"What was all that racket?"

"I don't know. Something must have happened."

Seunghyun sat layed back on a highchair in YG's office, twirling the lemon inside his glace of juice on the clear table with a straw. The clock on the rear wall stroke 12:00.

"Alright, I'm going to head off." Yang Goon said, sitting up and flicking the desk's lamp switch off. The eldest of BB watched him shove the roomkey into his pocket and turn around,

"Tell Jiyong and Dara to finish up for today. You too, you should get home soon."

With a nod in reply, Seunghyun waved him off as he watched his chief turn right down the hallway. It wasn't long until someone else had stomped his way through the door from the other direction.

"Woah.." The sharp eyed boy said, turning his attention to Jiyong who had entered with a stern, blown off look. He sits down with a crash, in one of those huge poofy couches that sink in when you attempt to sit. Seunghyun folded his hands, waiting for him to talk. Instead, he decided to start the conversation.

"..Whats up?" He started, not expecting to have a positive answer based on the looks of his leader.

"That Sandara..." Jiyong mumbled. He didn't look any happier than he already was. "Got Guts, mashing herself into other peoples business like that. Doesn't she have anything better to do?"

"Shes just watching out for her friend. Its not a crime." Says Seunghyun.

"Says the person who managed to pursuade her to even participate in 'Hello'" Jiyong replied, "You know. It'd be nice if the other party actually wanted to do it, not because an elder told them to?"

"Typical G-Dragon PMS moment." TOP thought, silently laughing on the inside. It was so like him to think of everything as a joke. "Where did she go?"

"Don't know. She could be in China for all I care." Jiyong hissed.

"And you do know that if that was the case, your album would have to go without 'Hello'?"

Opening his mouth to speak again, Jiyong tried to protest but soon shut himself as nothing was left to be said.


- Dara's POV -

I hate him.

Thats the only thing I could think about as I roam the streets of downtown Seoul. My eyes began to sting with tears as cold air chills around me, the small breeze of wind curling around my hair, pulling it away from my face. As I walk, one phrase loops continuously through my brain;

Your Annoying. Your Annoying. Your Annoying.

Other thoughts began to fill in, thoughts that made myself think maybe I really was annoying. Maybe I did budge myself in a little too much. But was standing up for my best friend a bad thing? He didn't have to be so rash. Suddenly, liquid began to fall from my eyes down my cheek.

As I reached the far part of the city, I came to be conscious of the fact that I had traveled quite a long way from the Studio. It was busy down here; even during the early AM. Neon lights flashed everywhere between different stores and pubs, people chatted with their partners and laughed with joy.

Oh, yeah. AM. What time was it, anyway?

Stopping in my tracks, I felt through the back of my pockets. Oh wait, I had no pockets. I wasn't even wearing jeans screw myself for wearing leggings today.

Suddenly, my eyes became wide. No pockets, no phone. No phone, no connection. Money? In my Bag. My bag,

back at the Studio.

"Stupid Dara!" I cursed myself, "How are you going to get back? You don't even know where your feet took you!"

At this point, I could feel the cold. Great. I obliviously ran outside without a jacket. Where is it you ask? Oh, no where, just back at the studio. Again. I was left standing in the middle of nowhere in Seoul; no money, no phone, nothing. And on top of that, only wearing a baggy white shirt with a thin tank top on the inside.

I stood there, thinking of what to do as I rubbed my forearm to keep warm.


Looking around at her surroundings, Dara decided to make her next move. All sorts of people were around her, WEIRD ones too..if you know what I mean. Thinking that she could get out of the way to prevent being run over, she moved from the middle of the busy street to the sidewalk. It was good that no one was paying any attention to her since she could be exposed, yet it was a bad thing that she couldn't get help that way.

Incidentally, she came face to face with a large sign. It was some sort of Hangout Pub, and Dara knew better than to go inside. Shaking her head and turning herself around to view the busy street, the other stores weren't any better. Intense neon pictures of girls were everywhere; giving her a bad impression. Asking someone on the street wasn't any good either.

Almost roboticially, Dara's feet began to move into the Pub. She was greeted at the entrance by a young man, who then opened the door for her. Taking one last glance at the city square behind her, she stepped inside.

The interior was a whirl of bright colors and noises. It was different than the club she had went to for the wrap-up party, this tension..didn't make her feel good.

Taking a deep breath, Dara closed her eyes and prepared herself. Taking a few more steps into the busy place, she observed the others around her. They seemed decent enough to her liking.

Too busy taking in the others presences, she didn't notice when she had slammed into someones shoulder. With a surprised grunt from the other party, Dara lowered her head in apology at the girl she had bumped into, supporting her fall with a nearby table.

"WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING." The woman said through gritted yellow teeth. She had a silver skin exposed evening dress on, and looked around 26 or 27. "Bitch."

Completely shocked with this lady's attitude, Dara creased her eyebrows and clenched her fist. Was that any way to talk to someone? And did she not recognize her status of who she was?

"What, why you staring at me like that, huh?!" The woman leaned into Dara and looked her in the eye with a wrinkled forehead. Forced to take a step back, Dara gulped.

"Your the one who bumped into me. People should take responsibility for their own actions." She said with a daring voice.

"You...Its just cause you have a pretty face." The girl said, shoving a finger into Dara's shoulder with force. "You celebrities, thinking they should have it their way all the time."

Ignoring the obvious part of this girl not being oblivious after all, her words immediately left a mark into her chest. Feeling the water rush behind her eyes again, she didn't have a comeback.

"Hey, Whore. Don't bully this pretty girl."

Her eyes darted back to a boy around her age with spiky black hair, who had his hand on her harasser's shoulder. Behind him was two other guys with about the same appearance.

With a snort, the woman flicked her finger off Dara's shoulder and walked away, sending them a scowl on the way. Standing there awkwardly for a moment, Dara rubbed her hands together and bit her lip.


With no reply, the boys smirked at eachother and crowded around her, looking at her up and down. Standing there uncomfortably, Dara gave a short nervous laugh and smiled at the boys sheepishly.

"Well...I have to go, I-"

Her heart suddenly pounced as the leader of the boys pushed her back with force, she was caught with two hands by the other two guys who gave her a narrow eyed smile.

"Your Sandara Park, right?" one of them asked as she noticed him from the corner of her eye. With a small nod of her head, the boys cooed together.

"We've found a real treasure, indeed.." The other said, causing her pupil to jolt to the other side. She felt her breathing pace a lot faster at this moment. What were they planning?

Suddenly, Dara felt a hard jab at her back, and then she was out cold.


As he lied on his Tom and Laura bed, Jiyong stared at the ceiling in thought. He had returned from the studio after a lecture from his hyung. Suddenly jolting up from his bed, he ranted out loud for awhile and ruffled his messy blonde hair. Stopping after awhile, he looked at the ground to see his dog Gaho panting at him. Reaching down and picking him up with a grunt, the blonde held him up to his face as they began to poker face eachother.

"You.." Setting the dog down and pinching its nose, Jiyong let out a little yelp as it bit his finger. "GAHO! How can you do that to your owner!"

He tried hard to distract himself from the incident. Anger filled him everytime she came to mind.

"Your..so annoying!" He said, playfully slapping Gaho. Keyword; playfully. Although he was referring to a certain someone with the line.

"Where did that locust go anyway!? Leaving all of a sudden. I swear when she comes tomorrow I'm gonna-"

He was interrupted from his rant with a sudden beeping noise. It was his cell phone. Reaching across his bed for the phone on his desk, he grabbed and then fell back on top of Tom.

It was a text from Chaerin.

Hey, Ji.

I'm bored. Do you want to go somewhere right now?

"After all the trouble you've caused with your lies.." GD thought as he texted her back.

Crazy woman. Its like almost 1:00 in the morning.

Closing his phone, a reply came no more than a few seconds later.

Please. I need to talk to you.

"Damn right you do." Jiyong said, scowling to himself. In the middle of a reply; a sudden loud tone began to play. It was a phone call. Closing the text message, he pressed the talk button and put the phone to his ear.


"Jiyong?" It was Seunghyun. What did he want at this hour?

"Did you contact Dara after she busted off?"

"Now why the heck would I do that?" Jiyong replied, clicking his tongue.

"I just talked to Bom..She hasn't returned to her apartment yet."

With no reply from the blonde, he stared blankly at the wall across from him for a moment. After awhile he came up with his conclusion

"And your telling me this because..?"

"Because shes in the same entertainment as us. Because shes our noona. Because shes our FRIEND?" Seunghyun said, emphasizing the last bit. "I don't see why your taking this whole thing so seriously. The girl was just caring for her friend. You can't blame her for that..and you know at this rate, your album wont be finished in time?"

There was a long pause.

"Fine. Whatever." The hyung sighed over the phone, "Me and the others will look for her ourselves. You don't have to."

After hearing the tone of his elder hanging up, Jiyong remained in the same position for awhile. He narrowed his eyes, and then flipped his phone shut.


"Hey, What are we going to do with this girl?"

"Oh, things...shes a celebrity, man! Think of all the things that could happen with her around."

The three men sat inside a black vehicle, with the leader driving the car. The other two sat in the back, guarding the kidnapped female in the middle.

"Where are we taking her?" One of them said, stroking the hair at the side of her passed out face.

"Somewhere." The Leader said, smirking in front of the rearview mirror. "Where her little friends will come save her."

"I see...." The other man chuckled,

"Playing around with YG's Entertainment."


"Daesung! Have you found her yet?"

The shaggy chocolate brown haired boy panted as he reached the others at the city square, taking deeps breaths as he shook his head. The others sighed at this, wondering where their friend disappeared to at 1:00 AM.

"She'll come back eventually, won't she? Dara hasn't ever went past her curfew." Chaerin said, tapping her chin with a long finger.

"Dara unnie...where are you!?" Minzy cried, crashing her head on top of Bom's shoulder.

"We'll find her. She can't be that far." Taeyang said. "Godammit..what did that Jiyong do?"

"She'll definitely come back. No one inform YG of this..he'll definitely blow." said Seungri.

"So..we're just going to leave her?"

"Yeah..I guess." The Maknae replied oblivious to the voice. Suddenly aware, he turned around along with the others and came face to face with no one other than Kwon Jiyong. He came after all.

"Ji.." Chaerin echoed, stopping her thoughts as the blonde walked closer to the group. Tipping his black hat to the side of his face, Jiyong zipped up his gray jacket casually as if he wasn't the cause of the whole thing. Which wasn't completely a lie.

Seunghyun stared at him, in wonder. "Are you going to help us find her or not?"

Slightly rolling his eyes, Jiyong shoved his hands inside his pockets and tilted his head.

"I guess."

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