"This is my Girlfriend."

Those words lingered in my mind like steam over boiling water, which is probably a good metaphor to use at a time like this. I jolted my gaze towards him, taking in the seriousness of his face. When the hell- no, how the hell did this happen!?

More importantly, I noticed the change in my best friend's expression. Knowing her, I know exactly how she's feeling right now. I needed to tell her. I needed to make things right- stupid Kwon Jiyong! I felt my forehead crease a little as Chaerin begun to shake her head, as if she couldn't believe what was happening. I placed a foot forward towards her direction, but his grip still held me in place.

She turned around, and broke into a run.

"RINNIE!" My legs started to move then, ripping my whole body away from his strong clasp. I could tell it startled him, just from the fact alone that I actually managed to get away.

Without turning back, I let my feet take me to wherever my best friend was. I could hear Seunyhyun screaming my name from behind, but I didn't bother to look, because before I knew it, I was already out of the isolated area. I stopped for awhile, to catch my breath. My eyes wandered around the green gardens, but all it took in was the image of visitors and watery fountains. Suddenly, I paused as I saw Chaerin sitting on a nearby stone bench. She didn't realize when I slowly walked towards her from behind.

"Hey?" I whispered to her in an elderly way. She jolted her head towards me, and to my surprise, her face had an expression that I've never seen before.

It was filled with detest. Hate. Betrayal.

and It didn't fail to scare me.

"Why did this happen?" She says in a haunted way, "Of all people, it was you."

This definitely managed to shatter me. She had to listen!

"No!" I call, grabbing the side of her arm to catch her attention. "Rinnie, You can't listen to Jiyong. We're not together, he-"

I paused. My mind realized that if I told her why he did what he did, it would of scarred her even more. The person she loved- pushing her away by using her best friend as a weapon. It was unacceptable. I didn't know how to answer her in a way that wouldn't break her heart too much.

"Dara. You knew I liked oppa." She snapped. I've honestly, never seen her as fierce as this through all the times I've been through with her. She was serious. "I know somethings been going on between you two that we don't know about. I know it."

I clenched my teeth at this, she did know everything. But there was no way to explain to her that nothing happened that would harm her relationship with him. We stared at eachother with confrontation for awhile, because I was at a loss for words.

"Do you like him? Do you want him?"

This surprised me. How could she ask that? There wasn't enough evidence for making an assumption like that. There was absolutely no-

This seemed familiar, doesn't it? The person always making their own thoughts, assuming the wrong things. It was impossible to make her think the other way now. I began to shake my head in replacement of not being able to say a word.

"Do me a favour, unnie." She said. "Try not to get so close to Jiyong."

My eyes watched as my best friend got up from the stone bench, walking away. I stood paralyzed in the same spot, watching her back. I was trying to protect her, howcome in the end, I was the one getting hurt?


"What do plan to accomplish with that?"

Seunghyun leaned against the large tree trunk, fiddling with his fingers. Jiyong was seated on the green grass below him, slowly plucking it for entertainment.

"People who try so hard for love" He hissed, throwing pieces of the green material in a pile away from him. "Its pointless."

"People who play around with love, is also pointless." Seunghyun stated, receiving a long pause from his friend. "Was that a reference?" Jiyong chuckled sheepishly.

A loud truffling noise was heard nearby, making the two boys jolt their view behind them. It was the Locust, returning from her failed mission of confronting her best friend. She arrived with the stomp of one foot, digging the heel of her silver flats inside the dirt of the grass. Her hair was a mess; it had fallen loose out of its neat, pushed back ponytail. Jiyong's expression suddenly turned wary at her annoyed look.

"Why did you do that!?" She exclaims.

"Heat of the moment." he mimicked, lowering his voice. "She doesn't believe you? Why do you protect her like that if your own best friend wouldn't believe a simple thing like that?" This made Dara cringe. She had just wondered the exact same thing.

"Just when I thought things could go right from now on." She said. "You better tell her it was a lie!"

"Why?" The blonde questioned, lifting himself up from the ground to meet her eyes. Seunghyun watched as they studied eachother for awhile, with no words.

"It won't change the fact that she's already developed many thoughts." He says, silencing her. "As as of now, your going out with Kwon Jiyong."

There was a click of a camera as the three of them stood in place, no movement, no words. And at that moment, Dara regretted she even let herself accept Chaerin's favour.


August 20th, 8:00 AM.

Dara wakes up.

8:10 AM.

Dara pours herself some milk.

8:20 AM.

Dara decides to go get the newspaper.

8:20 AM.

Dara reads the headlines.

8:20 AM.

Dara dies a little inside.

All in one minute. The messy, unkempted haired celebrity stood outside of her apartment, PJ's and all, staring at the bold headlines of todays newspaper with a completely mesmerized face.

"What..." She begins, scanning its contents for the millionth time. "What is this!?!?"

Seoul Weekly Newspaper co.

Celebrities Hidden Love Confession?

Yes, we all know that they try so hard to hide their relationships from the public. However, there must come the day that all of it will be revealed, so we question, why not just say it beforehand when it comes out in the papers instead of going through all the trouble? Paparazzi spots K-POP stars G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong) from BigBang and Sandara Park of 2ne1 having a secret pep talk in the hidden area of Seoul Gardens. It confirmed from overhearing their talk that they are now considered together as a couple. The leader of BigBang says himself, that Sandara Park is now "Officially going out with Kwon Jiyong." YG Entertainments most prized possession and the Blackjack member herself, how will this relationship turn out to be?

"GODAMMIT, Paparazzi!" The star clenched the newspaper in her fingers, digging a hole through it with her long nail. "Why can't they just leave us alone!?" She considered the condemned, and then proceeded to slowly fold the paper and toss it to the ground.

Its officially been 22 hours since seeing her best friend walk away till now, where she was still not seen even in their own apartment. Forget about that, she didn't even bother coming home. Bom and Minzy were out today too, so she felt especially lonely. Although it was nice at times, it feels way too different.

"Time...time heals everything." Dara thought with a sigh. "She'll be back."


"Who is that?" She asked herself, making her way back into the apartment leaving the newspaper on the ground. She didn't even bother recycling it. After slamming the door with a shut, she slid her way to the living room on the slippery chestnut wooden floor, Dara stopped herself by placing an arm on the white couch, her other free hand grabbing the cordless black phone and sticking it right up to her left ear.

"Hello?" She says, panting for breath.

"Practice Room. Now."


Staying frozen as an aftereffect, Dara blinked a few times before slowly placing the phone back down into its holder, the words ringing inside her mind accompanied with a certain smirking blonde. What did that guy want from her now!?

In almost no time at all, she had raced out of her apartment, locking it from behind and ran down to the street. Dara decided to walk her way to the entertainment studio rather than to take a taxi, especially during this time when rumours were starting to fly. She needed to be careful around the public.

A few minutes later, she had arrived inside of the building and outside of the studio room where she paused to study the door for awhile. It seems like its become a habit ever since the last few incidents. Finally reaching for the handle, she turned it with one confident swift of a wrist and busted it open. With no surprise, inside of the studio lounged the members of Big Bang and of course the prince of seduction himself.

"What are you standing there for, noona!" Daesung exclaimed at the girl who now began to make her way to the center of the large room onto the glossy wooden floors. The five of them were seated around in a what seemed like a semi circle, as if waiting for her to take up the space in front of them.

"Whats this about?" Dara asked, crossing her legs and making herself comfortable even though she felt quite stiff on the inside.

There was a medium loud splat as Seungri dropped the weekly newspaper onto the space in the center. Her eyes wandered over to the headlines- yup. As expected.

"What are you going to do with this?"

"Me?" Dara questioned. "I'm pretty sure Jiyong was the one who claimed me to be his girlfriend, So I think I'm the victim here."

"Yeah, but his guy's already come up with his own conclusion of this." Taeyang explained, fiddling with the string of his hoodie as he turned towards their leader who looked as if he could care less about this whole situation.

"So unless if you stick with going out with Kwon Jiyong, your gonna have to think of something to make the press think otherwise."


"A real friend would have believed you" She heard Jiyong murmur across from her. Dara gave him a wandering look in which he replied with a shrug.

"Just Saying. I get that your all buddy buddy with her, but why go through all of this if she isn't going to at least trust your words?"

"don't act as if you were never involved in this" Dara's inner self perked. She studied the situation for awhile, what CAN she do besides face the fact that from now on in the eyes of the world, she was together with this guy?

After making a mental note in her mind to punish herself later for this, Dara spoke up with her clear nonchalant voice.


Taeyang cleared his throat. "Really?"

"Are you sure?" Seunghyun seemed like he was on the verge of a rant, but quickly shakes off the evidence. "It might not be such a good idea.."

She almost hated to ask. "Why?"

"Could you guys not try and make me seem like a cougar going in for the kill?"

The four boy's, including Dara's, wandered off to the blonde giving him a doubting look. Somehow, it wasn't considered a complete lie. He responded with a thankyouverymuchyouguysaregreat look, and then lifted himself up from his position on the hard floor.

"She agreed. Thats that. As long as we don't overdo it..the press will find it boring and eventually leave us alone."

"To think those words are coming from your mouth" Dara murmured under her breath. She suddenly reminds herself that to make this work, they'd have to stop bickering. She noticed he had a wavering eye contact with her when he spoke.

Before any other unecessary conversations began, Dara then too got up from her bottom and sighed. There was nothing else to talk about now that things have been somewhat settled, right?

"I'll be going back.. I have to take care of the apartment." She said, exiting the studio with a soft shut of the heavy transparent door.

- DARA's POV -

More thoughts roamed my mind as I made my way down the steep stairs between levels. This could be considered as another one of my thinking moments of right and wrong. First, what exactly was the point in this fake relationship? To be honest, it was somewhat meaningless to me. Somewhat.

"But it would buy time for Rinnie" I said with an absent mind. Things would work out, somehow. Worrying about this matter would just make things even worse, I didn't need anything else to distract her.

Stepping foot outside of the YG Entertainment building, I was caught off guard as a large hungry group of both men and women carrying electronic devices scattered around her along with a few loud citizens. They spurted themselves around me with snapping cameras and screams, hoisting microphones up to my face.

"Crap" I stumble from my spot, hovering one of my arms above my eyes from their flashing devices.


"Wahhh! Its Dara!"

"Do you think being in the same company, this decision would effect your work?"

"Does Officer Yang approve of this relationship!? When did this start?"

"Uh.." I felt my eyes looks down as I tried my best to snake myself around the persistent reporters. It was impossible, there were too many. And on top of that, there was no way I could make this a clean getaway on her own.

I felt a sudden sharp stab of pain as her side had accidentally been jabbed by a hard, solid item while my feet poured on some speed from the crew that followed me. Cameras immediately started to flash, blinding my eyes as they quickly closed in on me. I wasn't even able to see the clearing.

"Please move aside" I say calmly, in a more demanding voice than having it turn out being a polite request.

"How did you and the leader of Big Bang get together?"

"How long have you been hiding this from the public? Do you think it was very necessary? Why or why not?"

"I really don't have ti-"

My shoulder suddenly felt force as my body was shoved to the other side with a strong force, causing myself to twist to the side opposite from me. My feet scrambled on the pavement as I lost my balance, wavering my arms in the air to try and catch myself.

Instead, my body paused as someones arms steady me.


As I struggled to keep her up, she grabs my forearm probably harder than she meant to, considering her fingers nearly planted themselves into my skin. There was a small thud as Dara's body crashed against mine. Her small chin tilts up from my chest, the dark, large almond eyes flickering as they finally managed to meet mine.

Her grip goes slack. "Are you stalking me?"

She rocks herself back, giving my forearms a little push for extra effect. Unfortunately for her, I responded by extending my arm to grab her wrist and pull her back towards me. I could tell it surprised her, because she didn't bother to fight back as I pressed the side of her head to the left of my chest.

"Your too naive" I murmur under my breath to her. I gave a little smirk at her reply with a small twitch of her head felt on myself. At this moment, the cameras flickered around like crazy along with video tapes and excess commentaries in the background.

"This isn't the sort of behaviour we can let slide." I say with a loud confident voice. Back to question one."Yes, we are together. And I'd like it if you people can cut it down, because it seems you've caused my girlfriend some pain there."

I kept my head up and maintain the same position, trying to avoid direct eye contact with the crowd. I count at least five different reporters, but it was hard to tell from all the flashing and movement. Should I plan a smooth, clean getaway, or a more rough and heroic one?

Either way, this girl..really. She causes too many problems.

"Then, does Kwon Jiyong himself confirm the obvious when he says that?" One says somewhere in the crowd.

"I believe I've already said it once. Don't make me repeat it." Annoying reporters. They can never get enough. My hand urged to hold Dara tighter against myself, regarding the fact that I started to notice the reporters from the side she was facing were getting closer to her with the cameras. She seemed to be behaving well.

"Whats with the cover up attitude?" Another one shouts out. "Could it be that there was a third or fourth party involved in this, maybe a rival or conflict of some sort?"

"I already answered you. Need I say more?" I spat. Geez. Dealing with these guys were impossible, we could stay here all day if we wanted to.

"Looks like rumours weren't lying when it was said that G-Dragon had a spikey attitude!"

"Three." I started counting in my head until the getaway.

"Could it be that during the recording of "Hello", he also showed this fierce side of him?"

"Two." I took a deep breath, refraining myself from their comments.

"Aiiiee..Such a pity for Sandara! Having to go through all of the stress because of that."

Just as I was about to count one, I was suddenly pushed back by two outstretched hands. My head tilted down a bit to see the Locust's face. Her hands were still hoisted on my chest, and she had a look on her as if she'd been slapped. I felt a release of skin tension as she let go- pivoting herself around to face the huge crowd. They all maneuvered themselves in front of her, forming a semi circle.

"Jiyong isn't anything like that." She says.

"Of course someone with the status of his girlfriend would say that!" I heard one say. To my surprise, she wasn't effected by that.

"Is that what being together with someone is about? Protecting their partner's status in such a way? If somethings good about that person, say it. If somethings bad about that person, you should also say it."

There was a bunch of paper ripping and pencil scratching at this. I shoved my hands in my ripped jeanpockets, leaning to one side in a listening way. My eyes were on her back- observing.

"I thought I said it on the radio." Dara goes on, turning her head around slightly to give me a glance, then returned into her position. "There were things I didn't know about him, and I bet theres still a lot more. But thats why we can slowly figure those kind of things out, right? He was an idiot. He still is, really. I'm not denying the fact that the rumours say, but everyone has their moments like that."

This silenced the crowd. Everyone had their eyes on her, including mine. After the flashing of cameras had died down, Dara slowly turned around to walk towards me. My gaze followed as she came closer and closer.

"And. 'Hello' really wasn't as bad as you guys imply." She whispered.

She studied me for a moment there. At this point, everyone had stopped moving. My eyes narrowed and I pulled a smirk, quickly sliding my red hat to the back of my head.


In almost less than a second, I grabbed her by the arm and bolted on my feet, pulling her behind me between the crowds. I smiled as they stumbled to the sides, making a clean opening for us to run through. I could tell they weren't pleased as some fell and the rest grumbled with angry words. I stopped for a mere second to check at the Locust running alongside of me. She was smiling.

So, it was all good. For now.

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