"Hey hey hey, everyone! This is your friendly seoul district radio broadcaster, Joong! As you all know, his Official Solo Album has been released just yesterday, on August 18th. Just a week ago, Big Bang leader G-Dragon's album cover and track list was revealed to the public, receiving high complimentaries. To our surprise, 2ne1's Sandara park has been featured in one of the songs, "Hello", that has reached to the top charts in just a day aside from heartbreaker. Tune in a few minutes for some words from the blackjack herself!"

"Jiyong's song reached top charts in just a day! No, in almost less than a day. Congratulations!"

"Why are you saying that to the radio?" The blonde said with a roll of his eyes. Seungri grinned and ignored his hyung, who looked as if he was trying hard not to smile. He turning towards Taeyang. "We're so proud of him, right hyung?"

"Of course." The short spikey haired boy replied with a smile. The three of them sat in the middle of the practice room in front of the wall of mirrors. It's been awhile since the two treasures of YG had spend quality time together; but Seungri just decided to tag along. He was the Maknae; they couldn't say no.

"Alriiightt, Here we have Sandara, one of the three people that were able to sing alongside G-Dragon!"

Jiyong pulled a narcissistic smile on his lips, leaning back on the palm of his hands. "Better say something good, Locust."

"What?" Seungri raised an eyebrow.


"How was it like working alongside Kwon Jiyong?"

The three of them leaned into the small radio between them, listening attentively. The Maknae pulled a smile at the sound of her friends voice,

"Like Hell."

The two boys released a little chuckle cough at this, but was soon shutted up by a glare from the blonde that wore a bothered look.


"Ah? Why is that?"

"I've never worked alongside someone who was arrogant as him." Dara spoke casually into the mike, "But somehow, I felt like I had to work hard, because it was Jiyong's first solo album.."

"What about your opinion on Kwon Jiyong himself?"

She paused for a moment, twirling her fingers together to come up with an answer. She didn't want the public to think wrongly of her thoughts; nor the other way around.

But you know what? Screw it.

"I like him."

"AIYO?" Joong exclaimed, making a loud clap with his hands in surprise as he howled.

"No..not in that way." Dara corrected with a nervous laugh, then her face turned solemn and she smiled faintly. "He's a good person, actually..that is, once you get to know him."

"Ehhhh, so you had other thoughts before?"

She thought about this for a moment. Yeah, a lot of other thoughts.

"There were things I didn't know about him." She replied, "A lot of things...I actually thought that if I participated in Heartbreaker album, I'd also get the chance to know him better. I think I'm satisfied enough." Dara said. Those words may be the most honest ones that came out of her mouth all day. But it was true, he really wasn't as bad as he looks from first impression.


"Idiot. It wasn't necessary to say something dumb like that." Jiyong murmured to himself under his breath.

"Have you been getting close to noona behind our backs!?"

The blonde let out a little gasp as Seungri playfully choked the back of his neck. He lied on his side after giving in, rubbing the spot. Taeyang sat in her same spot, watching him get up with a defendant look. He pulled little smirks here and there, since he was more of the quiet type.

"Really. You guys are all the same.." He complained as he took out his phone from his pocket.

"So your not denying it?" He asked with a mocking smile as he watched his friend pretend to play around with its contents. "You got her number?"

"Shut up." Jiyong spat, beginning to press the buttons faster. "Why the hell would I-" His fingers stopped at his contacts screen, the selector at the name "Sandara Park." SINCE WHEN DID THIS GET HERE?


He shot Seungri an electrifying look, which immediately toned himself down. How does HE have her number and- Oh. Good old Yang Goon. Right.

"And so those were a few words from Sandara Park of 2ne1. Seems like shes grown very fond of Kwon Jiyong, eh?" There was a sudden hitting noise and a yelp. They had assumed Dara decided to resort to physical violence. "...Just recently, she has also released her very own digital single "kiss" that will be scheduled for public releasage very soon. Keep up to date everyone~!"

At that moment, there was a beeping noise coming from his cellphone. Again, he slid his hand into his pocket annoyingly and pulled it out. Reading the text, he was surprised as it was from a familiar number.

I don't know how I got your number.
But anyway.. Chaerin wants to meet you later on. Just telling you.


"That idiot. At least say something else." Jiyong murmured. His eyes suddenly grew dark as he realized the main point of this message. He had things to discuss with CL. Watching him, Seungri raised his eyebrows at this with a smirk. "Chaerin wants to meet you? Aigo Hyung, you got too many ladies. Give me one!"

"Take Chaerin." he murmured again, receiving a hm-can-you-repeat-that look. He shook his head and then got up from his bottom, shoving his hands inside his pockets.

"Nothing. I'll be back later."


"Thats weird. I don't remember getting his number." Dara said, making her way outside of the Radio Station. She shrugged and then rubbed the back of her head, breaking into a large yawn. "Whatever. I'm tired. I think I'll go somewhere to relax for the time being...working too hard these days."

At least thats what she'd like to think. Actually, a lot of things were on her mind right now. Unanswered questions, and a series of inadequate answers. Thoughts about the interview still lingered in her mind, the public, going back to the house, why Jiyong is who he is...

and, what did her best friend have to talk to him about thats so secretive that she couldn't know?

"Come to think of it....she lied." Dara murmured to herself, repeating her statement earlier on in the day. "There must be a reason."


Her long coffee ponytail swiveled around as she faced the voice. It was Seunghyun again, standing a metre away from her on the sidewalk. They just seem to meet everywhere, don't they? "OH, hi" She emphasized. Somehow, being around this guy calmed her down. He was easy to talk to; and it seemed as if nothing was ever bothering him. Carefree guy.

"Did you hear the radio?" She asked as the two began to walk down the pavement with an even pace.

"Yeah." He said, smiling. Dara returned it back, he looked nice when he smiled. It looked more angelic, more kind, not that he already was but- "Good job."

"Thats it?" She spat at herself. Were her words only worth a good job? Oh well. She just spoke what was on her mind at that time.

"Seems like you and Jiyong really came together after 'Hello'". Dara winced at this, why was everyone going on about that? Its not like they've never collaborated with other opposite sexes. Why'd they have to be the centre of attraction? Its not like something has actually happened between them..not that they knew of, anyway.

"Erm..I guess." She replied. Might as well say it, there was no point in denying. He gave her a know-it-all look, followed by a narrow of eyes as he sent her another curved lip smile. "Told you he wasn't a bad person."

"Che.." Dara smacked, crossing her arms as she walked.

"..but you'll get hurt if you end up falling for him.."

Her feet paused as she realized he had disappeared from her side. Turning around, he stood a few metres away, looking as if he was thinking about something. It had recovered though, after a few seconds he jogged up to her and regained a neutral, fresh look.

"Want to go eat something?"

Considering this for a moment, Dara hesitated. Then she nodded in agreement, watching him as he began to walk ahead. What was that about?

It wasn't long until she had caught up with him. They came across a large green park filled with visitors and vendors. A large fountain was spotted in the very center, with a small bridge of decoration. The two of them continued to walk along the sidewalk, maintaining the aura they gave off as celebrities. No one seemed to notice who they were yet.

"What are you up to lately?" Dara asked, walking casually with her hands clasped together behind her back. She smiled and nodded at a few people who gave her looks.

"Nothing really. I've been trying to find something interesting to do with someone lately, but it seems as if they're too far to reach."

Dara widened her eyes at this, and her lips formed into an evil smirk. She jolted her head towards the spiked haired boy with teasing eyes. "Could it be that Seunghyun likes someone? Who's the lucky girl?"

"You can't let anyone know of this." He said in a tone that made her question if he was serious or not. It was hard to tell when this guy was kidding or not. His jokes seemed to serious at some moments. "But she's a really nice person. I think she's sort of oblivious at times...but who isn't? Hopefully one day we'll be able to do something together for once.."

"She sounds amazing." Dara cooed, "Fighting!" Seunghyun chuckled at this, placing one hand inside his backpocket. They walked around the fountain towards the inner area of the greenery, to a large field with trees paralleling eachother along the cement.

"Why are you so cold lately?"

"..If your going to say something, say it."

Dara's feet came to a stop at the sound of two familiar voices. Seunghyun paused behind her, also planting the same expression. They looked at eachother with wondering looks, then took a few steps behind the large tree trunk isolated from the busy areas of the garden. Seunghyun peered from the side, catching sight of two people. Dara soon followed the same action; and indeed, she wasn't wrong when it was stated that the voices were familiar.

Jiyong stood in a bored looking way, his body leaning to one side and his hands shoved inside his pockets. His head tilted to the side in an impatient way. Chaerin remained silent, staring at him with intense eyes.

"Theres no point in me being here if your not going to say anything." He says, "I have things to do. Say what you want so-"

"Why are you acting like this?" Chaerin said, emphasizing her voice. "What did I do? All of a sudden it seems like your completely neg-"

"I'm going out with Kwon Jiyong. He loves me."

Her face hardened immediately as he stated his point in a mocking voice. Rin's heart sank a little, completely mesmerized. She had felt as if she was caught as a suspect during a crime. Jiyong watched her face change from Serious to now guilty. He responded with a sigh as he ruffled his hair in frustration. He regained position, and looked towards the sheepish girl.

"What exactly was the point in that? Since when were we together?"

Seunghyun watched as Dara bit her lip in worry. His eyes wandered towards her hands that were clutching the trunk of the tree with great grip. nervousness began to form in Chaerin's eyes, it was obvious that she was still trying to be strong but was losing to her own feelings.

"I don't know.." her voice shook. "I love you. Was that not obvious enough?"

"Self proclaimed love, huh?" He said. "Is that what it is? Are you just assuming everyone who you love will just love you back like that? Things don't work that way."

"Thats not what I mean! I don't know what came over me. It was..just in the heat of the moment."

"Heat of the moment." Jiyong mimicked. "Just like what happened at the wrap up party, huh?"

"What?" Daras mind jolted into action at the image of her seeing the two near the bathroom entrances. Now that she thought about it...she had just assumed that he was the one that forced it on her. Was it the other way around?

- Dara's POV -

I could feel a mini heart attack as Rinnie's eyes met with mine from across Jiyong's back after being speechless from his words. My body went numb as Seunghyun quickly pulled me behind the large tree trunk.

"She saw me" I whispered to him. Instead of staying in the hidden spot, I reluctantly peered from the tree again. Chaerin's gaze had returned to the blonde.

"Well." He said. "If you have nothing else to say, I'm leaving."

Just as he took a step back, Dara's eyes widened at her best friend's move. She had grabbed the collar of his casual black dress shirt and pulled him down towards her.

Jiyong lost his guard as Rinnie's lips crashed onto his. My mouth was hanging wide open again. Yes, again because I felt like I have seen way too many of these scenes and constant waves of Deja Vu. It surprised me that he didn't resist it. I could see it surprised Seunghyun too, because he looked just as speechless as I was.


The two tree trunk loiterers continued to stand at the same spot, watching their friends with an exasperated look. They had no idea something like this would happen between the two of them. Sure, Dara had ideas, but what were the odds? Her gaze returned to her best friend. Chaerin continued to remain in the same position, gripping his collar with one hand and her other arm wrapped around his neck.

"In, or, out? AM I IN OR OUT?"

Almost immediately, the two broke apart at the sound of someone's cellphone ringtone. Jiyong broke out of Chaerin's grip and twisted around to look from behind. His eyes wandered over towards a nerve-wrecked Sandara, who quickly ended the incoming call with the cell phone in her hands. Beside her stood Seunghyun, looking bothered by what they had just witnessed of. Jiyong whipped Chaerin's hands off of his neck and paced a few steps back. Meanwhile, CL kept her cool as she took deep breaths in an out of the current situation.

"Dara unnie, you heard everything right?" She spoke as Dara slowly headed towards the two not far away. "You know how much I've been aching lately."

"Uhm...that is.." She hesitated. It wasn't completely untrue, she knew how much her friend loved Jiyong. Standing there awkwardly for a moment, she continued to stay frozen as the blonde shifted a few steps close to her.

"Not that I'm glad to see you, but why are you here again?" He murmured under his breath.

Dara shrugs a little. "We've been watching you guys for awhile."

"Spying, you mean?"

"Why can't we be together?" Chaerin said, interrupting the secret conversation. She turned towards the blonde once again and began to walk towards him. She reached his chest and placed a palm on it, caressing his shirt in a robotic way. In response, Jiyong sent her an electrifying look, then proceeded to talk in his sarcastic tone. "Dear Chaerin. When have you become such a naughty girl?"

Clenching the cloth of his shirt, the short ponytailed girl flicked him away, causing him to stumble a little behind. Her eyes were filled with rage...and sadness.

"You can do all those other things with girls you barely know." she whispered. "Why not me?"

It seemed like she was losing her cool. Dara bit her lip in worry at her friend as she dug her nails into the palms of her hand, debating on what to say.

"Rinnie.." She said, taking a deep breath. "Lets go..you haven't slept we-"

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that." Jiyong stated.

The three observers turned their eyes towards the blonde boy. Dara felt her heart jump in surprise as he forcefully placed an arm around her shoulder, causing her feet to stumble a little to his side. He grasped her tightly against the side of his chest, keeping a casual look leaving the other two looking utterly confused, including the victim herself.

"What?" Chaerin whispered, clenching her fists as she looked at him in the eye, then to her best friend. Dara also followed the same motion. After landing her gaze on the blonde, she panicked and attempted to squeeze herself out of his grip, but failed in almost no time. It only made him grip tighter. Finally, his serious face loosened as he opened his mouth to speak.

"This is my Girlfriend."

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