- TOP's POV -

It was another one of those gloomy afternoons where you felt like you were going to die under the melancholic atmosphere around you. Well, I think that was going to happen to me anytime soon. As I lay here lounging on the soft couch far away from the television, I came to realize that maybe for a celebrity like me, I should be doing something more useful with my time other than sitting around being carefree all day.

Daesung, Seungri, and Taeyang were all out for some solo activities. Who knows when they're going to come back home.

So for now...it was just me and Jiyong. He had just came back from his solo practice for "Hello". Right.....Inkigayo. I wonder how the two of them are doing. Two of them being him and Dara of course.

Inkigayo takes place today. Tonight. It's been a long wait, and I think everyone knows how hard the two of them have been practicing for this day.

I tried to ignore the strange atmosphere lying between us, from me, who was still staggered on the couch, to the top of his head that blocked my view of the television as he had criss crossed on the ground below me. I could tell he was trying to avoid it too, because even looking at his head it was like I knew him from the back of my hand.

I knew they had gone out the night before. Why else would he not return until about...I don't know, eleven or twelve in the morning?

Anyway. I wasn't focused on the television at all, more less than what the program was even talking about. Instead of making an effort to try and start a conversation, I decided to continue sitting here until something interesting occurs. Strange, wasn't Seungri and Daesung supposed to be the awkward ones together?

"What's YG planning to do with you this month?"

I was surprised when he suddenly jolted his head back to speak to me. Flinching a little bit and straightening myself out, I opened my mouth halfway to speak.

"I don't know." Come to think of it, I've been pretty carefree this month with my activities. All I've been doing lately... as mentioned earlier on in my thoughts, was sit around. And, taking care of things, I guess. It was all that there was to the conversation, because after that we didn't speak a word to eachother. However, it wasn't long until he propped an elbow on the side of my feet and gave me a suspicious looking smirk.


I didn't know how to answer him, what to answer him. Instead I just gave him a guilty, sheepish look and scratched the back of my head nervously. I had no bad intentions, and I'm pretty sure when I say that, you people get what I mean.

"One." I said in a nonchalant voice. He responds with lit up eyes, as if a child about to be told a story. He suddenly sat up from his position and crouched by my side, supporting his cheeks and side of his face with the palms of his hand. I actually didn't want to say anything..to reply to that question, that is. We continued to stare at eachother in an awkward moment, until he realized my large gulp, his expression immediately converged into a small grimace.


Busted. I was busted before I even got a chance to explain to him, that it wasn't her. Or at least thats what I was trying to make my heart believe.

"No." I said in a monotone voice. Trying to keep a steady, straightforward look at him, I tried my best in not making myself sound very nervous or say anything too obvious to hurt anyone. After receiving a suspicious look from him, my heart came to a relief as he slackened his serious look and turned it into a half smile.

Honestly speaking, I originally intended to tell him 'yes'. But now, I guess it was harder than I thought. Dara is Jiyong's first true love, and I didn't want to ruin any of that. Especially after everything they've been through, it felt wrong to just stop everything.

"Okay..good." I heard him murmur under his breath as he slowly turned back to towards the television. Thank god for that, for once his somewhat-slow personality came to a use this time. I kept my eyes on the screen for a few seconds, then emerged back into the thought.

...or maybe, it was only cause he trusts his friend.

The awkward silence wasn't over yet. Even after speaking to eachother, a strange dark lingering aura floated in the room we were in. At this, I suspected he didn't one-hundred-percent believe my words. Jiyong may be a very conceited person at times, but he was definitely precarious. I had noticed by now that every now and then, he'd take his phone in and out of his pocket after pressing a few buttons. With no logic at all, I took that he was probably checking up on Dara.


- DARA's POV -

Don't forget to show up later on. I'll jump you if you do.

"Che." I twitched my nose at his last message before hitting the reply button. Today was finally the day, and we actually got things done. For the past few days, it was either us rehearsing together as usual, or going off with the others to practice our group performances. However, the only memory puzzles I managed to find were the ones of us in the studio room.

And of course, I can't forget how far we managed to get to. Even though we were planning to make it as natural as possible, he really is something. After sending a reply text to him about my agreement and promise, I snapped the phone shut and plotted myself onto the living room couch. I was home alone today, and I wasn't going to go out until later on.

I don't know why, but I felt like hanging out with Chaerin. It still seems we have a lot to catch up on, even though everything's good now. I had talked to her the other day, and it was iffy, but it worked out. She seemed to accept the situation as it is.

I stayed in position for awhile, letting free thoughts roam through my mind. I found myself grinning here and there at every single thought that had to do with Jiyong. It was like having a huge spazz attack inside of me whenever he was thought of or brought up somehow. It was unfair that he had the ability to make my heart flutter so much like this.

After having a little moment to myself, my train of thought was immediately broken as I hard the ringing of the house phone. Dropping the cellphone down and jolting myself out of the couch, I quickly slid my way over to the counter and picked up the black cordless phone with a singsong voice.



I was surprised to hear the urgent sound of my own younger brother's voice, Cheon doong. Half of me was excited to finally receive a call from him after what seemed like years, while the other half considered the reason why he was calling in the first place. Knowing that guy, he doesn't like to keep in touch with his sister a lot.

I placed on a smile. "Hey, you. Hows life?"

"It's mom!" My expression immediately faded into a worry as I recalled he sounded very exasperated. "Mom, she fainted in the house when me and dad were out!"

I let my heart sink a mile at this. My mother's health wasn't very good in the first place, ever since I left the Philippines to chase my dream in Korea. I had told Cheon doong that day to stay in the Philippines, to take care of my parents, what could have went wrong?

"What happened?" I asked, suddenly clutching the bottom of the phone with my free hand. I let my eyebrows crush into worry, expecting a good story of what exactly happened. I felt my body scrunch up, wishing I was in the Philippines right now by their side.

"I'm at the hospital right now." I heard him say. "Dads on his way, I just thought I'd give you a call and let you know..."

At this point, I tried to ignore the large amount of guilt that washed over me. Biting my lip, I had to think of what to do- stupid, there wasn't anything I could do. At least not while I'm here in my apartment in Korea. As I was just about to release more questions, I heard the beeping noise of my cell phone from the couch. Crap, I told him I wouldn't be late for practice.

"Stay by her side." I said, averting my attention and keeping my voice cool. "Give me a call later so I know she's alright, okay?" I tilted my head down in a nod, as if waiting for a reply. I came to slight relief when he grunted in a promise and hung up the phone.

Just then, I slid my way back to the couch and scooped up the pink cell and flipped it open to see it was indeed from Jiyong. He was begging me to hurry up and arrive at the studio for our less practice session. Apologizing to him silently, I grabbed my bag from the end of the seat and rushed out the door.


"She's late again." The blonde sat himself leaning against the mirror walls of the room that they've been practicing in for the past few days. He was rather agitated at the fact that she had said she wouldn't be tardy this time, after all, this was their last practice before the big performance at Inkigayo tomorrow.

"I wonder what shes up to." He says to himself, tossing his phone in different directions and catching them with a wandering gaze. He had hoped that maybe they were able to get out later on, to do something together after practice.

Speaking of the devil, the door busted open to reveal Dara, who looked like she had just been chased by a ghost. Even though it was nothing to laugh at because it looked like she was about to faint any second, it was pretty funny in a way.

He slowly walked up to her in a casual manner. "..and what happened to you this time?"

Dara gave him a little knowing look, almost hesitating on what to say. Gulping for a few moments and having her own little mental debate inside her head, she decided not to tell him about the phone call. She didn't want anything to worry him especially when tomorrow they have a big performance coming up. So instead of giving him a steady reply, she decided to just shake her head and pull it off with a half smile.

"Nothing. I couldn't find my keys to lock the apartment door. Do you want to practice now?"

Trying to ignore the suspicious looks he shot at her as she moved awkwardly to the other side of the room, shuffling her feet in a nervous way as she sped past him. With a quick motion, he jolted his arm out to the side and took hold onto her arm and pulled her so that her gaze was directly under his. Jiyong took a long sigh and hunched over, resting his elbows on both sides of her neck and tilted his head to the side like a curious cat.

Dara wavered her eyes, to the left then to the right as he slowly leaned in to speculate through her lie. After avoiding his gaze for a few seconds, he gave in and released her. It gave her heart a little bit of reassurance.

"Okay." He said, bending down and grabbing a drink, taking a large gulp of the water bottle that was placed near the mirror wall before starting again. "Lets make this one the best."

- DARA's POV -

Even though I managed to hide it from him, throughout the whole practice, my mind was on nothing but my family. I suddenly felt a rush of guiltiness wash through me as I let many thoughts take over my brain. I still managed to keep most of my concentration on the song thought, incase Jiyong started to chastise me for my lack of motivation.

I never talked about my family before. I had just realized that.

I had also come to realize how much of a hypocrite I was. Cheun doong, my younger brother...I left him standing to take care of my parents just so I can chase my own dream of being in YG Entertainment, revealed to the public, gaining affection and admiration from others. My father is a hard worker, and it took a lot to even convince them to let me go.


I felt my eyes snap shut for a second, then flipped open again with Jiyong staring straight into them. I checked into his dark chocolate pupils as he gave me a raised eyebrow look. We stood like that for a few moments, letting "Hello" play itself in the background. Finally, he sighed and shook his head.

"Whats wrong with you today? You were fine just a few hours ago." He said, averting my gaze and then returning it back a few seconds later.

"Sorry." I apologized sheepishly. After that, it seemed like our voices were betraying us because no one spoke again. Silence filled the air until I decided to shoot a very blunt question at him out of the blue.

"What would you do if I went back to the Philippines?"

He seemed very surprised by the question, because he shot me a look as if I was either crazy or I didn't know where my place was in this world. I didn't want him to get any ideas, because I was just curious. I didn't even know what kind of a question that was, myself.

"What are you talking about?" He replied, almost like in a whisper. It scared me that he took it so seriously. Slowly, he began to walk up to me until we faced eachother again. "Why would you go back to the Philippines? Did something happen?"

"No, nothing." I covered, trying to sound normal. "I was just wondering. Out of curiosity. Sorry for misleading you." It wasn't completely a lie. I let him continue to speculate me for a few seconds before his expression loosened into relief. He took a deep breath before talking again, "Locust, if you went back...I honestly don't know what I'd do."

I found his answer more harmful to my heart rather than happy that I was so important to him. God knows why. He seemed to catch my melancholic expression fast.

"I can say, that your the best thing that ever happened to me." Jiyong said, still staring into me as I tried hard to not avoid his gaze. "It was because of you that I'm able to keep myself straight out like this, instead of hiding everything from the people around me. You really changed me."

Thats right. Jiyong, he's worked so hard his whole life. Even at this moment where he could be breaking down, he'd continue to work hard for himself. I had to be like that too, I can't worry him. We had to go through so many things to get to where we are now. Reluctantly, I walked over to the boombox over to our left and pressed the rewind and play button. "Hello" began to play once more.

I had a performance to take care of.


A/N: im sorry everyone for the extremely long delay in chapters ><;; lifes been pretty tough lately. I'll still try and get around to writing, though! Although I kinda diverted myself from daragon-ness lately. I don't even know if you guys are still following >.>

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