Pressing the 'End Call' button on her slim phone, Chaerin slowly flicked it closed and held it tightly to her chest followed by a deep gulp. Seunghyun's gaze moved from the still-distressed Dara to 2ne1's leader in a both pitiful and meaningful expression.

"Chaerin." He called in a simple melancholic voice.

"I know."

Pivoting around to take one last glance at her best friend, Chaerin managed to curve the ends of her lips to form a sad but memorable half smile. She continued to stare at her friend for a few seconds, then took a deep breath and begun to back herself away. The wind rushed its way into her eyes, causing her to flinch them in reaction.

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." She said in a low murmuring voice. "If you can't get someone out of your mind, then maybe they're supposed to be there. I guess I'll leave the rest to Jiyong to decide what to do next." The two of them stayed in position for awhile after her words, letting the tension of the atmosphere slowly sink in.

Finally, Chaerin blinked a few times and turned to look at him.

"Lets go."


Jiyong ran from YG Entertainment studios to the nearest bus stop across the street, wasting no time as he staggered along the sidewalk pavement waiting for the bus to arrive. Finally deciding it would take too long to arrive, he ended up taking the taxi instead. Climbing himself into the first one that came in sight, he immediately ordered the driver to stop by the restaurant the others were at. He gripped the edges of the seat with a strong hand,

"Dara. Just wait." Jiyong murmured to himself under a heavy breath, shifting his head to the side to watch the street and monitor the speed of their travel. As they came under a deep tunnel, he found himself fiddling from side to side in an impatient way and pleaded the driver to go faster. Receiving a quick nod, it wasn't long until they were out in the clearing again.

The night was traveling fast, the streetlights were starting to do their job. He bit his lip in worry, wondering if she was still by herself out there folding cranes. Although he didn't have to simply think of these things anymore, because the taxi came to a stop on the side of the road by Ka Chai Bar & Grill. Jiyong gave the driver the correct amount of change and rushed out of his seat, slamming the door tightly behind him and running himself into the restaurant.

After a few seconds, he had come running out realizing none of his friends we're in there. Glancing and pivoting himself around, his breathing slowly turned into pants as he started to jog his way down the cement path leading to a more isolated, quit area of the restaurant location. He was dying to see her. Dying to to finally be able to hear the sound of her sweet singsong voice again.

The way she smiled, the way they bickered with's all become a fragile memory that he didn't want to break any longer.

Still running his way down the path, he came across a large park that was lit up only by the sidelights. No one was present at the deserted place, so he decided to move on. Just as he took a step towards the other detour way, he froze seeing a large basketball court surrounded by a large fence. It was dark all around it like the other areas of the park, but with lit up with small lights on the side.

It helped, because he could see Dara sitting on a bench folding cranes.

And her face, he realized he's never seen her make an expression like that before. She tried to hide it, but you could definitely see that she was crying lightly with her head low, wiping her tears with the side of her arm and folding the crane at the same time.

"Idiot..." Jiyong said, slowly walking his way towards the side entrance of the court. When he approached the metal fence, he stared at her for another moment and then raised his head.

"Locust!" He called out in a bellowing voice, immediately gaining quick jerk of her head as she turned her attention to him. She suddenly stopped everything movement of her body and glanced at him in a surprised way. Jiyong responded with a slight gulp as he began to speak again.

"You're really stupid!" He continued, "Still trying to make the crane!"

He watched her for a good minute as she took a large gulp to get rid of her sniffling voice and raised her head to reply.

"You!" She called out in a quivering tone, overpowering his voice by a thousand. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, letting the tears slowly run down from her cheeks before she began to talk again. "What about you? Not showing up because of me?!"

Jiyong swallowed hard. She had no idea what kind of things have been going on...about the deal, too. He gave her no reply but a guilty look on his face. She continued to sob silently for a few moments.

"Remember the time you saved me?" She called out, this time she completely bawled herself out. "And the ferris wheel? You told me it was really pretty at night..I want to see it! I want to see it with you!"



At this point, I felt my eyes getting wet at her words. I continued to watch her from afar, her expression hurt me. This was the first time I saw her speak and act in so much pain...I didn't know what to say. Instead of giving her some kind of witty sentence, I found myself falling extremely silent and regretful leaving her for even a day.

"I'll definitely make the crane!" She started again, this time she began to bellow louder with more tears. "After I make it, please don't ignore me anymore! Please don't leave me! Don't say I'm not allowed to love you, because I do!"

Thats it.

It seems like I've reached my limit, because before I knew it I started to charge myself through the fence doorway and into the court.

I forced my feet to stop right before her, ripping the half-successfull crane from her hands and chucking it on the ground beside us. I continued to keep my gaze glued onto her dark almond orbs even though her head was staring at the ground in shock. When I pulled her shoulders so her body crashed tightly against mine, it was like I spiralled into a world of repose. I Haven't felt reassured like this since the day where I felt like I lost her, when I was able to hold her the same way like this. It was the warm feeling of Dara's body that brought me back into the correct state of mind.

Feeling her breath becoming more steady, I slowly slacked my grip on her and pulled away a bit. My eyes met hers under the dim lighting of the court surroundings, it was then that I noticed her beauty for the very first time. Even with her current tear-stained face and glittering water based eyes, she was glowing.

She bit her lip in nervousness as I moved a finger to wipe a fresh tear away. My hand moved its way through her hair and caught the back of her neck, and without warning, I tiled my head to the side and lowered my lips. Her mouth squirmed a little at the initiated kiss, and we pulled back for a few seconds to gaze at eachother through half opened eyes. After a short confirmation, her arms began began to wrap themselves under mine. I move closer and curled one hand around her waist, letting our bodies come in touch.

It doesn't feel wrong.

- DARA's POV -

I tried not to notice him standing in front of me, to not see him from the corner of my eye.

I felt something inside of me break open as his lips brushed themselves against mine. I am unable to think of anything at the moment; all I heard was the loud pounding sound of my heart against my chest. I cursed myself silently for letting him get away with making me feel all different kinds of emotions; but it wasn't a bad thing.

My head is thrown back from his eagerness, but I didn't mind it. We continued like this for a few moments, then let the motion fade itself away as we slowly began to pull back. Our noses tipped against eachother when we both stopped to catch some breath. It seemed like we were lost in eachother's gaze, because it stayed that way for awhile before he started to cradle me in his arms.

Abruptly, I felt my vision slowly turn into blurs. My body immediately felt loose and my throat was burning inside. As I squinted my eyes to adjust the view, he looked at me in a sort of curious and speculating way.

"Dara?" He said, his hand now supporting the back of my head as I began to stagger. "Dara, are you-"

I didn't get the chance to hear the rest, because I immediately went out cold after that.


Twitching her eyelids, she slowly opened her mouth and gave a little yawn when her conscious was brought back. Dara slowly opened her eyes so that her pupils were able to catch sight of the ceiling above her, flexing her arms and legs through the process. She gave a little smile at the familiar clear white ceilings of her bedroom and the unique modern furnishings.

"My fever is gone." She said to herself in a low voice, slapping her hand over her forehead to double-check her instincts. She was right..her body felt much more healthier and upbeat than the night before, or the days after that. It must be because of the relief.. after all, she did many unnecessary acts these days.

"Hey, get up."

"What?" Dara wrinkled her nose at a voice coming from the room. She stayed still and rolled her eyes around in speculation, then shook her head and buried herself into her pillow. "My imagination, its just my imagination.."

"If you don't get up in the next five seconds, I'm gonna do something to you."

This time, she furrowed her eyebrows and shifted her head up. "What-" Her body immediately froze, eyes wide at the sight of Jiyong cuddled beside her with his head resting over his uncomfortably tucked arm. He glared at her in a pissed off way, gritting his teeth. Dara widened her eyes as she soon came to realize that she was holding onto his waist.

Jolting herself up after the shock, she quickly scrambled herself to the other side of the large king sized bed, taking all of the blanket with her through the process.

"Why are you sleeping beside me!? On top of that, holding me so intensely!" She exclaimed, pointing at the tired-looking Jiyong.

"You Locust! I should be sleeping in my own bed!" He responded after sitting himself in a cross-legged style, flexing out his arms where there were red marks. "Geez..It was because of you that I had to sleep in this uncomfortable position for the whole night." He rolled his eyes at the sight of her tilted, confused face.

"Jiyong, Don't leave.." He cooed in a girly voice, wearing a sarcastic grimace on his face. "Accompany me for the night...Please go easy on me."

"WHAT?" Hearing this perverted remark, the locust traveled back to the other side of the bed and dropped the blanket so that she had the advantage to kick him straight in the guts. Jiyong responded with a low "AH!" and clutched his stomach in a painful way, squinting his eyes.

He raised his head to meet her fiery eyes. "I was just kidding!"

For a second, it seemed like everything was back to normal now. They kept their bickering mode active, as if nothing ever happened.

They shared a moment of uncomfortable silence, Jiyong watching her blushed expression advert his gaze. Suddenly thinking of a new way to tease her, he pulled a little smirk from the corner of his lip. With a precipitous motion, he leaned himself over and scooped his arm around her waist, pulling her in and moving his weight over on top of her as they crashed down on the bed.

This definitely caused Dara to have a heart attack. A large lump was formed inside of her throat as her face turned bright red. He slightly leaned himself over her, his shoulder side leaning against her side and his arm caught crushed under waist while the other one pinning her wrist down possessively. He seemed to enjoy the sight of her extreme shyness when it came to physical contact.

Dara pursed her lips together. As she was about to open them again to say something, there was a sudden click of the door being opened. The two of them jerked their head to the side in alarm as a tall, slender girl with pink pajamas stood by the entrance with a wide eyed look.

"Ah! You two!" Bom exclaimed, pointing at Dara and Jiyong as they scrambled themselves up into place and adverted their gazes from eachother. Dara slowly turned her eyes towards her unnie with a guilty look, only to find that her friend had a lurking, slithering expression on her face.

Bom grinned and leaned against the wall. "No, go on. Continue."

"If you're standing right there, how can we continue.." The blonde propped himself up with his arms behind his back and murmured, only to receive a hard smack against his head by Dara's fist.

"Nothing happened, Bommie. Don't listen to his perverted remarks" She said, sending a sweet smile to her unnie as Jiyong rubbed the side of his head in pain. It seemed like he was getting bullied a lot in this scene.

"Seems like everything's cleared up between you two, whatever it was." Bom remarked, pulling another smile. Jiyong and Dara exchanged looks for a few seconds before she started again. "Anyway. Come downstairs to eat..we're waiting."


The five of them sat around the large glass dining table near the kitchen island, feeding on their brunch that was served by Minzy herself. Even though she was the maknae, she was the one that usually cooked for the rest. Since Jiyong was eating with them this time, she decided to make it an actual meal instead of something iffy like the food they usually eat.

There was a strange atmosphere at the eating table. Bom and Minzy were eating happily like normal people, but the same thing couldn't be said for the other three. Jiyong and Dara ate slowly and cautiously, and Chaerin swallowed her food with abnormal speed as if she was trying to endure something.

Exchanging looks with the blonde, Dara sent her a look of wonder and speculation. Her friend suddenly looked up from her fork and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you looking at?" She asks in a normal tone, putting down her utensils and picking up her drink as if she did this everyday. Well..she kind of does.

Relieved to hear that her best friend seemed to be acting habitual again, Dara smiled and placed a meatball inside of her mouth to chew it with a happy heart. Although she still wasn't sure what exactly happened...she decided to mind this business later. What happened yesterday definitely made her happy, and knocked off a lot of things off her shoulder.

"In the end, I couldn't make the crane." She thought abruptly, her smile turning into a small frown. Although she couldn't let her guard down just yet..there were still other chances in the future for her to grab. One day, she'll definitely be able to make it and prove to him that she actually could.

"Hnnmph!" Their attention diverted towards Minzy, who tried hard to chew down her food in a split second. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she began to speak. "Omo! Jiyong oppa and Dara unnie are going to perform their 'Hello' soon at Inkigayo, right? I can't wait!"

"What?" The coffee haired girl dropped her fork and jerked her head over to the blonde. "So early?"

Jiyong replied with a simple nod, leaving his spoon dangling from his mouth as he reached over to grab more noodles from the pot. "We have to go see YG later to make some plans. I forgot to tell you." He murmurs through his teeth.

"I heard you composed the song by yourself" Bom remarked, smiling over her fully filled rice bowl. Jiyong replied with another nod.

"Ohh, could it be that you wrote it just for you and Dara noona?" The maknae cooed, looking over to the eldest unnie and giggling. Chaerin started to chew her food slowly for a bit, but then returned to a normal pace. Dara bit her lip and looked at Ji from the corner of her eye, but he seemed to be ignoring the whole topic. But, there was a small smile pulling from his lips as he ate.

After a moment of silence except for the cling clanging of the utensils being used and the feint sound of the TV, Jiyong cleared his bowl and stood up from his chair. Chaerin raised her head and chewed the last bit of her japanese udon noodles.

"Are you done?"

"Yeah." The blonde replied, placing his hands inside his pockets. Turning towards Dara, who was also finished with her meal, he planted a wry smile.

"Come on."

Today's weather was just right; it wasn't too rainy or too sunny. Although there were still spitting rain, there was some bright sunshine too. The two of them were seen off by the rest of the 2ne1 members waving at the doorstep. After they turned the corner away from the apartment, they were alone. Dara staggered back and forth slowly along the pavement, stealing glances at the blonde walking casually beside her.

She wondered if they were considered... together together, now. If there was still a need to pretend. She continued to glance at him from the corner of her eye to notice that he kept his gaze straight ahead as if she wasn't there at all.

"When are we performing?" Dara asked, trying to strike up a conversation. He turned his head towards her in sudden interest, as if he was waiting for a conversation starter the whole time.

"About a week from now."



She clasped her hands together and silently sighed to herself. She gave up. Why did it feel like it was so hard to talk to him at the moment? Just awhile ago he was so playful and-

her body was caught off guard as he suddenly reached to the side and grabbed one of her hands, intertwining his fingers with hers. Dara's eyes went from their hands to the side of her head where she could catch a glimpse of his face. He had his free hand placed on his mouth and turned to the head, almost in like a shy or reserved way. This made her smile as she clutched his hand and gave it a light squeeze.

"So when it comes to PDA, he's suddenly not so confident anymore." She thought, coming up with her own conclusion. It was sort of entertaining, guess this answered her question.

"Aiyo! Seunghyun!" She paused her thought as Jiyong's feet suddenly came to a stop. Her head maneuvered forward to see the sharp eyed boy walking their way. As he approached us with a feint smile, Dara sent him a little wave with her free hand.

Seeing his dark eyes roll down towards the pair intertwined hands, Jiyong lifted their hands up in a proud motion. "Success." He said, letting it fall back down as Seunghyun gave them a nod of understanding.

"YG is expecting you." He said, and even though the previous remark was already said, his eyes were still glued onto the applers hands. Jiyong noticed the bothered look and his expression immediately turned into question. Ignoring his unwanted gaze, he opened his mouth to speak.

"We're on our way." He said, eyes moving towards the Entertainment building that was visible from their current spots.

"Oh, dara." Seunghyun interrupted, reaching into his pocket to pull something out. The coffee haired girl widened her eyes as she spotted a crane lying in his hands...the one he made for him. She was sure she had it with her the last time Jiyong tried to throw it out, why does he have it?"

"You must have dropped it sometime ago." He explained, grabbing for her hand to reassure it goes to her safely. Just as he was about to come in contact with it, Jiyong plunged for the crane and swooped it out of his hands. It left the other two dumbstrucked as he speculated it from the side.

"Thanks for returning it." The blonde smiled at his friend, Seunghyun returned the expression with a wry one. Sensing the awkward silence gliding around in the air, Dara tugged at Jiyong's hand a little in reminder of where they had to go. Seeing this motion, the dark haired boy gave a sigh and scratched the back of his head.

"Well, we'll be looking forward to the choreography." He said, giving them a nod. "I'll be going."

"Bye" Dara waved him off while Jiyong sent a little nod. He cut himself around them in a swift movement and walked casually back to the apartment. Well. Things began to get a little more awkward again now that it was only the two of them again. She found it strange but yet interesting at the same time, because he seemed very professional with other women but her. Instead of bottling up her theories inside, she decided to speak them out.

"Your different than before." She says in a serious tone.

He wrinkles his nose and gazes at her in a worried way, "Is that a good or bad thing?"

"Neither. Because either way, it doesn't change the fact that I've fallen in love with you..." Dara felt her face becoming red at her own words, it was unlikely of her to say such a thing. Although it was alright, because he managed to pull a smile between his lips.

Seems like things were going to be much more interesting from now on.

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