Dara watched his feet move step by step down the gray floors of YG Entertainment Studio. The walk felt like it was taking forever; but it was probably because she couldn't help but feel the awkward tension between them.

As he suddenly came to a pit stop, she let out a little gasp when her forehead bumped into the back of his shoulder. Finally, they've reached his recording place. With a soft click of the heavy beige door, Jiyong proceeded to be the first to step inside.

Flicking the light switch open, he made his way to the old tan couch on the left and took a seat. She didn't know if she should copy his actions, or just stand there waiting for the next order.

A few seconds later, she went and sat on the arm of the couch farthest away from him. He rolled his eyes to the corner and observed, then let out a little chuckle.

"Oblivious." He whispered through little breath.

Dara pursed her lips. This guy was impossible to read. What shit is he blabbering abou-


Thunder suddenly struck inside of her mind. After finally realizing what he meant, Dara hung her mouth open in complete distress. Catching a good reaction, the blonde began to laugh even more, holding his stomach as he swivled around to lie down on the couch head first to where Dara was sitting.


"Can't believe you bought that." He said, slowly stopping his laugh to cut off her sentence. "Can't believe YG bought that."

She was furious, and became even more angered at every word he said. He had tricked her all along; it was all an act. Saving her from the fans, being hurt, running away...chyearight.

"Teddy, Seunghyun..."

"Mm. Smart cookie." Jiyong teased, sticking out the tip of his tongue which caused Dara to sneer a little.


"You mean a fake one. Close enough." He said, tapping his foot on the seat with joy. "..Anyway. Lets get to work."

"Theres absolutely no way I-" Dara began, but slowly faded away into a thought. She slowly observed his expression, it was suddenly joke-free. So obvious this was another one of his lies. You can just see it in his eyes...he must really want this. Seunghyun, Taeyang, Chaerin..everyone supports this rotten guy. Sure, shes somewhat seen his capabilities before...but that was only bits and pieces.

Frowning, she nodded hesitantly. Was that a smile creeping onto Jiyong's face? Anyway. Slapping the back of his head, he sat up and crossed his legs as she took the spot his head was lying on. What a kid...

After a few moments of silence, She spoke again.

"...aren't we starting....?"

"Reporters." He said bluntly, causing her to raise an eyebrow. "Reporters. Theres no reporters, no cameras...no audience." Jiyong said in emphasis. Dara rolled her eyes, he really was a narcissist that needed attention. Although she couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

"Okay. back to the main idea." the blonde said, "We have a lot to do. If you would have accepted this SOONER...maybe we would have been done already."

"Oh, so its my fault now?" Dara spat, crossing her arms as her determined eyes locked with his.

"Yeah, it was so cold of you to decline. Especially considering you know how much of a hard worker I am..." Jiyong said, smirking. She gritted her teeth and held up a fist, causing him to flinch back in reflex and grab hold of her forearm.

"No violence. As long as we have work to do, that is." He said, pulling a sarcastic grin as he released her. Dara gulped, choking in her temporary fury. Staring at the already layed out sheets on the small brown coffee table infront of them that she hadn't noticed when they came in, she felt his gaze on her as she reached out and took one in her hands, scanning its contents.

"This....is impressive." She thought to herself, slowly meeting his neutral look from the corner of her eye.

"Alright. I'm listening, enlighten me." She said, as Jiyong then snatched the sheet away from her hands, scanning it himself.

"Okay. You better not let this song go to waste," He said, smirking playfully. "Or else, your going to get hurt."

"Oh, really." Dara rolled her eyes, "I'm scared. Is that a threat?"


"Be grateful that I'm helping you, even if you used such a low way to ask for the favor." She said. With a humourless laugh, Jiyong brought out a black pen from his jeanpocket.

It's going to be a long day.


Hours felt like minutes, and minutes felt like seconds, seconds felt like milliseconds. Time was flying by as the two of them went from Jiyong introducing her to the song, to the teaching of the pitches and melody. Teddy had already begun recording part of Dara's singing trial while GD continued to lounge on the couch, evaluating from afar. It wasn't long until the main girl had stepped out of the recording room and joined him on the sofa.

"Hello, Sexy boy or Hello, Handsome boy
Hello Hello, I'll talk to you first..."

"That was alright..." Jiyong said, tapping a pen against his chin. His eyes looked as if they were in deep thought, and his mouth was murmuring the melody of the song. Dara pouted; it was just ALRIGHT? Picky guy.

She took important note of this session; after all, she needed to improve on her own career, too. This whole thing might not be so bad after all, considering she might pick up on some useful tips...nothing more.

A moment of silence washed through the air, nothing was heard except for the constant clicking of his pen. Dara continued to stare into his eyes...somehow, he was different. Different than how he behaves when fooling around with girls, different...outside of work.

"....what are you staring at?"

Dara blinked her eyes, returning to reality. She flinched back at the sight of Jiyong's face close-up to hers, watching in curiosity. He looked way too innocent at this moment..

"Its higher here." He said, quickly glancing at Dara and then returning to the piece of paper, making a mark at one of the verses. "Since its a refrain."

"Oh..." She murmured to herself, staring at the sheet and mumbled the lines.

"Are you able to do it?" He asked, glancing back at her. He tilted his head slowly in front of the what seemed liek dazed or spaced out girl, then snapped his fingers. She jumped out of surprise and widened her half-closed eyes, holding her chest.

"Are you tired?" He asked bluntly.

Dara shook her head in denial, scratching the back of it with her eyes closed.

"No. Its just that I didn't get to sleep well last night."

Jiyong rolled his eyes, "Same thing."

It's already been hours since they first started recording. Most of the time was spent whining and arguing about the concept, and sometimes they even got along well. The blonde turned his head to the back wall and caught sight of the analog clock that just stroke 11:30. Returning his gaze to his partner, who was now lying on the couch eyes open reading over the script, he debated with himself for awhile.

"We're not going to finish this today." He thought. "I may be fine with staying up for another day, but this girl might not be."

"Shouldn't you be heading off soon?" She asked, peeking over at him from the sheet and breaking his train of thought.

"I think I should be the one asking you that. I'm sleep deprived enough already." He replied, a non-humorous chuckle accompanying the words.

"Don't need you to worry about me." Dara replied with a sneer, "Actually, don't even worry at all. You should call up Rinnie or something, she's probably waiting for yo-" she stopped her rant at the look of Jiyong's face. It immediately went from concerned to a serious expression. Crap... why didn't she think before she spoke?

After that, another awkward silence filled the air. Nothing but the light melody of "Hello" playing in the background.

"Why do you keep bringing Chaerin up?" Jiyong said, breaking the silence. Dara turned her attention towards him as if the answer wasn't obvious enough already. With immediate reflexes, she propped her leg onto the sofa and leaned in, staring into his eyes with intensity.

"Are you forgetting what I saw at the MV shooting?" Dara said, trying to keep a calm and even tone of voice. "Chaerin is 2ne1's leader. My friend. My sister by heart." She finished, slowly letting him absorb the words one by one into his mind. All she got though, was a blink followed by an eyeroll. Jiyong clicked his tongue and rested his arm on the side of the couch.

"Are you really okay with hurting her like that?" Dara continued. "Knowing that your this kind of person, she still loves you. Don't you feel any guilt at all?"

"Ever heard of loving someone for who they are? Its not my fault that she has feelings for me." Jiyong spat, jolting his head towards the coffee haired girl, causing her to flinch back and hit her side of the couch a little. "Why the hell are you even meddling with this? Its not your business. Don't just budge in playing the good fair-and-square person, I don't need you to lecture me."

At this, Dara felt a swarm of anger hit her chest. She bolted up from her seat and smacked the table, receiving no reaction from Jiyong but the same stern look on his face.



With a short gasp, Dara loosened her red face. Frustration had already welled up in her eyes. Jiyong continued the neverending gaze at her, breathing heavily. Finally, he closed his eyes for a moment and raised his head with a serious look on his face.

"We never were. I don't know how you came to assume so, but..." Stuttering and then looking around the room awkwardly, He dropped himself onto the couch, averting his gaze. "Whatever. Your one hell of an annoying locust."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Dara whispered, ignoring the rash comments he made.

"Why? What was the point in that?" Jiyong said, emphasizing his words. "Either way, you'd still be as persistent as ever."

"You could of said something." Her voice began to shake. "Instead of making me feel like an idiot, not for standing up for my friend, but for having to deal with someone like you."

Enduring a few moments of silence, she began to speak again.

"Seunghyun was right. You're a good artist. Talented." She spat, "But one with a rotten heart. If I knew that, I wouldn't have bothered helping you with this song if seu-"

"Oh. So it was him that motivated you." Jiyong said, interrupting with a loud voice. "Not because you wanted to do it, not because you wanted to make this come out good, for my success and for yours, but because someone told you to with a few sweet words? Your more naive than I thought."

With this, she felt a heavy load of emotion dwell in her chest. Biting her lip, Dara ran towards the door and pulled its heavy handle, exiting the room with a slam.

Sitting there for awhile, Jiyong closed his eyes in thought.

"Really. Annoying."

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