"I Really Really, Really Want to do a Collaboration with them! Bom..your such a lucky girl." CL pranced down the hallways of YG Entertainment's building, her arms cutting the air as she spun around in a circle. She positioned herself walking backwards to face the long haired member of 2NE1 who was giving her a strange look.

Bom unnie, I respect you." The girls laughed as their leader pretending to worship the girl with a praying sign.

Haha, Stop bullshitting." Bom rolled her eyes and laughed, "Hey. You already did your "Leaders" song for GD's new album. Plus...we all know you have a little something for Jiyong."

The four group members exited the building into the busy city, they climbed into the car and made way to the NB Club for a celebration party.

"..I do not!" CL said, continuing their little conversation in the building as she reached for her seat belt and strapped herself in the front seat. "I just really look up to them...you know, they're so much more experienced. It'd be nice to work with
all of them to get the taste of their medicine" She said, slightly blushing as the girls leaned in on her with smirks. The only one who stayed leaned back on her seat was Park Sandara, who just observed the chattering girls closed up in the front.

I have no way to connect to them. I barely know who Big Bang is.' She thought to herself, turning away from them and looking out the window. 'I've only been here for a busy few months.'

She immediately snapped out of her train of thought and turned towards the voice.
Bom flipped back on her seat and placed an arm around her. "Don't be out of the loop. I'm sure you've heard of Big Bang before, even before you debuted!"

Dara laughed sheepishly and fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, "Well..yea." A sudden flashback of GD took over her mind, but she quickly shook it off.

"Well don't worry. One day, we'll be able to debut with them."
Minzy said, "But of course I bet they're going to choose CL unnie first to be featured in G-Dragon's new album. You'd like that, no?" she finished, nudging the back of Chaerin's seat. There was no response except for a smile in the rear view mirror.

"AYAH!" Dara jolted from her seat and placed her hands on
Bom's shoulder in panic, " Unnie, I left something in the recording room!"

Aie, Dara. What did you leave? We didn't bring anything in there." Chaerin said, "We can call YG and ask him to get some people to return it to you later."

"No! Its very important. I have to go get it, Sorry."


"Don't keep us waiting too long!"

"Ah, I wont! If I'm not back within ten minutes, don't wait for me!" Dara waved at the driver and turned around, breaking into a run towards
YG Entertainment Studios. She pushed the door open with a grunt and made her way up the elevator.

"Studio 12..12..." The dark haired girl ran down the wide hallways past the portraits of
YG Entertainment's artists, her ponytail bouncing up and down behind her head. She slowed down her pace as the gold engravings marked "Studio 12" Came into sight. Dara reached for the silver handle and slowly opened the heavy metal door with a quiet click and peeked inside. Her eyes only caught sight of two boys that seemed to be T.O.P and Taeyang.

"Let me hear your voice
If we become honest, surely
We'll be able to understand

Please open your heart
Let me hear your voice
The path we have come is, for us, surely an important STEP to that future"

Dara remained still by the door, she felt her whole body paralyzed. CL was right. They were absolutely amazing and definitely worth collaborating with. They're voices blended nicely together to create a soft, relaxing melody as if their soul was flowing into the lyrics of the song.

She continued to watch the two boys from her current position. They had their eyes closed with their body moving slowly to the beat. Suddenly, another boy came into sight. Dara's eyes widened as she found her body opening the door wider to reveal
Kwon Jiyong, who now seemed the most confident, and powerful out of them all. Together, their voices resonated with the room and the music creating a perfect piece.

"Dara? What are you doing back here?"
"OH!" She let go of the door handle and let it slam shut as she nervously stepped in.
"That...I left something here. I came to retrieve it, sorry if I'm disturbing you guys.." She said, bowing her head to YG once apologetically and then walking to the other side of the room in search of her lost item.

Where did I leave it?' She thought to herself, creases formed at her forehead in worry. She froze to think for a moment.


"Ah..2NE1 is here. Lets get the recording set up."
Wah, It's been such a long time since I've recorded here." CL raised her arms in the air and dropped herself down in the green bean bag resting chair.

Dara took a seat next to the groups leader in the purple beanbag and crossed her legs together, "Hopefully this single will come out okay."

"Are you doubting your abilities? Your in 2NE1 for a reason! You'll do fine,
unnie." Dara smiled as Minzy gave her a quick hug around the neck.

"Alright, You guys may assemble inside the room."
YG held open the door as the girls got up from their seats and made their way into the recording.


Dara gasped of realization and immediately got onto all fours on the ground.
I must have dropped it around here, then.' She slowly crawled to random places in the room, triple checking the places near the beanbags.

dammit...where is it...' She continued to crawl her way into the corner and back, but suddenly felt her head hit someones leg. She froze and slowly raised her head up to see T.O.P staring down at her with a raised eyebrow.

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