"Baby boy
why do you always have so much to say to that extent?

stuffy baby boy

I know you're going to confess your love to me

"Stop right there." Teddy leaned in and spoke through the intercom in 2NE1's recording studio, "Dara. Your voice seems a bit dead, make it more alive and upbeat. You want this single to come out big, don't you?"

Minzy watched as a tense look crept upon the singers face. The four of them stood in the studio, headphones/mikes and all, recording Dara's new digital single album "Kiss". The small bob headed girl reached her arm and placed a hand on her group members shoulder and gave her a reassuring look. "Lets try this one more time, okay?"

Dara smiled and felt her confidence return,
Minzy always manages to make her feel so much better. Her happy go lucky personality must be contagious.

"Yeah," Dara cleared her throat and gave Teddy a thumbs-up sign, "I'll do it properly this time!"
Teddy smiled and ordered the recording from the beginning. The four girls began to sing the intro, then it immediately shined onto the lead singer.

"...Right now swaying, the two of us
We dangerous
in danger danger danger danger"

"..and CUT!" Dara smiled as
everyone's hands broke into claps, congratulating her for doing a good job. YG turned around and took a glance at the clock hanging on the wall of the door, "Alright then, that was fantastic! No doubt this single will sell for millions."

Suddenly, a loud knock was heard on the door. Teddy immediately reached for the handle and twisted it open to reveal a shaggy brown haired boy. He stood frozen with a stern look on his face, but it immediately melted into a bright cheesy smile.

"TEDDY! How long was this recording!? We've been waiting for what felt like DECADES. Did you know that Taeyang was so tired of waiting he fell asleep!?!?"

Teddy raised an eyebrow and eyed the four girls who gave him a shoulder shrug. He slowly turned back to the energetic boy who had a hard time controlling his speech, "-TOP had to attempt to wake him up, you know, instead of Seungri? Oh, I was a pretty patient though, Me and Seungri were playing with these really cool trasparent three sided dice n' GD said if we managed to roll a three and then a two then he would treat us to lunch but you know since you guys took SUCHALONGTIME,he-"

"AH! GD!" The chatterbox crashed onto the floor as he was headbutted by a white-
goldish haired boy with dark eyes. Jiyong, otherwise known as GD or G-Dragon was the leader of the five member boy band of YG Entertainment, Big Bang. He stepped over Daesung's body into the recording room, followed by three other members who either chuckled or grinned while helping the poor boy up.

"Behave yourself." GD wore a curved smirk on his face and looked over to the now stunned ladies, "You have to be courteous in front of women, especially ones as beautiful as these." He flashed CL a smile, and quickly received one in return.

"Will it be long?" TOP (Seunghyun) A boy with dark, sharp piercing eyes asked with politeness, ignoring the leaders statement.
Parkbom, the long, chocolate haired girl exited the recording place followed by the three girls. Dara followed Minzy and left the door open behind her, her eyes immediately met the ones of the naive dragon as she froze in place. They held the gaze for awhile, but it was soon broke down by the sound of Daesung's voice.

"AH, AH! GD! THREE AND A TWO!" The cheerful boy pointed to the two three sided dice on the ground, one with a two and another with a three, "free lunch for me and
Seungri, man!"

Taeyang reached down and scooped the two dice in his hands, throwing them in the air and then catching them. He dropped them in his right chestpocket and made his way inside the studio, "They're waiting."

Seungri followed his group member and shoved his hands in his jeanpockets, "Buzzkill."

"Alright, then."
Teddy waved the girls out of the way and indicated them to go, "Dara, we'll be making your MV for 'Kiss' soon. There's going to be a meeting regarding the concepts tomorrow afternoon, so make sure you'll be here on time." He gave her a nod of his head in response to her 'okay', then clapped his hands for the entertainers attention.

"And as for Big Bang, lets get started."

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