were able to come out of her mouth.

"Don't see her anymore." She whispered the cold words onto my skin, quiet enough so only I could hear. By 'Her', I processed that she was obviously talking about Dara.

"Or else?" I murmured as a reply, received a child-like smile from her. Was she mocking me?

"Or else I'll spill to the press that your relationship is nothing but upsetting phooey."


- DARA's POV -

I don't know where my feet took me, I just followed wherever my body felt like taking me. Why was I running? What was there to run away from? I came up with the conclusion that I was just running away from reality.

It was just too much to handle in my mind. So many things have been happening recently all at once; ever since he's been encountered in my life. I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing, but right now, neither mattered. Either way, I couldn't maintain all this in my heart. I found myself stopping at a familiar place. A familiar, green, calm setting.

"The Garden" I said to myself. My eyes wandered around, looking at my surroundings. It was then I had realized that it was already getting dark. Time went by fast. It felt like just a few minutes ago I was being driven to the photoshoot, where things began to occur..

Stopping my own train of thought, I forced myself to sit somewhere. I spotted a nearby bench and decided it would make do for now. I needed time to clear things out of my mind and process new information.

And what to do next.

Placing a hand on the cold, hard wooden seat, I helped myself down on my bottom. I kicked my feed idly to start running the film of events thats happened so far. But there was so much, I didn't know where to start. When did my life become so twisted like this? I clutched the wooden bench from the bottom, taking a deep breath. As the cold night air escaped through my mouth, my hand suddenly reached up to touch the thin layer of my bottom lip. A sudden flashback of Jiyong's Naivete ran through my mind.

Why was my heart beating so fast right now? I could feel it pounding hard against my chest. As I tried to ignore it, it only grew louder and louder to me. I feel..very regretful to something.

Why is it that I have no answers, only more and more questions?

"I have no where to go now." I whispered to myself, flinching at the haunted fact. "I don't want to go back to Chaerin." Just being under the same roof as her ex-best friend...it was frightening.

"Its hard, huh?"

I flinched. "Yeah..."

Unaware of the sudden voice, my eyes widened in alarm as I let my head bolt to the side to face a sharp eyed boy with an unreadable expression. It was Seunghyun.

"You!" I exclaim. "You really do appear everywhere!"

"Is it odd?" He asks, his expression now downcast as he turned his head to look at me. "Just came to check up on a little troubled someone."

A wave of deja vu suddenly ran through my's mind. I remember the last time where he caught me off guard in the middle of my thoughts, encouraging me to go for what was right. I guess being discovered by him wasn't such a odd or bad thing, he always seemed to have something good to say that made me feel better. He was like an older brother to me.

"What are you smiling about?" He asks with a curious look on his face. I respond with a wider smile, shaking my head.

"Just remembered the last time where you cheered me up."

"Ah..." He dragged. "Think I could do it again?"

"Surprise me." I said in a teasing way.

A moment of silence passed, then he reached inside of his pocket in search of something. I watched with curiosity and patience as he soon pulled out a coin. He held it with two of his fingers and waved it around my face. I watched his excited child-like expression as he placed both hands behind his back, then held them in fists in front of me. In almost an instant, my naive side suddenly took over as I came to forget what I was sulking about.

"Which one is it in?"

I thought for a moment. What kind of a gag was this?

"Uhm." Biting my lip, I tapped his left knuckle. As he released it and showed me his palm, there was nothing present. Reluctantly, I tapped his right one. He released it once again to show absolutely nothing. Was this supposed to make me feel good?

He noticed my pout and gave a little laugh, which only turned my face into a frown. Suddenly, he reached behind my head and pulled something back, catching me off guard again. My eyes followed a new fist of his that opened up to be the penny.

"Ta-Da!" He chanted with a bright grin. I couldn't help but smile at this, so he had a childish side to him too. It didn't fail to make me laugh.

"Congratulations" I say, making him smile even more. In a flash, I forgot all about my problems. He was good. As we continued to chuckle for a few more moments, it soon faded with a small exhale. It came to me as I suddenly realized his eyes were on something on the floor.

"Whatcha staring at?" I ask.

He pulls a half smile. "A Crane."

Creasing my eyebrows, I follow his gaze onto the ground below us. Right by my feet was a small, beat up paper crane. As I squinted my eyes in the dark, it came to my realization that it was familiar. Too familiar. Automatically, my hands reached down to pick it up and slowly cup it into my hands. He watched me with a neutral expression as I felt the side of my jeans with one of my hands, and to my realization, it was empty.

"It's mine." I whispered, eyes still on the hand made object. I had speculated it and found a tear on its left wing, must have dropped and had an accident when I was settling myself down.

"It's well made." He compliments. I bite my lip as my eyes darkened a bit.

"I didn't make it. Jiyong did."

There was a moment of meaningful silence as the two of us stared at it idly, not aware of it when his expression suddenly went from naturally smiley to a dark solemn look. He released his curious lean and swallowed.

"Ah. He made you one?"

"Yeah, its pretty, right?" I say, releasing my gaze on the crane and looking up at him. "I want to know how to make it. But it seems like he claims it to be 'Magic' and won't teach me." He stared at me for awhile, searching my eyes. It made me feel a little awkward, but I maintained my gaze. What was he thinking, I silently wondered.

Before I knew it, he reached his hand over to mine and took the crane from my hands. My eyes followed it as he began to fold it apart.

"What are you doing!" I exclaim, grimacing my face. He paused for awhile in a meaningful way and shifted his head to look at me,

"I'll teach you."



After settling things with the troublesome girl, I was on my way home. It took a lot longer than I thought, because it was already pretty dark by the time I had reached my complex area. Speaking of going home..Where is that Locust? Does she even have anywhere to go to?

Oh jeez. I really am worried about her. When did I fall for her so hard like this? What happened to the days where I found her as annoying as hell, wanting to get away from her and never have anything to do with her?

Well, that was all buried in the past.

My feet walked in a slow motion as my body staggered from side to side in thought. The roads were empty, nothing but a few cards driving past me here and there. I kept my eyes steady on the ground, paying no attention to the people that waved at me through their windows.

With such thoughts in mind, I increased my speed as I finally came to my own apartment. My eyes quickly scanned through the numbers on the sidedoor, punching in the code to the building. After hearing a beep I quickly made my way inside and up the solid, steep stairs. I kept my eyebrows creased, still thinking of the current situations.

As I turned around the corner to the last door at the end of the hall, my head lifted itself up to see someone lingering by the doorwayhoistered. After pausing for a few steps, I eyed the coffee haired girl that was standing before me up and down in wonder.

What was the Locust doing here?

Her back was faced at me, and she was standing on her tippy toes looking inside of my apartment. Creeper, much? After staring at her for a few moments as she herself up and down, my feet slowly crept its way behind her back.

"You planning to break in or something?"

I watched her back as she slowly stopped her hovering, suddenly turning herself around in a surprised look. I flashed a half smile as her cheeks flushed bright red. I could just guess why she was here. I tilted my head in an impatient way as if waiting for an explanation, enjoying this as her expression became stuttered and speechless. My conscience was immediately regained as she finally looked as if she had something to say.

"I want to stay here. Just for today." She says in a sheepish, quiet voice. I clenched my jaws, flinching at this. As I was about to oppose to her request, I heard a sudden voice come from down the hallway.


"Not now, Daesung...!" I made a little scowl, facepalming at the sound of the interruption. As fast as an eagle's eye, I grabbed the Locust's arm and twisted the doorknob, kicked the door open to find unlocked. My feet paced faster, dragging her behind me into the kitchen. I ignored the feeling of her stumbling behind me and pulled her a little to indicate her slowness. With a sudden motion, I stopped myself in one pivot and grabbed her shoulders to stare into her eyes.

"You, look." I stared, immediately grabbing her attention as she stared back blinking a few times in alert. "Just this once. But the others are not, I repeat, NOT able to find-"

"Jiyong? Your home already?"

"Crap" With another blood rush, I gritted my teeth at Seungri's voice entering the kitchen from the living room. Once again I began to pull her quickly away into my bedroom, shoving her inside before closing the door to face the Maknae who had just appeared in time to see me standing outside of my door.

"You should go to sleep soon, hyung." He came in with a tired look on his face, his usual dark rings visible under his child like eyes. He had green pyjamas on, holding a thick mug of what seemed like warm tea.

"Yeah, I will." I promised, waving him off.

But with the Locust here, it may not be possible.

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