..She froze and slowly raised her head up to see T.O.P staring down at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Park Sandara?" He said her name in a calm tone with a hint of curiosity, "What are you doing on the ground?"

"Ah..." Dara lowered her head in embarrassment and silently cursed herself. She returned to T.O.P's face with a smile and got on her knees, "I was looking for something I left here...is your recording over?"She listened to the tapping of his foot for a few seconds, then got her reply.

"Ours is. GD still has to stay for his solo singles recording." He said, looking to another direction.

Seunghyun. What are you-" Taeyang froze awkwardly and turned to his mate, "Why is she on the floor?"

Dara rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Well. Good luck on whatever your doing, lets go
Seunghyun." Taeyang placed his hands on the rappers shoulders and maneuvered him towards the door. TOP took one glance back at the girl who was still on the floor, waving goodbye to the two. She watched as they met up with the other two members and exited the recording room.

"Okay, G-Dragon. Are you Ready?"

Dara turned her head and watched the leader tilt his head with a crooked smile, motioning his fingers with an "
ok" sign.

A calm beat played for a few seconds, and then a synthesized voice began to play.

"I can't breathe (hah hah)
I can't breathe (
hah hah)
I can breathe no more (yeah)

And then, he began to sing.

"I can breathe no more, I can sleep no more
In this crazy world, the cold heart of the city, I'm alone
I can't live no more, But I can't stop no more
even if I close my eyes I can't hear your breathing anymore

She once again found herself completely absorbed into his music, his voice. Dara shook her head and wore a determined look on her face, and resumed to looking for her lost item.

"I can't deny, a night I quietly sleep
You appear in me, you're so beautiful
Hey gorgeous sweet amazing baby
I know you want it baby
You and me hardcore right now
Til you say no more"

'I wonder who wrote this song. It definitely suits his personality'
Dara thought, chuckling to herself.


Dara stared frozen at the clock, it was already way past 10 minutes. The rest of the girls probably left already. She sighed and almost considered giving up.

"No! I have to find it. Its precious to me" She immediately bolted up from her seat, only to be standing face to face within inches to
Kwon Jiyong.

"Just how long have you been crawling around here on the floor like a bug?" He asked, giving a short chuckle.

"Just how long have you been watching me crawl around?" Dara asked repulsively. "Did you not notice me smiling at times while singing, watching you on the ground like that? I bet you did, because you were looking at me half of the time." He said, smirking.

Dara gulped and tried to think of something to say, but nothing witty came to mind. This guy had a sharp tongue. She gave him a glare and scooted past him, knocking his shoulder aside. With a quick movement, he grabbed her hand from behind and twisted her around to face him again.

"Looking for this?"

Dara's eyes widened at the sight of what she was looking for, he held the photo between his two fingers and waved it around in the air. She made a grab for it, but he quickly pulled it back in time. She watched furiously as he squinted to take a glance at the photo.

"Boyfriend?" He said, flashing the photo of a young boy and a young girl sitting beside
eachother on a park bench. They were holding hands with startled expressions, the girl looked a few years older than the boy.

Dara took the chance and grabbed the photo out of his hand, sending him a sharp look.
"Like hell I'd have such a young boyfriend." She snapped, "Why do you have this?"

He pointed to the inside of the recording room, gaze still fixed on her, "Found it in there."

"Well." She gulped, "Next time it'd be nice if you actually told me you have it so I wouldn't be crawling all over the ground."

"Che. How can I do that while recording? I'm sure you didn't want me to interrupt myself in the middle of a song because you know you love it so much." The white haired boy shoved his hands in his pockets and looked away with his crooked smile, "Going to the wrap-up party?"

"..Yeah." Dara shoved the photo back into her pocket, and this time zipped it closed for safety.

"Need a ride?"

She considered this offer for a moment, '
the girls have definitely left by now. And I have no other way of getting there.'



"You still haven't answered my question." Jiyong tapped the pocket of a just slightly pissed off girl, "Who is that boy in the picture?"

Dara shot him a glare, causing him to look away. She sighed and pressed her lips together before she spoke, "A friend from when I was younger."

"Are you sure hes just a friend? You made him look awfully important back there with your constant anger."

"Well that's not up to you to decide, is it?" She retorted.

"Mm. No really, I think that's why I'm asking you."

this son of a bastard..' Dara wrinkled her nose and looked off to the other side.

It wasn't long until they reached the NB Club in Seoul,
YG had reserved the whole club just for themselves and a few other acquaintances of the industry along with a few guests.

"What are you doing?"
Jiyong said to the paralyzed girl inside of the car. He tapped the window to get her attention and she quickly revived to life,

"Lets go in."

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