Finally, they were able to return.

Jiyong held her arm over his neck, carrying her weight while his other hand supported her waist. He looked straight forward, taking baby steps as she limped along his side. As he clasped her wrist on his outer shoulder, he realized it was ice cold and lifeless.

"I can walk by myself." She said in a weak voice. But his hand only gripped tighter, continuing to guide her along the middle of the empty dark street. She assumed it was a no.

"You should show that side of you more often."

"What?" Jiyong said.

She hadn't even realized she said it out loud. "The brave, caring G-Dragon versus the complete idiotic jerk."

As her words reached him his steps began to fade, and soon they came to a stop. He shifted his head to look at her, and she looked back, her face expecting some kind of scolding or harassment. But instead, she felt a jolt of surprise as her body was maneuvered up from her legs. Her arms flung around his neck as he began to walk again, piggybacking her.

Dara glanced at him from the side. His face looked like it was a mix of tiredness, calmness, and a smidge of happiness as a small smile curved from his mouth.

"Even someone like you is able to smile." She said, watching as Jiyong averted his eyes to the other side of her.

"Shut up and stay still. It's the least you could do from all the trouble you've caused."

Dara resisted a smile at this moment, but gave in to her muscles.

A few minutes later after walking in nothing but the sound of their footsteps, he came to a stop as the two finally reached back to YG Entertainment building. Jiyong slowly slid her off his back and quickly shifted himself around to support her. His other hand grabbed the door handle and pulled it. After tugging it a few times, he realized it was locked.

"Crap. They already locked it" Dara said, catching on to the fact that they were locked out. Her stuff was still in the recording room.

Her eyes flickered to Ji, who had pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and pressed a number on speed dial. Waiting for a few rings, his mouth opened to speak.

"Seunghyun? Yeah. I've got her. We're outside of the entertainment right now.."

After a few seconds of listening to his hyung, Jiyong pressed the end button and placed his phone back inside his pocket. "They're coming. Just wait for awhile, Chaerin and them will bring you back to your apartment.."

Dara replied with a simple nod of her head. With wandering eyes, the two of them continued to stand awkwardly in the night, waiting for either one to say something.

"Why'd you come for me?"

He was took by surprise at this question, she realized he had avoided her eyes at this. Why did he, anyway? Didn't he hate her just as much as she hated him?

"How could my album be finished without you?"

"LIES." Dara's mind shouted to her, making her smile a little. She already knew why he did it. However, there was another problem that she really wanted to figure out the solution to.

"why did you choose me..?" She asked. It was a question that she had been wondering about for the past few events, and now she wanted it answered by Jiyong himself. His face hardened for awhile, but then it loosened as words begun to flow out.

"Don't know. It was just interesting."

"What was?"

"In, or out." He replied with a smirk, "You were so into it. Thought I could use some of that motivation for my song. Your annoying, don't ask so many questions."

"Che." Dara smiled mockingly, giving a little eyeroll. Her eyes wandered over to the street, and suddenly a view of three girls running was in sight. Indeed it was Chaerin, Minzy and Bom. This made her smile; she could finally see them again after being away.

"Dara unnie!" Minzy appeared beside her first, giving her a tight hug of reunion. She was soon followed by the other two members, who looked at their group mate quickly to search for any injuries.

"Oh, god. Dara! You look horrible!" Bom exclaimed, grabbing the arm of her friend. She flinched away in pain, letting her unnie turn her forearm around to reveal a long, red scar. Jiyong widened his eyes.

"Thanks for finding her, Ji." Chaerin said to the blonde, who did not give her a reply. She felt her heart sink as her eyes darted down in thought as Bom and Minzy prepared to take their friend away.

"We'll be going." Minzy added. The two of them lifted the coffee haired girl with both arms and helped her down the steep steps of the entrance. Chaerin soon followed slowly from behind, as if she couldn't leave behind the person at the door.

With one last glance behind her, Dara caught sight of Jiyong's eyes and whispered a silent Thank-you.


The next morning was a dark and cloudy one. Even though it was already 8:00 AM, it seemed as if the sun hadn't rised at all. On top of that, the pouring rain wasn't helping the situation.

Her back was still hurting from this early morning. She had only gotten 5 hours of sleep since the other three girls brought her home. Dara slowly sat up from her bed, squinting her face to keep from the soreness. She was still dressed with what she wore the other night, considering she didn't even have the energy to change.

"You awake?"

She turned towards the doorway, which by it stood Chaerin still in her blue pajamas holding a mug with steam flowing out of the top. She made her way to Dara's bed, placing the hot mug of lemon tea near the bedside table. Taking a seat on the bed, she smiled at her unnie.

"How are you feeling?"

"Good." Dara replied with a childish grin, as if a daughter speaking to her mother. "Feels good to be home."

"You sure those guys didn't do anything weird to you?"

"Yeah. Jiyong really saved me back there."

Chaerin's expression suddenly changed. Her eyes became more dark and serious, and her smile faded away. It wasn't long until Dara had realized what she said, why did she have such a big mouth?

"Did he say anything?" She asked, slowly rubbing the side of her arm in embarrassment.

Dara thought about how to reply this. Should she tell her about what happened? would harm her too much. But then again, why did she tell her that she and GD were together when really, they weren't? Why would she lie to her about that?

Oh my god. Does this mean she's believing Kwon Jiyong over her best friend?

"Nothing. Why?" Dara quickly said, covering up her long period of silence. After a short while, she slowly climbed herself out of the bed. "Uhm..I have to go. "Hello" isn't finished its recording."

"Wait. Could you tell Ji something for me?" Chaerin asked, grabbing the arm of her friend.

Dara thought about this for a moment, then nodded. It was the least she could do for her.


After washing herself up, getting changed and eating breakfast, Dara headed out the door and made her way towards the Entertainment. It wasn't that far from her apartment, actually. Around a few blocks. She waved her hand out on the side of the road and got into a red taxi for transportation, in disguise of course. There was no guarantee that what happened earlier on this morning would not be spilled to the press.

"YG Entertainment building, please." She said, receiving a nod from the driver. As the car began to move, Dara rested herself on the back of the seat and took a deep breath, making a mental note of all the events that happened the past few days.

Her mind wandered over to the topic of Jiyong. She really was confused; was he a bad person or not? Now that shes sure that he has a good side to him, why does he cover it up with a cocky attitude? It just doesn't make any sense.

Within an instant, the thought of the blonde transferred over to Chaerin's favour. She wanted her to tell him to meet him somewhere on the weekend. What did they want to talk about? I guess its okay for Chaerin if Jiyong was like this all the time...but why does he have to be such a playboy? Why-

"Oh, gosh. I really am an annoying meddler in other peoples business." Dara said interrupting her own thoughts, remembering her fellow saviour's words. Flinging the thought aside, she looked out the window and saw that she wasn't very far from the entertainment. It was useful to live pretty close.

Thanking the taxi driver and paying him a few coins, Dara shut the door and bounced out of her seat to the open. After watching the mister drive away, she ripped off the scarf around her face and took off her dark sunglasses. Her coffee brown hair was tied into a high ponytail, with a braid of her bangs pushed to the side. Pulling off the huge fluffy skirt on the outside, she stepped out revealing black skinny jeans and silver flats. It was an embarrassing disguise; but it worked. Unbuttoning a few buttons on her heavy black coat, she slipped it off and revealed a white tank top.

Taking a deep breath, she juggled the stuff together and made her way into the building, pushing the door open with her side.

Making her way into the elevator in front of her, she stood waiting for it to arrive to the bottom. With a ding, the metal doors opened from the side and to her surprise, inside stood Seunghyun.

"Ah! Noona." He said, returning the surprised look. Stepping to the side, he made room for Dara as she walked to stand beside him.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, ignoring his eyes that were wandering around the stuff she was carrying in her hands. He responded by holding up a cup of steaming coffee in a styrofoam container. "A little treat for Jiyong. He hasn't slept yet; he's been writing the rest of the lyrics to Hello since you've been brought home."

Dara's expression suddenly turned stale. "He hasn't slept? It was already 9:30, he's been up that long?"

Noticing her shocked face, Seunghyun gave a slight laugh. "Its okay. Ji's like that. He always stays up writing lyrics or something like that; we end up leaving him like that since theres no way to get him to sleep."

"Ah..I see." Dara said, nodding her head in understanding. "Still..shouldn't he at least get some sleep? It's important to get rest, or else its bad for the body..." her face wandered off into a daze, as if she was in deep thought. Seunghyun observed this, taking in her serious features.

"Your really caring, aren't you?"

"Huh? Oh, no." She said, returning back to reality. The doors suddenly opened as they reached the top floor, and Dara was the first to step out. She turned around to face her friend with a smile.

"Well, I'll be going."

"Wait." Seunghyun said, reaching out the cup of coffee in front of him towards her. Dara shoved the things to her right hand and grabbed it with her left with confusion. "Bring it to Jiyong." He said with a crooked grin.

Staring at the cup for a few moments, Dara nodded with a smile.


Day two of "Hello" recording was just about to begin.

Thats what she was thinking as her silver flats led her lingering outside the door of the studioroom. Dara mentally debated what she would say to the blonde when entering the room. It was awkward. She had dropped off all her disguise equipment of at the front, and now all she had in her hands was the cup of coffee. Taking in a deep breath, she reached and pulled the metal handle and opened the door.

Peeking inside, she caught sight of a body lying on the couch. The persons legs were crossed and had a black jacket covering their face. Slowly walking inside, Dara tiptoed her way to the space between the couch and the coffee table, staring for a few moments.

"Must be tired after whats happened, huh?" She said to herself, gaining a half smile. Slowly bending down, Dara sat herself on the coffee table and rested her elbows ontop of her knees. She continued to watch Jiyong's chest puff up and down from his silent breathing.

"I guess I shouldn't wake you. We can do the song later." She said. She paused for a moments, as if waiting for a reply, then spoke again. "When your album gets released, everyones going to be so amazed." Dara complimented to him, smiling to herself. "Thanks for saving me.."

"Your welcome."

"mmhmm..." Dara dazed. She suddenly froze and her eyes became wide at the familiar voice that came behind her, shooting up immediately and jolting around.

"Oh. For me? Thank you."

She stood frozen, mouth hanging wide open as Kwon Jiyong casually took the cup of coffee from her stretched out hand. Her fingers bounced as it was slipped from her hand, but her hand was still in place with the shocked expression. Her pupil rolled over to him, who was now chugging down the coffee in a carefree mode.

"" Dara exclaimed, turning around to the person that was lying on the couch. She watched as the person pulled a quick hand and threw off the black jacket, revealing a man wearing a neutral look. Teddy!

"Bout time you came here, Locust. I thought I was going to kill myself from waiting." Jiyong said, a smirk appearing on his face as he placed the coffee cup on the table. "Not saving you twice. Next time, you locusts should be careful before deciding to make low decisions. Although you can't help that, right?"

Dara clenched her fists at this, her face turning red from anger and embarrassment. He was no different than before. So different than earlier on in the morning. Is this what they call a brand new day? Her mouth opened to speak, but then was interrupted by the movement of Teddy on the couch. He shifted off and made way to the front controls, turning the system on.

"Quarrel later, okay? The album needs to be finished."

GD gave his friend a quick nod, and then turned to the fuming coffee haired girl, giving her a mocking smile. "Noona, please work hard." and turned around to make way into the recording.

"You-!" Dara creased her eyebrows, opening her mouth to make a scowl. Nothing really did change.

"You guys seem to have a good relationship. What happened?" Teddy asked, shifting around in his rolly chair. Dara gulped and calmed herself down, then her face turned into a slight smile. Somehow, that was true. She watched Jiyong through the slightly tinted glass of the recording room, recording his part.

"Whatever you wear, wear it with charm, kimchi!
like you've worn it through your whole life show, like-"

Watching him finish off the part, Teddy waved a finger from behind, motioning Dara to head on inside. She nodded and stretched her fingers before opening the door.

Taking a few steps in, she closed it behind her with a slam. It was just the two of them now. Jiyong made eye contact with her for a few seconds, then pointed to the second pair of headphones and mike to remind her of her job. Dara gulped in preparation and slipped them on, positioning herself.



Did she heard wrong, to think those words were coming from Kwon Jiyong's mouth? He had himself looking forward, as if he hadn't said anything at all.

Trying to hold in a smile but failing, Dara reached for two sides of her headphones, grasping them tightly as though she didn't need to hear anything else.

"You won't be disappointed." She said. They were going to finish this, no matter what.

Just Watch.

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