Dara scattered her feet across the sidewalk pavement of downtown Seoul, taking short pauses as she ran (or rather, was dragged) behind the blonde. Jiyong noticed this and stopped in his tracks to turn himself around and face her, finally letting go of her hand. They seemed to have gone far enough.

"Can't take it, Locust?" He says to her, leaning himself against the glass panel of a shop.

"You..Shut up." Dara replies pointing a finger tiredly at the boy. Her serious face turned into a joking smile as she stood awkwardly a metre away from him in the centre of the sidewalk. The two of them stayed in position for awhile with a wandering gaze, not sure of where to look or what to do now.

"Are we really going with this act?" She asks.

"Of course." Jiyong replies with a slight bash of his eyebrows, "I saved you big time, many times. Ever consider paying back the favour?"

Dara's eyes widened. "Woah woah, wait. How was that related to what I was asking? And..what favour?"

The blonde gave a little sly smile at this, which worried her deeply. What was he planning now? After all thats happened, what if they got caught again? The press wouldn't let them go that easy, and they'd definitely make more stories to backfire them. Dara felt a bit frustrated as her question was left unanswered.

"I have to get back home. Bom and Minzy should be returning soon, and I need to prepare-"

"They can take care of themselves. What are you, their house mother?" He says, interrupting her excuse. "Instead..."

Dara felt herself slowly moving backwards as he took his time, step by step, maneuvering close to her. Her heart suddenly began to beat faster as her back had touched a large black pole at the side of the street. He was only a few inches away from her now, but this time she wasn't scared. Not like before. But the fact that he wanted a favour made her nervous; it depends. It could have been anything. Knowing him..

"I'd rather not...you know I'm not that.."

"Go to the Amusement Park with me."

"..much of a drinker-" Dara paused. She had failed to register what he said. Did she hear correctly? an Amusement park? Was that really what came out of his mouth just now? To think that of all things, he wanted something as simple as that.

"Your weird." Was all she could say. He replied by forming a slight smile around the curve of his lips in a somehow happy-relieved way.

"I am."


"Jiyong isn't anything like that!"

"Of course someone with the status of his girlfriend would say that!"

"Is that what being together with someone is about? Protecting their partner's status in such a way? If something's good about that person, say it. If something's bad about that person, you should also say it."

The leader of 2ne1 watched her unnie's exasperated expression on the widescreen television in their apartment. She had herself resting on the large white couch in a tired looking way, with bags under her eyes and her pupils glued to the screen. Its been awhile since she had decided to go home- and this was the first thing she saw. The TV was left on the news channel.

"Why." She murmured to herself.

"I can see your torturing yourself the minute you get back."

Seunghyun walked into the living room in a calm gesture way, standing beside the TV. Chaerin's eyes rolled towards him and stared. She had no motivation to do anything worth getting up.

"Don't just break into other peoples apartments." She said with a casual tone.

"Then don't leave the door open. Simple as that." Seunghyun glanced at the television from the corner of his eye. It was featuring Dara at the moment..Dara and Jiyong, with her head buried in his chest surrounded by what seemed like dozens of people. The headline exclaimed "YG Entertainment's couple"

"Do you really like Jiyong that much? To go through all of this for him?" He asked, keeping his gaze steady. Chaerin responded with a small movement of her head, burying it into a pillow she had slowly pulled to her nearby.

"What do you think."


"I'd like to be reminded why I agreed to this again." The coffee haired girl gazed at the huge sighting before her eyes. She was standing right before a large crowded amusement park. Her gaze slowly shifted to her side to strike an awkward look at the blonde standing next to her. He was smiling.

As he quickly turned his head to meet hers, his smile turned more sarcastic. "A guy gets bored too, okay?"

''Uh huh." Dara wrinkled an eyebrow. Of course, they didn't come without any disguises. At crowded upbeat places like this, they played the role of a celebrities best friend. Jiyong had thick black lenseless glasses and his previous hat was replaced by a dark brown one. She herself had pulled her hair up in a messily way, with matching fake glasses. Dara flinched as she took note of the visitors whispering around them.

Yeah, she could tell people were assuming they were a couple already.

"Lets go." Dara felt her face turn pink as grabbed her hand, clasping it inbetween his. She bit her lip as she let him drag her through the tall silver gates.

Inside was a huge spectrum of color. It's been awhile since she's been here, Dara thought. Her pupils moved from one area to another; first catching sight of large groups of friends and couples. In a more farther view, she could see different sorts of rides. Her eyes immediately caught Jiyong's staring at a large ride a few distances away..

"Ferris Wheel?" Dara thought to herself, pulling a little smile. She gently released his grip on her hand and broke into a jog towards the large slow-moving ride. Jiyong soon followed her after realization that she had took off.

Breaking into a stop in front of the line, Dara gazed up at the view. It was beautiful. Colorful lights surrounded the glass panels of the seats surrounded by swirls of stars as the exterior design. She tilted her head to her side at Jiyong who had the same expression worn on his face. Somehow, it felt like they were two five year old children awed by a new toy.

"Would you two like to ride?" An elderly man asked. He was probably the gatekeeper of the Ferris Wheel.

Dara glanced at Jiyong, who incidentally returned the look. They averted their gazes awkwardly from eachother, causing the man to bring out a little chuckle.

"Young Couples...Go in, Go in! Its my pleasure."

With that, the two didn't hesitate to take a step through the metal gates into a seat. Jiyong raised a foot onto the high platform, then stopped to turn around and let out a hand.

"Here." He said.

Dara set her eyes on his outstretched hand. She wasn't sure if she would take it or not..was this apart of the act? Oh well. With a quick, swift movement, she grabbed his hand and let him pull her up and into the first availible seat after squishing around her to get to the inside. They let the old man close and lock the door for them, it wasn't long after that that the ride had begun to move. Dara watched the boy place a hand on his side of the window; gazing out at the distance.

"So even someone like you is interested in childish things like this." She said with a small laugh. He replied with a wrinkle of his nose, regaining his position in the usual cool and lazed off look.

"Well, thanks for being so judgemental."

"Just saying.." Dara rolled her eyes. After a few moments of silence, she turned her head to the window almost forgetting that they were on a Ferris Wheel. To her wide-eyed shock, they were already way off the ground. She felt a slight panic heart-attack knowing that it was going to take awhile to get to the ground. With an instant reflex, she scooched a little over to Jiyong until their thighs were in contact. She lightly pinched the shoulder sleeve of his black jacket, causing him to smirk.

"Locusts are scared of heights." He said. "You learn something new everyday."

Dara shot a scowl at him. She had completely forgotten about her fear of heights. Smart move.

"Che.." Jiyong glanced again outside of the window while Dara remained frozen in the spot looking forward. "What a pity. Such a nice view too...oh look. We're at the top."

Dara winced.

"Ah! I can see everything from here!"

Followed by a twitch of her leg.

Jiyong returned a surprised look at the girl beside him, tilting his head down and observing her disturbed face. His expression slowly turned into an evil smirk. He could have some fun with this..

"Such a high gaze. Its going to be quite long until we reach the bottom again."

She clenched her eyelids together and gritted her teeth.

"Aiyo! It seems the machine broke down, we're gonna have to stay here for the night."

He was enjoying this a little too much, eh?

"Stop!" Dara raised the heel of her foot and jabbed it into his, causing him to jump and screech out in pain. He slowly leaned his upper body down to caress his foot as Dara continued to sit in her spot as if nothing happened.

"What the hell was that for!?" Jiyong exclaimed, raising his head to meet her wandering, guilty eyes. As he received no response but a quick glance or two, he let go of his scarred pain and wrapped an arm around Dara's neck, pulling her head down so that she was eye level with him, bringing their faces close together. She let out a little gasp at this, and then forced herself into his eyes.

She blinked continuously for awhile at the awkward situation. His dark, almond-shaped eyes stared straight into her with no movement at all. Taking a quick gulp, Dara loosened her tension as he soon let go of her, breaking into a laugh.

"Your funny." He chuckles, slouching on the seat. "Really. Just look."

She clasped her hands together on her knees, biting her lip. Never once has she dared to look down somewhere up high because of her great fear. The last time she did, the wors-

"OH MY GOD!" Dara struggled for freedom as she was suddenly pushed against the window, front first. It was especially frightening, because the boundaries were completely transparent so it seemed like they were just sitting there in the open. Jiyong binded her upper arms against her sides so that she couldn't turn around from the view. His body weight forced her head to stay looking to the outside.

"N-No! Stop!" Still trying to free herself from him, Dara kept her eyes glued shut, refusing to open them even for a second. Just the feeling of being near the thin glass of window scared her.

"Shh, calm down."

Her mind went blank as she registered two arms fling themselves around her, which only made her heart beat faster than it already was. But somehow, she felt more secure this way. Aware of the fact that now there was a chin resting on her shoulder, her breathing became more even and steady.

"Your so easy to please. I wonder whats going to happen to you in the future."

"What!?" At this point, Daras eyes flickered themselves open, soon turning wide as she found herself looking straight out the glass window. He was right, they were up very high. You could catch almost every single sighting up here; houses, streetlights from afar, you name it. With a sudden gesture, her body felt shaky looking down.

"Its nice." Jiyong stated in a comforting, whispering voice responding to her obvious fright. "Especially at night."

She took note of his words, automatically averting her pupils from the ground upwards to the skies. The sun was still up, but she could tell it was near sunset. Good Enough, she wouldn't dare to ride it alone at night anyway. Watching her mysterious thinking look, Jiyong slowly lets go of his grip on her and pulls himself back to his seat. Dara immediately turned herself around at this, regaining her awareness.

She watched as he reached into his leftpocket, finally shoveling out what seems like a piece of paper with scribbled writing on it. Curious as to what he intended to do with it, Dara decided to stay quiet and observe. Without any word, he began to smooth out its wrinkles before he started to fold it.

He kept his head down, his fingers at work. Their eyes suddenly met together as he averted them up towards her. "Don't look."

"Whats so secretive?" The coffee haired girl thought to herself, cupping her hands together in her lap and glancing in another direction. After a few seconds, she was tapped on the cheek by something a little sharp. Jumping in surprise, she averted her gaze back to the blonde, who was now holding something in his hand in her view.

A Paper Crane.

"Ah!" Dara grabbed the delicate piece of paper in the shape of a bird, holding it up in the air and speculating it from different angles. Her eyes gleamed and turned wide in awe- it was very detailed for something made out of thin material, believe it or not, she hadn't seen anything like it before.

"How do you do that?" She asked curiously, like a child being entertained by a magician.

"Pft." Jiyong spat into a small chuckle. "Who's the child now?"

Dara wrinkled her nose. "No, really! How?"

Pulling himself into a smirky look, Jiyong slowly leaned forward so that they met eachother by a little distance in between.

"It's a secret."



A Puppet.

Thats how I felt at the moment. A hard, wooden marionette that needed to be controlled in order to move. I continued to sit, or rather, lie motionless on my couch staring at thin air. I've already done what a brokenhearted girl usually does when her love is lost; yes, I've run out of tears.

Dara, why did this happen?

Jiyong, why are you so cold?

I asked myself this many times. My best friend, together with the one I love. The one I loved for so long. She took him away, I could never forgive that. On top of that..she knew I had something for him ever since. She was the one who said I talked about him a little too much, that maybe one day he will like me. She said she'd help me.

Dara unnie...I hate you. Why do you always have to turn things around on me, at the last moment?"

"Did you just zone out on me?"

My bloodshot eyes averted to Seunghyun, Jiyong's friend, who sat himself at the single seat diagonal from me. Even though it was clear that he was speaking to me, his eyes were glued onto a sports channel on the TV. He had switched the channel after seeing me watch the painful news.

"You like Dara." I said through gritted teeth that I didn't bother to move to let my words out.

Surprisingly, I caught a good reaction. He seemed to freeze as I said this, and his eyes became more wandering. Finally, he turned himself to look at me in the eye.

"What makes you think that?"

"Don't try to hide it." I attempt to sit myself up, which in the progress was very slow. My legs crossed eachother as I leaned on the back of the sofa. "Your trying to fool me? Its written all over your face like an open book everytime she's brought up."

"Really? Because I'm not so sure about that myself." He said, resting his head in his palm that was propped up by his elbow on the arm of the seat. "Thanks for polluting my thoughts."

I wince. "Dara unnie...why does everyone choose her? Whats so good about her?"

"Funny that your the one asking that. Aren't you her best friend?" He questions.

I let this question roam in my mind for awhile. He's right, isn't she my best friend? Why am I asking such a stupid question like that?

Shes pretty.

Shes smart.

Shes funny.

This isn't helping the cause, I thought to myself. That was all it took for her to steal the hearts of men..but she had no charisma on stage, I'd have to say that. Me, CL of 2ne1 and also her best friend, had to admit that Sandara may be the most energetic and hyped up for events, but may not be the best performing in them. On the other hand, I had it all.

So why am I the one tossed away in the end?



"Your still trying to figure that out?"

I stare at the Locust seated across from me at the small, round table of the makeshift restaurant near the amusement park. My eyes watched her hands play around with the crane I had made awhile ago in the Ferris Wheel. She was really into it, wasn't she?

"You have to tell me how you made this..its amusing." She says in a child-like voice, still speculating the crane from different points of view. Her long transparent painted nails folded a piece of the paper apart, observed, then proceeded to put it back in place. That was her tactic of learning how to make her own, I'm guessing.

"Look at it later. Your food is getting cold." I said through gritted teeth.

"Its pretty." I watched as a smile formed on her mouth, her gaze still on the paper crane. Really, it was just too easy to make her happy. I don't know if I should be worried about her future like this, you could bribe her with a lollipop if you wanted to.

Finally, she placed the crane on the side of the table so that it faced us and began to actually touch her unfinished noodles. Only the soup was left, but it was a waste. It may not look like it, but I hate wasting things. I couldn't help it though, since she was too interested in a mere piece of folded paper.

"I like coming here." She says, twirling the excess MSG from the bottom of her noodle soup bowl, "It gives you a little break from whats been happening in reality."

Was that a reference to something specific? I knew she was going to bring it up at some point, so might as well mention it as a conversation starter now.

"Hows you and Chaerin?"

Maybe it was a mistake to ask, because in less than a second her face had gone from super happy to dead like a corpse. Not that I actually cared.. but she should really let go of her. Nothing was really that great about that girl anyway, she's all talk.

"I don't know." I hear her say through a thinking expression, "I don't know if I want to settle things with her or not."

Smart. Should of thought about that earlier.

After sitting in a few moments of silence, Dara slides her hand on either side of her food bowl and pushed it to the side in a denial sort of way. I processed that this was probably her way of changing the topic.

"I'm full. You can go call for the check now."

"Oh. I forgot to mention." I pull a smirk from my lips, persisting what I had planned in mind. "I didn't plan us to have this meal for a price."

A waiter suddenly approached us from her side, holding a check in his hands and a pencil. He placed it in the center of the table and cupped his hands together patiently.


"When I say go, run." Jiyong murmurs quietly, but just loud enough for her to hear. Dara raises an eyebrow in question as she had no idea what he was talking about.

"What? What are you-"


In one quick movement, the blonde had bolted up and dashed from his seat to the opposite direction. Good thing it was an outdoor eating place to prevent from being captured easily. Dara, who still sat at her spot unsure of what to do, soon got up and copied his move. She sprung from her chair onto the black fencing and jumped over it, breaking into a run ignoring the angry calls from the waiter.

She followed right behind Jiyong's back, running as fast as she could so she wouldn't slow themselves down. They both found that they were being chased by three Waiters from the noodle shop now. Why was she doing this anyway? Wouldn't it be fair and right to just pay the bill? Man, he's such a rebel.


Their feet had taken them far from the resturaunt now, but were still being chased. They were running side by side from eachother now, zigzagging through tourists and couples that walked by. Running out of breath, they had reached a two way path around a large shopping mall.

"Split!" Jiyong shouted out, running to the left side while Dara, hesitantly, dashed to the right. As the waiters reached the paths, they stood dumbfounded for a few seconds before running a different path.

"T-Tired..." Dara panted as she soon broke into a jog through her direction of the elope. Her feet staggered as she closed her eyes in a pit stop, holding her stomach to support herself. Shifting herself around, her eyes glanced back to the direction where Jiyong had run off. That guy was too troublesome for her to handle. If she knew this was going to happen, she would have wore-

Her eyes widened in alarm. "The crane! I left the crane back at the table!"

Reluctantly, she found herself bolting her way back to the restauraunt.


Coming to a stop, Jiyong stopped at a small back hangout place at the rear end of the shopping mall. He plotted himself down to the hard, cold ground, laying his feet out and supporting his upper body up with his arms. Visible cold air ran out of his mouth as he took deep breaths of the cold night.

"Whens she going to get here." He said to himself. If she had taken the path opposite of him, it should have led her here considering they'd be going around in a circle. He sat there for awhile, letting his heaving panting fade. A sudden serious feeling sank into his heart as he slowly looked around at his surroundings in the silent night.

"Locust?" He called out, receiving no reply. With a racing heart, his feet shot himself up as his body maneuvered in all different kinds of directions. His gaze became wandering as he found himself pacing around the place.

"Dara? Sandara Park?" He continued to shout, but there was nothing but the sound of the light wind blowing against his bangs. His eyes became wide at the situation, his body becoming more fierce as he ran around the area, swiveling himself around to catch sight of the girl.

This wasn't apart of the run away plan.

"Come on out, Dara!" Jiyong pleaded out to the open, feeling a dreadful feeling of regret and worry collect into himself.


- DARA's POV -

Yes! I got the crane back.

I had to be very sneaky though, as the people working or eating there could have recognized me. I walked my way down the path I had been running, fumbling my hands at the crane, smoothing out the wrinkles it had gotten. My head jerked up into my path of view, suddenly wondering where I was going. Now, where was Jiyong?

My feet came to a stop as I saw a blonde run around, looking panicky with a tensed up expression. Yup, it was him. What was he doing, running around like that?

I smirked at this, could it be that he's worried about me? What a soft-hearted guy. I decided to play a prank on him, so I tiptoed my way behind a large white pillar that covered myself from being seen.

I gave a little laugh to myself. I was only a few metres away from him, and yet he was still running around looking for me like that. It was somewhat amusing.

"He stopped" I whispered to myself, seeing that he had paused halfway a run. His back was facing me, his shoulders moving up and down in a tired motion. Biting my lip, I slowly slid my way towards him, creeping up behind his back.


"Where the hell is she!?" Jiyong chastised himself on the inside, letting a dirty plan of his loose. Why did he do that? If they had just payed the bill, they would have stayed in their seats and this wouldn't have happened. Dara would be right by his side right now, probably quarreling about something useless, he wouldn't be standing here looking like an idiot running around looking fo-

Still panting at the fact that he couldn't find the locust, his body jolted around as he felt a sharp tap on his cheek. He looked at the person standing before him, who stared back with large chocolate brown eyes looking playful as she waved a crane around with her fingers. The two of them gazed into eachother for a few seconds, but Jiyong's face made no change.

Dara's playful expression suddenly turned stiff, fading away into a serious worrying look as she watched him. Her fingers slowly stopped wavering around with the crane, too, as she searched into his eyes.

They were filled with fear. Fear and insecurity.

"Are...are you okay?" She whispered to him, but was surprised as he let out a loud exhale of relief and crashed his forehead to her shoulder. His two arms slowly pulling her into a hug, loosening his weight onto her. Caught off by this side of him, she let her fingers loose, releasing the crane and letting it drop onto the ground next to them.

"Don't ever scare me like that again." He whispered lightly, slowly burying his face into her neck. He sounded so..afraid and weak, It took awhile for Dara to process into her mind.

"I'm sorry." She said. "I didn't know you'd be that worried."

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