- DARA's POV -

Todays the day.

Today would be the day that we've all been working so hard for, the day we finally get to show everyone what YG Entertainment was made of. Not only me and Jiyong, but the others have been practicing really hard for their own performances too. It was important that I had to be the unnie and support everyone for their hard work.

Damn. This is hard.

I hate to admit it, but ever since I had gotten that phone call from Cheun dong...my mind wouldn't let any other thoughts in but the fact that my family would be teared apart soon if I didn't do anything. No, things are going to be okay. Right now I have to focus on the performance, and I'll deal with things later. I'm actually really proud that we got this far- me and Jiyong. We practiced every single day just to have this happen.

We had to prove to everyone that we were real.

"Dara, are you ready?"

My train of thought was broken as I averted my eyes from the mirror to the figure standing at the door behind me of the changing room. My mouth slowly started to form words as he slowly made his way in with cool, calm and collected steps.

"Whats wrong?" Seunghyung gave me a slightly worried look and took a seat at the rolly chair beside mine. I was sort of embarrassed; it always seemed like he was an adult and I was the little kid being comforted by. "You look a little tense..everything alright with you?"

"Of course" I replied, trying to waver off any unnecessary thoughts. I tore my pitiful expression away from the mirror and immediately planted a smile on my face. "Todays the big day right? Somehow...it feels different from the other performances."

"What are you talking about, you haven't even gone on stage yet." Seunghyun commented with a slight chuckle in his voice. The two of us sat in an awkward silence for a few seconds before either of us decided to start talking again,

"Wheres Jiyong?" I asked casually. I haven't seen him since the last time we practiced..which was earlier on this morning. Thought he'd be the first to show up here. I watched Seunhyun sigh and give a long stretch of his shoulders as he leaned back on his seat.

"Don't know. Probably getting ready too."


Really. What was there to talk about, anymore? It suddenly occurred to me that I could feel his eyes on me as we sat in another silence. Slowly, I tilted my head to the side to meet his strange gaze. It seemed as if he was expecting me to say something specific. Why cant people be more straightforward sometimes...

"What?" I asked with a rather confused expression. I waited for a response as he slowly began to adopt a new smile on his face and tossed his serious expression away.

"Somethings bothering you." He says in a melancholic tone. I gulped, and let my pupils wander around the room with a new nervous looking face. Really. Am I that easy to read?

"Its nothing." I reassured, letting him search my thoughts for awhile longer. "Its just, my mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday back in the Philippines. She'll get better, no biggie." He seemed to not be satisfied with my answer, but it didn't bug me. Pulling yet another cheerful expression on my face, I let out a deep exhale and shot up from my seat.

"I should be going on soon."

"Yeah." Seeing his supportive face urged me to try my best on stage. "Do well. We'll be watching your back!"

Giving in to a large grin, I left the dressing room.


"Hello, everyone! How are you all doing tonight?"

The crowd went up into roars and cheers as the host stood on the large platform stage, lights shining everywhere as the LED screen from behind flashed images of the last performance by the Wonder Girls. Everyone seemed pretty satisfied by the first few performances of Inkigayo.

"Are you all ready for another spectacular performance for tonight?"

The crowd immediately bursted into a wild frenzy of noise, cheering and screaming nonstop. The MC waited for them to quiet down as he announced the next performance of the night,

"We would now like to present the next song, 'Hello', from Big Bang's G-Dragon featuring Sandara Park of 2ne1!"

At this point of the concert, the crowd went wild as the starting song began to play. Dara fumbled her hands on the back curtain, watching as GD and the other two backup guys were just about to start on stage. Her two backup ladies were already by her side, they talked in a whisper from a little distance. She was a lot more nervous than she thought.

'Calm down, Dara unnie.' She though to herself with an inner confident voice. 'You've been practicing for so long, you'll do good.'

"Let's go!
you ain't got a girl right now
Well cuz you ain't got no gain (i know)
i'm show you how to do it gd style (he's write it down)
Here 's some rules though,
One, Put on somethin' nice
Two, Don't be nervous
Three, Just be yourself (Yeah-p) Follow me now!

Somehow, just the mere sound of his voice reassured her that everything was going to turn out just fine. She slowly loosened her grip on the felt curtain as her eyes began to wander off themselves onto the stage and straight at the blonde haired boy.

Right now, she couldn't see anything but him. Nothing but the smile on his face as he moved here and there across and down the stage. The stage look suited him. He had on his red cap, long baggy white t-shirt, and the usual bling attire. His hat was pulled down so that you could barely see the blacks of his eyes when his golden hair lied over it. It was like her whole world had zero-ined on that one person shining on the stage before everyone. Even though it wasn't the first time she's seen him perform, this time, it was different.

Just the thought of standing there with him on stage made her excited.

"He just wanna be rap star vita?
Put your hat lightly on your head and pull your pants down as hard as you can"

Almost time.

"..White shoes and shining necklace (bling!)"
When you walk follow the rhythm too"

Dara gave herself a smile of confidence as she fixed the large striped bow wrapped around her head. She positioned herself with her back tall, looking from left to right as her backup dancers appeared by her side with smiles.

"And have a tough expression
Mic in left hand, boombox in right, if you're bored, beatbox!

-Jiyong's POV-

"..Yeah cute nice and cool, now say nice to meet you to that hip girl"

I couldn't help but resist myself from grinning as I saw her appear from behind the curtain. As apart of the script, I fumbled my way over to and circled around her in wonder. Soon, she met my eyes. We gave eachother an almost telepathic-like message from our eyes, and we both knew what it meant. We were going to give it our all, no matter what.

"..But she's looking at you weird with your way man I told you (oh no)
It's sense-able, even though you did well, you can still tell
But a way to get another chance so hollaback yo!

I pointed a finger to her, indicating the cue for her to start. I watched her for the rest of the way, moving my way with the beat as she walked up and down the stage, left and right around me. We constantly gave eachother looks that definitely meant something more than just what the script asked for.

"She's wanna be, now kind of a hard date
Even if you sit still you have to take a picture
A little bit more chic, more sentimental (fashion)

The two of us took turns on the stage, one sang while the other mimed a few actions and danced.

"Hello sexy guy or hello handsome boy
Hello Hello I'll talk to you first
Hello powerful girl hello cute girl hello hello uh, excuse me
say hello"

This feeling felt so right. The stage bursted with power; it was almost impossible to not feel. As one, we were amazing, but the two of us combined on stage reeks a presence that no words can explain. The two of us constantly gave eachother smiles of support as we danced along with the music, even throwing in some things we didn't even practice. Everyones eyes were on us, but our eyes were only lost in eachothers.

Finally, approaching the end of the song, it was the finale. The big thing. Originally, we were supposed to bow and walk off the stage hand in hand,

But I kissed her.

Knowing clearly what this would do to our image, YG's image, I kissed her. Before even thinking, I swung the red cap on my head and placed it at the space between our heads before I leaned into her boldly. She looked surprised at first, but still had a smile on her face as we locked lips. I couldn't resist but grin myself.

This night, I'll never forget.

Hi guys!

Sorry that I sort of abandoned this, but I've been reading your comments through these..months? And I felt really bad because at the same time I wanted to continue this, yet don't really want to. I decided to finish off this chapter and publish it today for you guys, haha. Theres no guarantee that I'll actually manage to finish this considering lacking of interest and I've been getting busier and busier ><>

Thanks to everyone whose still following this blog :)


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