- DARA's POV -


"Are you still that full?"

It was about two or three hours since we left the fancy restaurant, and I was still completely stuffed with the food that I couldn't even feel myself anymore. It's really been awhile since I had something so luxurious and filling like that...and especially when it came to spicy food, my temptation wasn't able to resist itself from holding back.

We had just exited from a nearby movie theatre downtown after seeing an action genre. It was the only thing we could do that was relaxing enough so I could rest myself. Going back to the food...I think I ate a little too much, because I felt as if I was going to burst anytime soon. Fighting, fighting... I can't lose to my own appetite!

I turned towards Seunghyun. "I'm sorry. Next time, don't treat me there." He responded with a small chuckle as he kicked a nearby rock out of boredom. We were walking down the streets now, and I was still groaning on about the funny feeling in my stomach. The cramps were bothering me more than I thought. I couldn't complain any more about this- it would be very disrespectful to someone who treated me to a big meal.

"For a small fit person like you, you sure have a big appetite." He says in a monotone voice, walking alongside of me. "You should go home and rest or drink something to cure it.."

"Yeah, I guess."

After walking in a few moments of silence, I let my head fall forward in reaction to my feet suddenly coming to a complete stop. Letting go of my hand clutching to the side of my stomach and squinting my eyebrows a bit, It felt like I was forgetting something..something...

Suddenly, my eyes widened in remembering of what I had completely forgotten about. With a quick, swift motion, I turned back towards Seunghyun who paused a few steps behind me.

"Ferris Wheel!" I bellowed out in a sort of shocked, surprised voice. In a rushing motion, I scooped out my phone in my pocket and turned it on, checking the time visible in the front screen. Biting my lip, I quickly glanced around the skies to see that it was already somewhat dark. I felt a wave of guiltiness for being an idiot, losing track of time.

He raises an eyebrow. "What?"

"I'm sorry." I closed my eyes and bowed my head down a little in apology, tearing myself away from the time that was taunting me with every minute that passed by. Before I knew it, I was slowly backing away from him. "I have to go! Thanks for taking me out!"


A rather impatient blonde paced back and forth in an enclosed area, biting his lip from the bitter cold and rubbing his hands together in thought. After getting to the point where he didn't know how long he had to wait, he plopped himself down on a nearby bench and slouched his back on it. Dropping his head back to relax his stiff neck, he took a deep exhale into the evening air.

"Geez. What the hell is she doing?" He murmurs to himself, tapping his foot on the hard cement ground. Reluctantly, he stuffed his hands inside the pockets of his thick black designer hoodie to keep himself from the small shivers that attacked him once in awhile. After charging out of the conference room, he quickly got changed and sent his regards to the staff, and now he's been waiting around for almost 45 minutes already.

Oh well. It would have been worse if he kept her waiting, and not the other way around.

Looking around at his surroundings, there was only the presence of bright lights coming from different rides at the amusement park. Smirking, he remembered the last time they came here. It was when he first found out her interest in the paper crane...and somehow, it lead to where they were today. Even thought it might not seem like it in a way, he was very happy that he managed to take control of things.

After all, she was the first girl that succeeded in catching his attention. On top of that...unique in her own way. It made him wonder why he even bothered taking up the path of a total playboy. It seemed so wrong, now.

"If she doesn't get here in the next five minutes, I'm going to spam her inbox." He decides, pulling a smile while looking around again. In almost less then a minute, as if cued, he could see a girl wandering around the entrance and jogging herself in. Rolling his eyes, he lifted his head up and shot out of the seat, wearing another suspicious playful look on his face.

As she got closer and closer, he began to snake around the different stands and boundaries of the rides towards her. By the time he paused behind a cotton candy stand, she had stopped in the centre of the park looking around herself. Gazing around the corner, he spotted a familiar coffee haired girl in the shade of black and dark blue setting.

"Finally, she's here." He mutters through gritted teeth. Still watching her, she seemed to look very worried and tense, maneuvering herself around trying to look for him. It reminded him of the time where they had experienced a similar situation..only the other way around.

Deciding not to make the same thing happen twice, he casually walked his way to her and creeped himself upon her. As he reached a few steps behind her back, he released one of his hands from his pockets and grabbed her wrist, pulling her around to face him. She swung herself almost into his chest, but stopped herself and forced her head to look up at him with a surprised expression. He seemed to take her breath away for a moment as he looked into her eyes with a sneer.

"Serves you right for being late." He chastises his voice in a whisper, bending his head down so that it almost touched hers. She looked sort of afraid, for some reason.

"Sorry." She replies in a muttering tone. After taking a deep gulp, Dara slowly shifted her head to the side, one was to avoid his gaze for a bit and the other to take a look at her surroundings. The fact that he was so close to her wasn't helping her stomach feel any better. While scanning the area around her, her eyebrows furrowed together in realization. Around them, there was nothing. No lights, no people, just pitch darkness with feint shadows.

She slowly turned her head back to face him with a crack of a smile. "Why is it so deserted here?"

"Well." He gives her a small, angelic grin back, "I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to kick everyone out of this place for once, and shut down the whole system."

"What?" She tilts her head to the side in a confused way. Receiving nothing but an almost deceiving smirk from his lips, he slowly released his tight grip on her wrists and began to pull her gently towards the other direction from where she was facing. Stumbling on her feet a little at the sudden motion, she soon began to tag alongside of him in a fast walk.

He led the two of them behind some stands and through a few tents out the other end. Zigzagging their way around small rides and gaming areas, he paused as a large, bright familiar figure came into sight. Dara stopped behind him, moving her gaze from the pitch black ground to above her, where she was completely mesmerized by what her eyes saw. She had to squint her eyes to focus her view for a moment before she could process what was before her. It seemed like after they had traveled through the darkness, they had wounded up in a completely area, because now it seemed like they were in a huge light frenzy.

This side, on every single stand and ride, was lit up with bright illuminating lights and flashing devices. It was all in plain colour though- from Shiny whiteness brightening up the interior of the gaming places and food stops. They stood out in the darkness and was beautiful compared to the other side of the deserted amusement park.

Her eyes suddenly paused at what was seen right in the middle of the white glowing scenery. Standing right before them, was a large, bright Ferris Wheel.

It was Amazing.

Every part of it was decorated with shining gold lights and light purple tint lights. The seats were aligned with chains of gold and silver that shone in the darkness, resonating along with the other parts of the machine. It was like one single shining star, aligning the rest into place in the dark prowling night sky. It turned slowly in a syncopated motion with lights blinking in different colour's every time.

He could tell Dara didn't have anything to say about this, because she was completely gaping at the sight before her. Her mouth had dropped open halfway in a still mesmerized way, causing him to smile to himself a few moments after he began to drag her towards the entrance. Tailing herself along, the two of them climbed through the gates and stopped the machine with a few controls.

She let him take charge for awhile. "How did you-"

"I have my ways." He replies, cutting her off as he pulled open the front door of the first seat and stepped to the side.

"Go in. What are you waiting for?"



It usually wasn't like me to do something like this. And even though it didn't seem like it, I enjoy doing these kind of things to specific people that I cherish. I guess there really is a child inside of me, after all. I watch as she gave me a smile and climbed into the far end of the seat. After locking the gate, I soon followed her in and closed the door for protection. It wasn't long until the ride began to start.

This could be considered as our second date here, at the very same place. I didn't feel guilty at all for not taking her to somewhere more fancy, more exquisite, because I knew this specific place had gained a special meaning. I'm sure she's felt it too, because it was where we bonded for the very first time...the first time, where everything began to intertwine.

It was also the first time, where I made her a crane. Which reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask her for quite awhile now. Taking a small gulp, I shifted myself over closer to her and placed an arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to myself and wrapping the side of her in my arms.

"Why do you like cranes so much?" I asked, resting the side of my head on hers. It relaxed myself a bit when I felt her body rest more comfortably and loosen against mine.

"I don't know."

I rolled my eyes.

She could probably sense that I did so, because I felt a smile creep upon her face. "Because..I seem to be very fascinated with small things like that. It's really amazing how you could make something like that, you know? I've seen other people fold them before, but they didn't look or feel the same as the way you make yours. And plus...it made me happy."

"Hm? What did?" I tease, pretending to not know what she was talking about. I watched from the corner of my eye as her face began to turn into a small scowl or grimace. Whichever was fine, because It was entertaining juggling up her emotions like this.

"The crane." She continues, trying harder this time. "You made a crane the last time we were here."

"Yes, and because of that crane, I thought I almost lost myself that day looking for you." I suddenly burst out, exchanging expressions with her in an ironic way. I had just left an opening for her. As I felt her about to speak, I suddenly remembered our conversation from earlier on when we got here. Stupid Locust...made me lose track of my own thoughts.

"By the way." I start, bending my head over to the side so I could get a good glimpse of her face. She shifted her head to the side so she could also see me more clearly through the dimness of the small enclosed area of the seats. "Why were you late today?"

"Oh.." She starts in a slow tone, biting her lip for awhile as if she was a kid about to receive punishment for her words. "Seunghyun called me out after you left practice. I decided that since it'd be awhile until it was time to come here, I might as well accompany him. It seems I've lost track of time because of that..."

Somehow, this reason wasn't very pleasing to me. It made my heart sink a little.

"Why are you always with him." I murmur under a heavy breath. She twitched her mouth into a smile and narrowed her eyes down with a smirk.

"What? Is someone jealous?"

"Che." I flinch, averting my gaze from hers. "I could care less."


After sitting in a few moments of silence, it was then that I realized we were already on the top. I sat myself up, pulling her with me as I took a glance out the window. Yup, we were at the top. The scene made me crack a smile as I turn to her head.

"Look outside."

She stared at me curiously for a few moments, then slowly moved her head forward to look at the scenery. I liked her expression, because it soon turned into complete awe and mesmerization. As I soon followed her action, the two of us began to gaze outside the glass into the dark, prowling night. Although it wasn't completely dark, because there were speckles of spectrum light and moving cars.

Up here, it felt like we were on the top of world.

Although, it wasn't over yet. Above us, above the ceiling, above the lights, above the darkness...laid the best showcase of all. As the two of us gazed upwards, we were immediately greeted by a million shining stars in the sky. They twinkled at us in a funny way, as if they were there putting on a show just for the two of us.

I wasn't lying when I said the Ferris Wheel was the best at night.


- DARA's POV -

It felt like we were trapped inside our own galaxy, our own world. The emptiness of the park was pretty, the glowing stands fading out into the darkness was pretty, but out of all that, nothing could compare to this sight. I let no objects come into my gaze but the dark, black night accompanied by millions of shining stars. It was funny, strange, yet it was beautiful and felt so complete at the same time. The stars never shined this way before.

It felt different than the last time we came here together. Tonight, It was like nothing could disturb us, and that nothing was able to get between us. This moment here proved that. The feeling of warmth and reassurance comforted me on both inside and out.

"Its pretty." I whisper in a quiet, calm voice. I received no response but a simple sliding nod on the side of my head as his was pressed against mine. This moment, I don't think I'll ever forget.

"Can you make me a crane?" I suddenly ask, turning my head back to look at him in a pleading way. he twitched his eyebrows for a moment in a confused way,

"I don't have any paper."

"oh." I said, feeling a little bit of disappointment grow. "Well, when you-"

Abruptly, I felt a stab of pain rush itself through my stomach. With a quick motion, I immediately ripped myself out of his grip and slapped a hand onto the walls in front of me, bowing my head down while I held my stomach with my other. As I whined in pain, Jiyong quickly knelt by my side and supported my arm.

"Dara?" He says in a panicking voice, "Dara, what's wrong?"

It had then occurred to me that this was the after effect of the food I ate earlier at the restaurant. Stomach cramps, and now a stomach ache. Great.

"I'm fine." I croak, waving my hand out in reassurance. He looked at me in a painful way, as if he was the one with the upset stomach. I bit my lip absently, trying to think of what to do now. It was after awhile that he began to slacken his grip on me and move slowly back to his spot. Still clutching my stomach, I turn back a little to stare at him in wonder.

"We're going home."

"What?" I was shocked at his reply. I slowly forced myself to sit back in place so that our thighs touched together. Turning towards him with furrowed eyebrows, I gave a slight pout. "Why?"

"You have to ask? Your sitting here about a kilometre high with an upset stomach, and you still want to stay?" He says to me in a emphasizing voice. "I'll take you home, you don't have to come to practice tomorrow."

Even though I knew he was doing this because he was worried about me, I felt a large amount of anger and resistance build up inside of me. A cramp like this was nothing compared to what we were doing, and what we were going to do. I wasn't going to let this harm any plans.

"No!" I bellow out, gaining his full attention. "We're not going home! And I'm definitely not skipping out on practice tomorrow! Inkigayo is only in a few days and we need to get 'Hello' perfected to its fullest!"

"I don't think one performance is worth your health!"

That was how he managed to shush me. I slack back a little, staring at him through surprised eyes. He was more concerned than I thought, to push back work for me. I wasn't going to die or anything, It scared me to know what his limit was.

"Please." I say once again, rephrasing my point. I didn't want to give up everything now. I let his eyes scan mine for a few seconds, searching for the right amount of honesty and will. After giving it my all, he averted his head to the side and took a deep sigh. I think it worked, because he seemed to have loosened himself up a bit.

"Fine." I hear him murmur, my mouth turning into a smile as he looked at me again. This time, he kept his eyebrows pointed and his eyes still slightly serious. "We can practice tomorrow, but can you please go home a little earlier today?"

I hesitated, thinking of how to answer this. After debating with myself inside my head for awhile, I gave him a sigh and one big nod. Like a puppy receiving praise, he smiled and patted the top of my head in a loving way.

I couldn't let this moment go to waste.

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