The way back had been a short one, shorter than it took to get there. at least that's how it felt between the two supposedly-going-out couple. It was 9:30 at night, and they had just returned to the busy city side of Seoul. Even though it was at night, the place still seemed very busy and upbeat.

Although It couldn't be said the same for the two slow-paced walkers down the sidewalk. After whats happened back there, things started to get just a tad bit awkward between them. Through the whole walk here, they hadn't spoken one word to eachother. She found it quite strange, that Dara. It was just a sudden outburst of feeling that she's never seen before.

But somehow, she liked it. She finally knew what he was thinking instead of him bottling it up all inside.

"Are you going home?" She finally spoke, breaking the silence with a soft calm stone of voice. He seemed shock by this question as his eyes popped white a little.

"I think you should be getting home. YG will kill me if I take you out for too long."

"That didn't really answer my question." Dara spat at herself, but decided to let it go. He never really gives her straightforward answers anyway, she was already used to it.

Her feet came to a pit stop as Jiyong suddenly paused in front of her. With a curious look on her face, she stepped beside him and followed his eyes to see what he was staring at.

There was a small magazine stand right on their left side, and the weekly feature had her picture on it in her "Kiss" outfit. With a wide eyed grin, Dara immediately ran over to the stand and grabbed the issue, speculating its front cover.

"What are they talking about?" Jiyong leaned over her shoulder and squinted in the dim light of the magazine stand to read the headlines. To both of their surprise, it struck them dumbfounded.

Sandara Park Sweeps off G-Dragon's Heartbreaker with a Kiss!

Completely in awe by this and unaware of what it means, Jiyong acted immediately by sweeping the article out of her hands and bringing it over to the other side, flipping through the pages. Dara responded with a scowl as she attempted to grab it from him, but in the end only managed to read from his side.

2NE1 member Sandara Park's solo debut song 'Kiss' has went up #1 on the 2nd week on Mnet Weekly Chart for its first week. The song 'Kiss' went up to the #1 spot 4 days after its first reveal, and also the MV to the song which features Boys Over Flowers actor Lee Min Ho has also gained the song much interests. It is rumoured as this MV shooting has possibly brought the two artists closer. Both companies are considering to let them collaborate more in the future. Although her duo with G-Dragon for 'Hello' was also a huge success not long ago, unfortunately, he has taken a nasty fall.

G-Dragon has fallen 2 positions down to #3 with his solo debut song, 'Heartbreaker' and along with 'Hello'. Despite the fact that Sandara and Jiyong are both entertainers of YG, how will their kpop careers become a hinder to their relationship? We will take a closer look at this when Sandara Park will be interviewed on MBC Section TV along with Lee Minho.

After reading the last sentence of the paragraph, they were both at a loss for words. She had no intention in bumping him off the charts, never once had she even considered something like this would happen in the first place. With a sudden nervous breakdown, she couldn't refrain from biting her lip or even breathe and or move her head to look and see how he had reacted to this. He was definitely mad, you could feel the aura.

Taking a brave risk, she slowly maneuvered her view to the blonde beside her. She felt her heart sink a little as he was looking back at her with a dreaded reaction.


Dara immediately pulled herself back as he raised a fist, but not in a threatening way. She closed her eyes and held her hands on the top of her head for dear life.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know this would happen. I thought this would just come out as a mere commercial song, you know? It didn't really intend to-"

"-they're letting you guys collaborate more in the future!?"

Dara's head whipped up, eyes moving to focus on the blonde that still had his pupils glued to the article in his hands. This was a rather unexpected reaction from him, considering it was Kwon Jiyong we were talking about here. She took a small step forward, looking into his eyes with confusion. She decided to test him. Just for the fun of it, and to satisfy her own curiosity.

"I beat you."


"I'm the winner."


"Look at yourself, you've dropped two places."

"What about it?"

She was now satisfied of the fact that he seemed to have no interest in his own standing. She furrowed her brows and tilted her head to the side, not quite understanding his trepidation. As she stayed like that for a few seconds, her eyes immediately lit up as a note had just been dug up from her mind.

"Ah!" She called out, receiving a nonchalant look from him. "That reminds me. Tomorrow's the photoshoot and interview. I have to get prepared"

"What!?" Jiyong bellowed again, harshly closing the magazine and setting it back on the weekly feature stand, receiving a frown from the stand owner that he simply ignored. He turned again to face her with a determined look on his face. "When?"

" three. I think." Dara said with a thinking voice. "Pretty sure Minho's gonna come over to the entertainment and we'll get a ride there together."

"Good. I'll be there."

"Kay." She gave a little smile, but it soon turned into a frown in realization. "Wait, what?"

Jiyong wrinkled his nose. "You really think I'd miss out on such a thing? I'm definitely coming." Somehow, this bothered him more than he thought it would. And as to the reason why....he didn't know himself.

"Er.." Dara was unsure of what to say, but a sudden thought hit her. Her mouth slowly turned into a sly smirk as she shuffled her way towards the blonde, nudging his side. He gave her a questioning look and pulled his arm away. She responded back with a short, maniacal laugh.

"Looks like someones jealoussss..." She said in a singsong voice. "It can't be that you've fallen for me for real now?"


Somehow, I didn't know how to reply to her. The N word just couldn't escape out of my mouth. I don't know why. So instead of giving her an answer, i just looked her in the eye. This felt like the moment of truth.

By the way, it'd be helpful if someone told me the truth. Or at least a hint, because I am completely stumped at the moment. I continued to gaze at her, and I could tell it was making her feel awkward from her expression so I quickly looked away. I could feel my heart clenched in an uncomfortable way right now, which made me feel so oblivious to my own feelings.

It can't be that maybe I really have fallen for this dumb Locust? There was no way. She's not my type. Out of all the girls I've fooled around with...theres no way I'd end up with someone like her. It seemed like that was the last thing that could ever happen to me on this earth.

But then again, it wasn't entirely impossible. Something about that piece of news just pissed me off.

"Don't come." She said in a nonchalant voice. At this moment, I would have yelled at her and quarreled with her. Instead of doing that, A completely different side of me responded with a calm, fiery voice.

"Why? Is it weird to have a boyfriend go and support his girlfriends success?"

"Noo..." Dara rolled her tongue, completely stumped as she couldn't figure out anything else to say as a comeback. I noticed her feet shifting nervously on the ground. She slowly regained confidence and tried her best to look threatening. It was entertaining.

"But, Just don't come. Okay? Or else!"


Minho gulped.

He looked around at his surroundings at the recording studio he was in. He was seated quite stiffly on the run-down burgundy couch, and was put in a rather heavy atmosphere. His eyes flew to Dara's, who was also looking pretty stiff an awkward at the space right next to him.

She gave him a slow, apologetic look. "I'm sorry..."

"No, its okay." He gave a humourless chuckle, receiving one back from Sandara at the same time. The two heads slowly turned their way forward, following by their eyes as if they were being cautious of the beast laying before them. Jiyong lounged in the single seat across from them, slouched with his legs spread apart and his arm propping his head up in a lazy way. His other hand tapped its finger slowly, watching the two with a deadly look.

"So you came after all..." Dara gritted her teeth and murmured under her breath to herself. Yes, he was the cause of this awkward atmosphere. Both aware of the dark, flaming aura coming from him, it was hard to talk freely.

"" Minho started in a whisper-like voice, "excited for the program?"



The two paused and let the awkwardness of the situation sink in, turning their heads away in a different direction. Dara clasped her hands together and rubbed them nervously. Her head, aware of Jiyong's eyes glued onto them, bolted towards his direction in a scowl.

"Could you stop watching us every second?" She hissed urgently.

"Oh. Im sorry," Jiyong mocked in a sarcastic voice, "Do I need to leave you and romeo along together for awhile?" He paused a little before the romeo bit to give off extra effect.

"Romeo?" Minho echoed the word in surprise, turning to look at Dara. She responded by giving a nervous laugh as she awkwardly scratched the back of her head. "Aren't you guys together?" He asked casually.

"Er..." Dara dragged. "Actually-"

"Glad you heard." Jiyong interrupted, receiving a silent you-shut-up from Dara. Ignoring her signal, he sat up from his position and rested his elbows on his knees, cupping his hands together. "By the way, I hope your photos come out good during this photoshoot. Wouldn't want to screw things up to make things look bad."

Minho, who clearly found this offensive, gritted his teeth and clenched his fists together in his lap. The two of them narrow-eyed eachother for awhile, releasing an electrifying tension between them. Dara gulped as her eyes traveled from Jiyong to Minho, she had to stop this somehow.

"Uhm..I think the van should be here soon. We should go outside-"

"I heard 'Heartbreaker''s dropped a few places." Minho started, emphasizing his voice, causing Jiyong to flinch at his tone. "Gotta remember to work hard, right? Genius Composer?"

"Oh, thats right." He went on, "You guys did 'Hello' together, heard it was a real success. Where did that go? Haven't heard it in awhile."

Jiyong shot up from his seat. "Why, you-!"

"THE VAN IS HERE!" Dara bolted up, raising her voice above the two. She took a step forward and walked between the two, passing by to head for the door. Jiyong and Minho gave eachother one last final glare as they both turned their way to follow her out.


"Alright..get in, get in. We're running a little late."

The three of them lingered outside of the large white van until the driver had finally unlocked the doors, sliding them open in a swift movement and motioning them in. Minho gave a manly gesture and kept the door open, supporting Dara's hand as she climbed herself in. Seeing this, Jiyong wrinkled his nose in disbelief. Suck up.

Just as he himself was about to get in, he was suddenly stopped by the drivers hand on his shoulder.

"Jiyong. Why are you coming?"

"What, did they say that Kwon Jiyong wasn't allowed to attend the photoshoot?" He spat. The man's hand slowly disappeared off his shoulder as the blonde held the door for himself and climbed his way in. Stopping as he stepped a foot into the van, Jiyong looked at the availible seats. His eyebows furrowed as he noticed Minho sitting beside Dara in a three-person area. Unfortunately, she was sitting on the inside by the window with Minho in the middle. He gave a little curse as the raven black haired boy sent him a little smile, as if representing victory.

With a determined look, the blonde climbed his way to the back, placing a hand between where Dara and Minho's shoulder touched. With one grunt he pushed him aside and plopped himself down in the middle between them. After getting all settled in, he buckled up his seatbelt and blew his bangs aside, shifting his head over to Dara.

"Do a good job, okay?"

"Creepy. The level minded Jiyong would never say something like that." Dara thought, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah..of course."

"This may be the last time we'll work together, Dara. Lets make it memorable." Minho shot back, leaning his head forward to meet her eyes with a nod. Jiyong, irritated by this, smiled and leaned his head on his palm that rested his elbow on his knee, intentionally covering his face.

Dara took this chance of not letting Minho see, to give the blonde a fiery glare through her large almond eyes. Jiyong, who forced himself to obey, gulped and pushed himself back on the seat.

The rest of the car ride was no doubt, tense. There was no talking, no whispering, nothing but the feint sound murmurs of the radio from the front. Dara rolled her eyes to the corner and glanced at the two boys- they were both staring straight ahead with serious looks. She was afraid to breathe, in case one of them started talking again.

In no time, they had reached the photoshoot site. It was a large indoor place labeled MBC Section TV- and it was where they were to to be getting to work first and then interviewed. The van came to a stop after making a turn into the large reserved parking spot.

The three of them quickly exited, Minho shutting the door with a slam behind them. They weren't wearing any disguises- it was alright since it was just a scheduled photoshoot. Nothing out of the ordinary for celebrities.

As they reached the large transparent entrance of the building, the driver opened up the door for them, letting Dara enter first followed by Jiyong and then Minho. Within the first foot stepped in, they were immediately surrounded by various YG family members that came to support the shooting.

"Dara unnie!"

The coffee haired girl smiled at the sound of the Maknae's voice. She watched as the small petite member of 2ne1 danced her way over to her unnie and gave her a hug.

"How've you been doing?" the elder asked with a voice of comfort and worry. She wanted to ask about Chaerin and where she was..but decided not to bring such a taboo subject up.

"I'm good! Me and Bommie's been really bored lately without-"


Jiyong flinched and closed his eyes at the loud outburst of a familiar voice faraway. No doubt, it was Park Bom. She had ran her way over to the group, giving Dara a loud slap on the side of her head in an unnie way.

"Aiyo!" Dara exclaimed, rubbing the pain. "What was that for!?"

"You never told us you and him were going out!" She pointed towards the lazy looking blonde standing behind her, who soon became conscious again at the sound of being referred to as 'him'.

"Bommie, it was probably a long story, considering Rinnie's been sulking like hell at home lately." Minzy slipped out, receiving many different looks from the people around her. "Oops" she covered her mouth. Dara's smile faded at this news.

"So she's still like that.." Dara thought to herself. She didn't know whether to be worried or not...but of course she was though, it was her best friend.

"Your going to be late." Jiyong interrupted her thoughts, he placed two hands on her shoulder and started to steer her to the left down a hallway. "Better get going."

"Well then. We'll see you later, we've been here since the morning waiting for you guys to come and we're hungry." Bom smiled. She was known to have a good appetite..maybe a little too good. Dara responded with a smile and a quick nod, then proceeded to walk her way with Jiyong and Minho by either of her sides.

Upon entering two large doors down the hallway, Dara reached for the handle and turned its knob, using all her might to pull the heaviness until she managed to get one of them open. Loud music began blasting its way through their ears, and to her amusement, it was no other than her solo debut song.

"Ah! Everyone! Sandara park and Minho are here now, gather up!" She heard someone call out from somewhere in the midst of the bright, busy room. Cameras were set up everywhere along with a huge clear stage with a screen for their photoshoot.

As Minho took the first step in, a cameraman immediately appeared by his side, wavering a black camera lens by his face. Dara soon followed him from behind.

Everyone came to a pause as Jiyong suddenly appeared from behind the doors. Cameras began clicking in no time as he walked in, his white hip hop shoes clinking its way to the coffee haired girl on the hard shiny floors.

"Everyone! Why is Kwon Jiyong here?"

"Aigooo, the obvious! He's here to support his girlfriend of course!"

Ignoring all the unnecessary commentaries, Dara and minHo made their way to their dressing rooms. Jiyong stopped and sat at a red beanie nearby the set, dragging it to a place where he could get a good view of the shoot. A sudden question occurred to him during the process. Why was here anyway? It was sort of late to realize that now, but what was worth all this trouble coming here and watching this?

Support. Its for support. Gotta have a good image as a boyfriend.

Tapping his finger on the side of the beanie impatiently, there was a large click of a door as everyone turned over to the left. Wondering what it was all about, Jiyong paused and glanced over to what everyone's attention was being stolen to.

"Ahhh! Sandara, you look wonderful!"

"Minho, complimentaries to your style!"

The blonde loosened his hard expression at the sight of the coffee haired girl. She looked different. She looked...beautiful. Her hair had been split down the middle with waves, bringing out the shape of her face. Mini curls of hair were visible on either side of her face as the rest fell down in large waves. Her makeup had been done in a professional way; thick eyeliner as always, with a light shade of pink on her lips. She wore a large gold chain around her neck and abstract clothing with ripped jeans.

He couldn't care less about how that fag looked beside her.

"Aiiiiiiii..." A lady, who stood near Jiyong cooed. "You two look like a real couple!"

Upon hearing this, Jiyong slowly turned his head over to the lady in a menacing way. The man standing next to her nodded his head over to the blonde, sending her awareness of him. She glanced below and caught sight of his bothered face.

"Ah!" She stuttered, bowing her head many times in apology. "I'm sorry!"

"Che..." Jiyong shot her one last glare, then returned to his position. It bugged him somehow that everyone was all whiney and childish over the two. Didn't these people have any conscience to realized that he was sitting right here, exposed to it all?

"Alright...lets get started!" The photographer clapped his hands, and all of a sudden everyone was in position. The two stars made their way over to the set where they got into the first position. Two helpers from the back handed them Cass Beer mugs with imitation liquid on the inside.

"Hold them naturally, and get close." he ordered. Although acting as if he wasn't interested at all, Jiyong watched from the corner of his eye as the two of them suddenly crashed their bodies against eachother as told. Dara's back was pushed against his chest; he tiled his head down and smiled at her in a nonchalant way. The camera flashed for what seemed like a million times before they switched positions.

"Alright! How about putting an arm around eachother and dunking mugs?"

Hearing the sound of this, Jiyong's attention immediately flicked over to the two. He watched as he placed an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. Dara soon did the same thing. The blonde clenched one of his hands, still trying to hide the fact that he's actually bothered by this.

As he was contemplating on the fact that his "girlfriend" seemed like she was being snatched away, his eyes suddenly met Minho's. The raven haired boy flashed him a sly smile and pulled her even closer so that they were smacked against eachother.

Okay. Hes a real fag. No words could describe it.

"Ehh, Jiyong? You seem bored. Aren't you going to show your girlfriend some support?"

The blonde tiredly looked over to his side at one of Dara's assistants. Even though he was almost showered with that question for the whole day, he never really considered doing so. Wasn't this for her debut, 'Kiss', that topped off his Heartbreaker? As an entertainer from YG, shouldn't he be supporting her either way?

He ignored the lady's statement and continued to watch the two switch poses every once in awhile on the set. How could he support her whole heartedly when someone like him with an annoying face is always by her side?


"Good job, everyone! Credit to the hard work!"

Finally, the photoshoot was done. To Dara, even though it was fun and all, it was very tiring. Also, she felt like Minho and Jiyong's faces at eachother during the pictures was completely unnecessary. How childish. She felt relieved that now they could finally go home and-

Oh. Right. There was an interview, too. Although she was excited for it, she felt like she's already lost a lot of energy.

Seeing this exhausted side to her, Jiyong grabbed the already open plastic water bottle from beside his beanie and tossed it to Dara, who caught it as she walked by him. He had went out and bought it in the middle of the shooting when he got really bored of staring at Minho's face. Dara's was an exception though, she sure makes interesting expressions.

As she stared at the bottle in her hands, her face came to a smile as she looked over at his surroundings. Beside his beanie laid two boxes of cookies, an empty bowl of kimchi noodles, and a can of milk tea. He really must have been keeping himself busy.

"Thanks." Dara smiled, waving the bottle with her hand. "..are you coming to watch the interview?"

"No, actually I-"

Just as he was about to reply, he was soon interrupted by Minho as he came up from behind her and grabbed her by the arm. "Dara! It's time to go."

"I feel slightly pissed off." Jiyong thought. At this, he immediately shot up from his seat and shoved his hands in his jeanpockets, walking towards the two. "Yea, lets go. Don't want to be late now, do we?" With a swift motion, he grabbed Dara's other hand and proceeded to pull her away from Minho's grip, leading her into the interviewing place.

As they entered the large, decorated room, they were immediately greeted by the camera crew and a medium sized audience of special guests. There was no time left to get ready; the second they stepped through the door, they were on live.

"Hello!" Dara greeted the host, she did a little flip of her head and burst out into laughter as she saw what the lady was wearing. It was familiar, of course. She was wearing what seemed like a parody clothing of 2ne1's 'Fire' along with Dara's palm tree hairstyle.

"Ah! It seems that Sandara's quite shocked with my new style" The host said. "Just call me SANTINA PARK, the new member of 2ne1! Come come..have a seat. Ah, you two look like such a great match! So Envious~~" She suddenly froze at the sight of Jiyong, who stood awkwardly as he seemed quite out of place.

"Aiiyoooo, seems you've brought your boyfriend here! Do join us!" She motioned him towards a third seat between her and Dara. As they settled themselves down, Dara's eyes rolled from Minho to Jiyong, making sure there wasn't any sort of fierce eye contact between them.

"Ahh..did you miss MBC Section TV Program?" Santina asked Minho, raising the mike over to him.

He responded with a small smile pulling around his lips. "I missed it so much. Why did you only come now?"

The audience broke into a chuckle as he laughed the last part off. This made Jiyong grit his teeth, again, SUCK UP.

"Aiii, Minho, you still look as handsome as ever! What are you filming for?"

"We were taking the photoshoot for Cass Beer CF in the paper media." He replied again, keeping his voice even. His pupil eyes Jiyong from the side, his tone suddenly changing near the end as they spotted eachother unpleasantly. Luckily, this heavy tension wasn't recognized by the audience.

"Ohh I see." Santina shoved her thick black glasses up a little. "In the previous CF, it became a topic that you filmed a thrilling kiss-scene with Jessica Gomez. This time, you filmed with this girl with hip fashion, 2ne1's Sandara Park. Not to mention this in front of Jiyong here, But you guys really are well-matched for this commercial!"

At this point, she was now aware of the twitch on the side of the blonde's mouth. Covering up her realization with a cough, she turned towards Dara with a sweet smile. "What was your first impression of eachother?"

"He looked like a rich guy." Dara replied.

"You got that wrong." The three of them broke into laughter at Minho's response, but Jiyong remained stiff.

"Well, what was your impression of Sandara, then?" Santina held the mike to the raven haired boy, awaiting for a response. He stared at her deeply for a second, in which Jiyong did not forget to take note of. After awhile, he started to speak.

"I thought she would be active and cute, but she is rather calm."

"Ahh I see." She took the mike back to herself, adjusting her glasses again. "Many audiences may be surprised if they hear Sandara is the eldest here among the th- Four of us. Does it seem strange to you that you call her noona?"

Minho gave a little laugh. "Thats why I didn't call her noona, but just Dara."

The three of them broke into laughter again. Jiyong crossed his arms with a bored look on his face; how long did they plan to ignore him for?

"What was your impression of the whole CF with Minho, Dara?"

"I was thrilled and nervous, but it was very exciting." Dara said with a calm, lady-like voice. She seemed more elegant and calm on tv and broadcast than her real self.

"Dara, you visited the Philppines a few months ago, I heard. How was it there? Did you get run over by any of the Minho fangirls?"

Dara smiled. "Its obvious that the people over there love him. I can see why...No, I haven't, and I think I would have been scared to." She turned her head over to Minho "I can teach you a phrase in Tagalog, It would make all the fans there happy. Mahal Ko Kayo, it means I love you all."

"Mahal Ko Kayo." Minho said, staring into her eyes for some reason. This definitely ticked Ji off, considering he sat straight up on his chair now, carefully watching the two.

"So, Minho, what is your favourite group out there?"


"AIYO! He answered almost automatically!"

"I think that all of YG Entertainment's artists are great." He went on, giving Jiyong another look in the eye. "I especially think BigBang has a lot of talent in their hands."

"Ah! Come to think of it.." Santina shuffled her body towards Jiyong, who had kept quiet the whole time. "How do you feel about your girlfriend and Minho making a kiss scene from their first meeting with eachother?"

"Right. Kiss scene. I forgot all about that." Jiyong continued to grind his teeth together in an uncomfortable motion. This conversation seemed to aim at his taboo parts. "Fine with me. Its work."

"Ah..really? You don't feel bothered at all even though they locked lips literally over 100 times for the CF?"

"Th-WHAT?" Jiyong's eyes became wide in alarm at this new piece of news. He was never told of this. He took a moment to look over at the two- who were staring at him with shocked faces at his sudden reaction. Minho sent him a sly smile while Dara creased her eyebrows.

"EIIII? You didn't know!? They had to kiss over 100 times even though they only used two kiss scenes in the MV." Santina reported to him, "Speaking of the kiss, why don't we see an example of one Live from the two hottest stars of the year, right here on MBC TV?"

This Host. Evil. Much.

Jiyong gulped down the large lump formed inside of his throat. This bothered him more than he thought it would. Was it even possible for two people to make out 100 times just for a commercial? It just didn't many any sense to him at all. He found his hands clenching the sides of the chair he was sitting on, his veins popping out on them. Why did he feel so..angered?

They weren't actually going out. Calm down, Ji. Take this coolly. Locusts could make out with whoever they want.

He opened his mouth to protest, but was soon silenced by the sound of Minho's intended cough. He settled for a glare instead, one that would have burnt holes through the raven's forehead if it could.

"Fun. Lets do it." To all of their surprise, Minho grabbed the arm of the coffee haired girl and used force to lift her up from her seat, causing her to stumble. He grabbed her other arm and maneuvered her in place, then stared deeply into her eyes.

It was just a joke. Why was he being so provocative?

Dara's heart beated a little faster than before. This supposed to be just a fun little kiss, but his eyes seemed more determined than stated. She looked very confused and definitely unprepared. With one, fast movement, Minho's head tilted to the side and his lips darted to hers.

It was a huge blood rush then.

Jiyong's body reacted quick to this. In almost a flash, he took a step towards the two and grabbed the far side of Dara's waist, Pulling her towards him and ripping her from Minho's grip. As she let out a little yelp and stumbled on her feet, he grabbed the small of her back with his other hand and pulled her in.

At that moment, She felt as if the world was crashing around her. He had his arms wrapped around her, her hands being forced to rest nowhere but on his chest.

His head tiled to the side.

In a flash, His lips crashed tightly on hers.

She felt herself falling silent, her eyes becoming wide in shock. His back hunched over in order to maintain position, she felt a coldness run through her spine as one of his hands made its way behind her head, running through her hair and cradling the back of her head making sure it was tight in place.

Her body remained stiff for awhile, her eyes watching his closed ones. As she soon began to struggle, he only held her tighter until she couldn't move anymore.

Finally giving up, she slowly closed her eyes and let this moment sink in.

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