It was a boring, gloomy day today. The guys decided to hangout in our apartments, locking ourselves in to spend some more quality time. There's been no sun lately, only boring pitter pattering rain. Seunghyun returned home very late last night, and I had wondered why. He never came home late, unless for a practice.

Instead of being at home lounging around with the others, I was called to Hyunsuk's office for a reason unknown to me. I planted myself boredly in the red rolly chair in front of his office desk, curious and impatient as to why he suddenly called me over. Fiddling with my fingers as I waited for the CEO to arrive, I swiveled around at the sound of a door click. YG approached his seat in a cool, swift motion with a bunch of papers in his hand. I kept quiet for awhile, observing his slow movements of scanning the contents.

"We're going to start promoting your album soon. But it seems Hello and Heartbreaker has taken a fall after Sandara's Kiss." He says in a melancholic tone, causing me to flinch with the words. Did he really have to put it so blunt like that?

"Hello will be performed on SBS Idol Big Show a week from now."

"What?" I suddenly sat up from my seat, eyes wide at the CEO's news. Observing the thinking Hyunsuk, he dropped the stack of papers onto the wooden desk and folded his hands together to look me in the eye with a doubting look.

"I'm pretty sure singers perform their songs on stage." He said in a sarcastic tone, "In that case, you and Dara will be going on stage very soon. We're organizing the performance and setting some plans up, so use the time well to practice and choreograph with her."

I didn't know what to say to this. I knew we were going to have to perform live, but he didn't tell me until now. Instead an image of the Locust popped into my mind, and the words I told her the day before. Shaking the thought off, I simply nodded to his information. On stage with Dara, I wonder what it was going to be like.

Although I wasn't in a position to think that. My heart suddenly sunk a little, even though I ached to see her again, I had to refrain from thinking about these kind of things. Idiot, why'd I give her a chance to prove to me that she is capable of making that crane? Chaerin would eventually find out, and it would defeat my point of doing this.

"You can go." YG said, breaking through my thoughts. I gave another short nod and climbed out of my seat, heading towards the door and closing it with a soundless click. As I was about to make my way back to the apartment, I felt a soft vibrate on my backpocket. Slipping out my phone, I had received a text message from Taeyang.

Jiyong, we're going out with 2ne1 today.
Better be home!

"Since when was this planned?" I said to myself, pushing my phone back into place after the last word. I thought of Dara again, and how things would go if I went. I didn't expect her to actually try making the crane; I don't even know why I said it. As I thought about this sudden outing, I decided not to attend.


"Alright! 2ne1 family meeting!"

Bom skipped towards the living room, jumping up and down in excitement and crashing herself to the cream colored couch. Minzy, on the other side, looked just as worked up as her unnie was. Dara sat at the couch across from the two with Chaerin far away from her.

"Girls, we're going to go out with the dongsaengs tonight." Bom announced, propping her lower body up on the couch in an awkward position. Chaerin kept her gaze straight and steady while Dara took a big gulp, sending the large lump down in her throat.

She didn't feel ready yet, ready to see Jiyong. Especially not when she wasn't able to make the crane yet. As much as she wanted to go, to see his face, she couldn't get her hopes up that he would talk to her normally. Although thinking as far as that, she decided there was no point in not showing up. It would seem as if she's lost.

"Dara unnie, you've been really hyped up lately." Minzy said, breaking her train of thought. Chaerin's eyes rolled over to Dara, who twitched her lips and folded her hands together sheepishly. Her gaze froze at the large, dark circles visible under her groupmate's almond brown eyes. Immediately, she jerked her head away.

"I'm sorry" Dara apologized, tilting her head down a bit in apology. "I'll go.."

"Your still sick." Chaerin said, surprising the others with the semi worried tone of her voice. The leader glanced at the others from the corner of her eye and averted her gaze immediately as they met with Dara's. Covering her mouth with the lower palm of her hand, she scrunched herself together by the arm of the couch.

"..I wouldn't want you to have any chances." She whispered. Even though it seemed it like she was speaking to everyone, it was mainly directed towards the coffee haired girl. Dara's mouth formed a half smile at the obvious, somewhat concerned friend. Although Chaerin was right, she still needed to recover for awhile.

"I won't overdo it." Dara said, crossing her fingers. "Besides, we're only going to eat."


The following evening, the girls sat in a quit reserved mode inside their private van on their way to their little get together with Big Bang. The car ride was silent as each and every one of them prepared themselves mentally. Although they've done this many times together in the past, they haven't got the free time to do what they wanted these days so it was a special occasion.

After all, many things happened this month.

Dara looked the most tense out of the four girls. She stayed paralyzed in the very back seat beside Chaerin, who was seated uncomfortably beside her. Staring outside at the open sunset view, her mind clicked together at the sound of Minzy's voice.

"You guys seem very hard on eachother lately." The Maknae spoke, turning around in her seat to face her unnie's. "Hopefully today, you'll be able to relax over things a bit."

"They're improving" Bom murmured towards her. In response, the two victims at the back seat twitched in their spots and kept their gazes straight ahead.

The car came to a stop at a small dining square near the central shopping place. Even though it was a Sunday evening, barely any people were seen at this area. Weird, because usually it was cramped with customers. The door to the smoke gray van busted itself open with the flick of the Maknae's wrist, allowing the four girls to pour themselves out onto the wet cement grounds. As Minzy took a fresh deep inhale of the misty air, she pointed towards the restaurant bar labeled 'Ka Chai Bar & Grill' and made her way towards it.

Dara stepped out last, closing the door softly behind her and letting the van drive off. She followed Chaerin's back, watching her feet step forward and back in a trance through the entrance. As they slowly entered through the golden doors, they were immediately greeted by four boys seated at the nearby booth behind the front attendant.

"Noona! Welcome!" Seungri greeted Bom, who was the first to slide her way inside the seats beside Big Bang's maknae. Minzy sat herself in between Taeyang and Seungri, followed by Chaerin plopping herself beside Seunghyun on the far side. Dara stood on the outside for a second, scanning the group.

Jiyong wasn't there.

"Wheres Jiyong oppa?" Minzy asked, taking a sip of her already ordered lemon tea. Taking a gulp, the coffee haired girl proceeded to sit herself between Taeyang and Daesung. Seungri slowly raised his shoulders and shook his head.

"He said he wasn't coming."

Dara felt her heart drop a mile at this. They didn't need to tell her why, because she could already guess the reason. Seunghyun, catching this reason, opened his mouth to speak with an expressionless face.

"He said he had something to do, and had no time to join us." He said, gaining everyone's attention. "Anyhow, it's really been awhile since we all got together alone not because of work related issues.. I think he might drop by later for a toast."

Hearing this, Dara lowered her head a bit and clutched the front rip of her jeans. Was he really that determined to not see her? Meanwhile, Chaerin crossed her arms and took a small gulp at where this conversation was going. Taeyang interrupted by raising his glass of beverage into the air with his two fingers.

"A toast to the end of the career activities!"

The group suddenly all grabbed for their glasses, lifting them to join up with his. Dara slowly reached over to her glass and joined the toast last, retreating it with a small voice of her cheer. She didn't bother drinking it as she was drowned into many thoughts at the moment. Feeling very uncomfortable in the heart, she decided to smile and not ruin it for the others.

After all, she had origami paper waiting for her at home for the rest of the night.


- DARA's POV -

Its been officially two hours since we arrived at the Grill. Here I am, still sitting at the booth while the others either went off to karaoke in the next room or lounged somewhere around the sofas in the center of the bar. The only two that stayed behind was Seunghyun and Chaerin, and I don't think it was by choice. It seems they were less interested than this outing than I was.

I tried hard to keep my gaze steady. Although this was supposed to be relaxing, supposed to be a break from everything, it felt as if I was just luring herself in to more pain. I wanted to be somewhere else right now, somewhere with him....

I let my heart ache for another while through the silence between the three of us. It seems that they weren't even here, and that the only that mattered was that I wanted Jiyong to be with me. Although it was completely selfish and rude, I really wanted to be at home right now attempting to make myself a crane. Ignoring the expressionless looks from Rinnie and Seunghyun, my eyes gained its attention again as I twitched my vision to the side. I seemed to be making the atmosphere awkward.

"You guys can go somewhere else if you want. You don't have to stay." I said with regard. Rinnie replied by sighing and twisting herself to climb over her bag.

"Lets go." She said, climbing out of the booth and motioning Seunghyun towards the exit. He looked rather surprised that she suggested to leave me like that. Although it wasn't a surprise to me at all, she had better things to do than to sit around and take care of the person she detested. After giving my dongsaeng a nod of reassurance, he took a gulp and followed her out the door. After watching them disappear into the almost-dark outdoors, I bit my lip and reached inside my pocket.

I wouldn't have come here empty-handed. Of course I had brought extra paper with me.

Unconscious of the people around me that gave me awkward-looking stares, I began to work with my hands. I tried to remember what Seunghyun had taught me the other day, but my mind refused to recall it. I felt very foolish and embarrassed, a grown adult sitting at this booth by myself and unsuccessfully folding cranes. I had very limited material here, so I had to make my attempts well. Unfortunately I failed after getting halfway there.

Trying to keep my cool, I started again. It was then that I felt my body getting hot and heavy under the warm air surrounding me. I stopped for a split second and rubbed the side of my wrist against my forehead to wipe off the sweat. After a few moments, I sighed and took a deep inhale to catch some breath and look around the bar. It felt very warm, and by the time I realized it I had already started to make way to the exit door.

It was nice outside. The cold night air rushed its way into my mouth as I took a deep breath, letting it clear out the stuffiness in my throat. Clutching the half made crane in my hands, I took a few steps forward and let my feet take me to wherever I end up going. The temperature didn't bug me out here, even though it would be considered freezing at this time of hour. For the rest of my lone walk, I thought of nothing but completing my goal of making the crane.

My determination hasn't disappeared yet as I reached a rather quiet isolated location. It was a large basketball court hidden in the middle of the small fields on the side of the restaurant. It was surrounded by a large metal fence, so I had to walk over to the entrance and release the hook to enter. Taking some steps in, I observed a wooden bench near the far middle and made my way over to it.

As I slowly sat myself down on the cold bench, it sent trickles of coldness up my thighs and down my legs. Ignoring this sudden shiver of feeling, I realized it was rather peaceful and quiet here. Abruptly, I began to work my finger muscles again. I gave a few coughs here and there as I worked in the night silence, shuddering my legs to keep them warm. A small wind raced through my hair, sending it into ripples through the air and away from my face.

The cold, silent night scared me.

I wasn't used to this. When did I become so comfortless and deserted like this? It felt like no one was able to understand what I'm feeling right now, or how I've been the past few days..Everything seemed like a dream, one that was teasing my inner feelings.

I suddenly felt a wave of desolation run through me. Unaware of my hands that now became extremely numb, and my breathing that felt very uneven, tears began to run down my cheeks. Finally, at this point, I clearly understood what Chaerin's been through lately. These feelings and emotions- they're impossible to control. I was foolish to think that I was able to understand that.

I couldn't stand being apart from him like this. Jiyong played a more important role in my life than I thought...I loved him. My hands begun to love its energy and liveliness after every inch of a move, but I forced them to continue working. My cry came out as silent whimpers as I gulped back and forth to keep my cool. I've never felt my heart been in this much pain before, especially not for a boy.

At this moment, I felt that no one could change anything but me. I had to do this..

"This is taking way too long" I whispered to myself through a shaky tone, pausing at the paper for awhile. I was at the point where I couldn't even feel it anymore. "But I have to do it."



Me and Seunghyun walked along the steep narrow cement path, going with our instincts to wherever places there were to go. It began to grow a little darker every minute, and not to mention, colder too. I crossed my and arms and rubbed my palms against my sides, sighing and watching the freezing air escape from my mouth. We walked in sync in a staggering motion from side to side, taking small baby steps.

This didn't seem much of an exciting outing. Actually, I think the only ones that were enjoying this a little too much was Minzy and Bom. Although we couldn't blame them...they were totally oblivious to the current situation of things. Even though we were close friends, It'd be best not to let them in on our personal affairs.

Yes, our. It wasn't entirely my fault in this whole thing. Dara unnie had her wrongs too. Even though she hasn't completely figured it out herself, it was obvious that she loved Jiyong just as much as I do.

At this point, I chastised myself for thinking pitifully at her. I still couldn't forgive her just yet...but she should try harder if she really loved him.

"Why is she making those useless paper cranes?" I asked abruptly, keeping my gaze straight ahead the path as Seunghyun flicked over to look at me. I assumed he knew what I was talking about, because it sure looked like it from the expression on his face that I managed to pick up from the corner of my eye. I waited as he gave a long sigh, then began to talk.

"Jiyong." He replied nonchalantly. The name made myself flinch. "She really loves him."

Of course, I already knew that.

"But why is she making those cranes?" I repeated, this time turning to look at him for a straightforward answer. This time, he avoided my gaze. He definitely knew, because he had arrived that day to Dara before I did.

"Jiyong told her that if she was able to make a crane, he wouldn't treat her like this anymore."

I was surprised by this answer. Surprised, and somewhat angrily frustrated. He made her some kind of dumb deal like that, thinking that I wouldn't be able to find out. It occurred to me that I was the one that got them into this; I refrained Jiyong from seeing her and kept him all to myself to cherish. Although aside from that, she was a little too worked up by this.

So that's what she was doing the other day in the rain, completely
dying out there. Just to make a simple crane to win Jiyong's attention back.

Seunghyun subtly studied my face from the side, as if he was expecting me to say something encouraging or useful. As I was about to give him a sincere reply, my eyes caught something that caused me to stop in my tracks completely. Releasing the tension on my sides, my arms fell back to my side at the sight from afar.

I slowly began to walk closer, squinting my eyes and releasing them as I got closer and closer to the view. Seunghyun appeared by my side from the corner of my eye, pausing with a shocked look no different than how mine turned out. I stood for a good few seconds, staring straight through the tall green metal fence of a large deserted basketball court. I don't know what caused it, but my breath suddenly got lost at the sight of Dara sitting by herself on a wooden bench in the far end of the center.

And, she was crying.

I could tell Seunghyun was watching her as tense as I was. Taking one big gulp, I continued to rest my gaze on her, observing as her shoulders moved up and down from her big sniffs and the wiping of her arm on her eyes. Between those moments, she folded a piece of paper dully. Honestly, I didn't know how to react to this. Should I be angry that she was trying so hard to take Jiyong, or upset that she was still straining herself after everything that's happened?


I didn't know why.

But I felt this huge pain stab into my heart.

"She's still at it, at this hour." Seunghyun said, breaking my thoughts as I turned slowly to look at him with creased eyebrows. I watched as his expression suddenly turned melancholic. "Just for him..."

Biting my lip, I returned my gaze towards her. She didn't notice us, instead she cringed her eyes together at the randomest moments to stop her uncontrollable tears, but failed. Even from far away, we could tell that the paper on the ground were signs that she didn't have success in making a crane. My eyes suddenly widened as I caught sight of her hands..her face, her body. They were extremely dead and freezed-looking, on top of that, her face was smeared with wet tears.

It took my breath away.

"Dara unnie." I whispered in a low tone and wondered why my heart was crashing at this scene. "She really loves Jiyong oppa."

"That girl-"

With an instant reflex, I reached my hand out in quick move and held the top of Seunghyun's shoulder as he took a step forward. He turned around with creased eyebrows and narrowed eyes, wearing a questioning look on his face.

"What are you doing?" He asked as I slowly released my grip, my hands crawling to the back of my jeanpockets. I didn't know what I was doing myself, but he immediately pulled himself back as he saw me pull out a cellphone, dialing a number. I gave him no reply as I planted my eyes on Dara, as if she'd run away if I didn't keep her steady with my gaze.

Slowly, Seunghyun opened his mouth a little crack. "You're.."



The day felt like it would never come to an end.

To be brief, My head was hurting a lot. I thought I'd be able to live without seeing her for once, but now I realized I can't live a day without her. It really hurt me, that I had to talk to her that way. Even until now, I don't know where she is, what she's been doing, if she's even doing all right.

I considered this very one sided. As I sit on the hard wooden floor of the practice studio leaning against the side of the wall, I thought over many things and erasing my mind a thousand times. Or, to be more specific, erase her. It was impossible after all.

I felt like out of all days, today I missed her more than ever. Actually, the past few days, I longed for her presence. Even though she was an annoying one..something about her wanted me to have her by my side. CEO Yang informed me that we were to perform Hello live soon, but I wasn't so sure if it'd work out the way he wants it to. At this rate, it felt like forbidden love.

I don't think I was even allowed to love her in the first place.

"Why'd I fall for a dumb locust like her." I whispered to myself in the dim room, dropping my head and letting it hang from my neck as I fiddled my hands together in thought. It was then that I heard my phone ringing beside me. I slowly turned my head, still hanging, towards it and stared at it with a glare. After watching it vibrate loudly moving across the shiny floors, I plunged my hand on it and flipped it open, not bothering to check the caller ID.

After pressing Answer, I simply waited for the other line to speak instead of greeting them myself. I kept my eyes closed in distress as a familiar voice began to speak through the silent background.

Come here right now."

My heart cringed at the sound of Chaerin, calling me at this hour and at this time when I was feeling the most screwed up as ever thanks to her. My eyelids raised themselves up and I gave a glare into thin air.

It took awhile for me to reply. "I'm not going anywhere with you."


Crisping my eyebrows together, I felt a flash of frustration and denial. It was enough that she had the ability to ruin people's lives so well, what else did she want? I sat up from my slouched position and raised my head, gritting my teeth.

"I told you I'm not-"

She has a really bad fever."

Hearing this, I immediately paused and my body came to a freeze. I let my mouth slowly drag itself open as her words sank into my mind. Dara was sick? Since when? I found myself perching my body up with a firm hand on the ground, staring into thin air in worry.

"..Is she alright?"

"Why are you asking questions? I told you to get over here right now." She said, emphasizing her tone at the last bit. Before I knew it, I was already on my feet and headed towards the exit door of the studio when suddenly I stopped in my tracks out of realization.

"I can't see her." I said through a scarred whispering voice. She didn't reply for awhile as I probably reminded her of her selfish request, but then I heard her breath starting again she began to reply.

"Go see her."

My eyes widened at her sudden change of decision. She sounded as if she was trying to keep her cool. I stood in front of the door for awhile, processing this through my mind. It seems like those words were impossible to escape through her mouth, but they finally released themselves free. I could tell that she was trying hard to be submissive with the tone of her voice.

"Dara unnie..." She started again, probably sensing my thoughts. "Because of you, she's been making those hell of a stupid cranes every single day. She caught a really bad fever the other day because she was outside folding them for a long time. To the point where her hands have become numb, and to the point where she couldn't smile happily anymore."

These words were like bullets, shooting for my heart. Unfortunately, its succeeded in doing so. I suddenly felt very regretful in making such a deal with her...if it was going to cost her her health, it wasn't worth it. As I clenched my fist and raised my head up high, I suddenly felt very grateful for this opportunity.

"Where is she?" I asked, already racing my way out the door.

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